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  1. Got a 22lr, still looking for a 93r.
  2. WTB/WTT mini gun parts, machine pistols

    Got a couple of items I'm looking for, still have other things I need. Please email me if you have something for sale. Or a lead for someone, I'm happy to pay a finders fee if I can close a deal.
  3. WTB: Styer AUG auto trigger pack

    Are you looking for a transferable trigger pack?
  4. Looking for anything mini gun related. Bolts, barrels, mounts, housings, barrels, feeders, you name it I'm looking. Also looking for machine pistoles, transferable, pre sample and post sample. Have cash and willing to travel. Also lots of trade options, gold, silver, watches, other MG's, parts, title one guns. Take out NOSPAM to email me. dmclean@NOSPAMtpimports.com Thanks, Donald www.tpimports.com
  5. WTS: Linked and Loose Tracer 7.62x51 and 5.56x45

    Offer sent for the full lot.
  6. WTB: M240 Transferable Right Side Plate

    I sold my last one for $175,000. Just to give you a price point.
  7. WTB - Steel RDIAS

    I d got two. Sent you a message.
  8. Still looking. Happy to pay a finders fee if you get me a lead that I'm able to close.
  9. WTB: Two Norell 10/22 Packs

    Alan, I've got two of them, email me at dmclean@tpimports.com if you are still looking. Donald
  10. Registered M16 auto sear

    If it's a normal sear that uses a pin to hold it in place I'm guessing the ATF agent doesn't fully understand what you are asking. The act of drilling an ar15 lower for the sear pin hole is in of itself creating an MG. so unless it's some other type of "sear" conversion I'd stick with the agent not understand what you asked. There was some AK sears that had to stay in the gun once they were installed, same idea.
  11. We're New Around Here - Sarge's Military Surplus

    I got a couple of parts kits from sarges, then they end up advertising here. Wish I had known about them sooner, good prices on hard to find items.
  12. Potential Scam Accounts

    I tried to drive down and meet you. You never sent an address..... But yet you had the kit sold to someone else? You can even see where I asked for an address. You said "your condo in AL". Sorry, I don't know where that is..... So you where trying to scam me out of money that thankfully I never sent. Pretty easy to verify a deal, you couldn't provide any proof that you had the kit. And when I asked for a face to face? You had to leave the state.
  13. Potential Scam Accounts

    Bull shit. You sold me a kit. Confirmed by email. Asked for a wire. Now you claim someone contacted you before me? How does that work? Sell the same item to multiple people? That's a scam.