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  1. WTB Ruger ac556 selector

    I need a selector assy for a BLUED ruger AC556. If you don't have whole assy I can use the plunger and spring. Stainless parts would be second choice. Help me get this old gun blazing again. Dave Contact me dsfunk2@yahoo.com
  2. I posted for the seller a you tube video of this gun being fired and it ran sweet.... and yes it's still available !!
  3. Sorry it took so long to get back with the range report as the hard drive on my computer took an unscheduled retirement!! The Thompson functioned flawlessly, ran smoothly with zero issues. Someone will really enjoy this Thompson.
  4. I took these pics for the seller. I have known them for 20+ years and they are good folks to deal with. This is a very nice gun. Original barrel. Nice wood. No pitting under Rock Island Arsenal reparkerized finish. Not heavily sandblasted when redone. Lettering is still very strong. Not in pictures is a WW2 USGI 3 cell USMC 1944 date mag pouch in very nice cond. The 3- 30 rd mags are almost brand new. Gun will be test fired on Monday.
  5. WTS: 1928 A1 Savage Thompson $27,500

    This Thompson was offered to me.... sadly it is above my pay grade!! I have known the dealer for 20+ years they are a very nice couple and have dealt with them on other guns and they are good folks to deal with. I encouraged them to list the gun here, took the photos and evaluated the gun. I have owned 2 Thompsons and know what to look for regarding correct parts. I believe it to have all the parts it left the factory with back in 1941. All parts have the S stamps on them. The finish is original dulite factory finish. The barrel is the original one and like new , the gun has been fired very little. It has been proof stamped by the US and Brits and has the Tommy Gun receiver stamp. Overall it is a very nice all original Tommy Gun. The buttstock is rough.The seller has included a brand new unissued GI buttstock with the reinforced crossbolt . The drum is a WW2 Bridgeport.The back of the drum has 2 dents . The gun will be range tested on Monday.
  6. WTS: 1928 A1 Savage Thompson $27,500

    Hi, I am a friend of the seller (Gun Lady) and we're in the process of learning to get pics here.....
  7. Do your tests here

    This is cool I can post here as well as mg boards...