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  1. Have a nice Steyr AUG package for sale. Was sent to PJ’s for the installation so everything runs right. Very clean host, 9mm kit doesn’t look like it’s even been shot. The sear is desirable as it can be moved from gun to gun if you ever wear out the host. Qualified is well known as one of the best. If you need another host, spare barrels, 24” HB with a bipod I have those for an added cost. Can provide references for many $10k plus deals, the gun can be viewed in person outside of York Pa at a brick and mortar shop that’s been in business for 30+ years. This sear is on my books, and I efile so fast F3 transfers for out of state buyers. Payment by check, MO, wire, cash, gold, silver. Always taking trades, and buying NFA weapons. Price $34,000 Any questions please email me, can send more photos if needed. Just remove NOSPAM Thanks, Donald dmclean@NOSPAMtpimports.com
  2. Others beware of this user, after assuring me he understood what these barrels sold for he felt an offer for 1/3 of their value would go over well.
  3. Have a set of Dillon bolts and Dillon feeder/delinker.
  4. WTB/WTT mini gun parts, machine pistols

    Happy to pay a finders fee on a competed deal.
  5. WTS/WTT krink, side folder, AKS-74U

    Still open to offers and trades. One of the cleanest krinks you’ll find.
  6. Have a very clean Rock Island Armory M60. These are well thought of as the best option short of paying for a full SACO but for thousands less. This gun has very little use on it, came out of a collection I got last year with 28 guns, all sold to the owner by one dealer, I’ve been in contact with him, he said he sold all the guns to the owner as new, he would shoot a mag or belt through it, clean it, and throw it in the vault. Can’t say any of the guns show anything to discredit that claim. Can be viewed in York Pa, on my books and will efile on a fast F3 to out of state buyers. Insurance is on the buyer. If you have any questions please feel free, have many references for $10k+ deals. If you’d like spare parts, barrels, E4/E6 kit I can get you a price for these. I can also provide an independent inspection by one of the best M60 guys in the country. Ran the gun up to Aaron from beltfeds.com, he threw a E6 kit on it and I thought it looked the part. So new price with the kit, if you have any questions on the condition of the gun he has viewed it in person. Payment by check, wire, MO, cash, gold, silver, other guns. Always buying and taking trades. Had to add, willing to take payments on this, need a couple of months? Just let me know what you were thinking. Price is $58,500-last photo shows how the gun comes as E6. If you rather it in it’s E1 set up please email me. Thanks, Donald dmclean@tpimports.com
  7. Ruger KAC556F $13,500

    Always open to offers and trades.
  8. I told you I had a bunch of parts for sale, you said you weren’t buying any parts at this time.
  9. Steve, sure, I’m open to offers.
  10. Ruger KAC556F $13,500

  11. Came across a star, what other options are out there?
  12. Always looking at offers and trades.
  13. WTB/WTT mini gun parts, machine pistols

    Still looking.
  14. Rock Island Armory transferable M60E6 RIA

    Nothing like a new pig for Christmas! Have it under your tree this year.
  15. Ruger KAC556F $13,500

    Have a NIB blued as well if you want a matching set.
  16. Ruger KAC556F $13,500

    Message sent. Always open to trades. This gun will be out at SAR this week if anyone would like to take a look at it in person.
  17. Rock Island Armory transferable M60E6 RIA

    That was a nice gun. Wish I would have kept that one!
  18. Rock Island Armory transferable M60E6 RIA

    Thanks for the review. Glad you liked the gun!
  19. WTB/WTT mini gun parts, machine pistols

    Will be out at SAR, if you have heavy stuff let me know!
  20. Found a pre may sample, still looking for a transferable.
  21. Ruger KAC556F $13,500

    No fans of the A-team? Bring back your inner 80’s favorite!