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  1. No dog in this fight but I’ve bought stuff from lewman before and everything was packed very well. My buddies dad got one of his MG42 7.62x39 kits and he commented on how over packed it was. I mean maybe he just tossed it in a old used box as you claim, but the four or five items I got from him weren’t.
  2. WTS/WTT krink, side folder, AKS-74U

    Open to trades.
  3. WTB/WTT mini gun parts, machine pistols

    Still looking.
  4. Ruger KAC556F $13,500

    Open to two or three for one trades.
  5. Found a couple more.
  6. Sold a couple more. Open to offers on what’s left before flipping them.
  7. WTT for M249S

    Mike, Sent you a message.
  8. Updated the list. Took a couple of trades for MG parts. What else is out there?
  9. List updated. Have some new transferables incoming.
  10. Also looking for pre may samples and mini gun parts.
  11. Couple sold, couple traded. List updated.
  12. WTB: XM23 ammo can

    Matt, Aaron over at www.beltfeds.com has these. He posts on this board. Good guy to deal with. @Aaron in Mohnton Pa
  13. Couple more sold. Updated the list with 12 new guns.