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  1. Glad this popped up. I won this off your GB listing. It’s been showing in my eforms for 5-6 weeks. I’ve called and left messages every week, emailed and gotten zero replies.
  2. M11/9

    How about you reply to the Uzi bolt I won off GB seven months ago? It’s been in my inventory for 5 weeks and no one replies to emails or phone calls.
  3. M11/9

  4. Just got in a Dillion GCU. Another hard to find item.
  5. WTB mag58 wood stock

    These used to be all over, hopefully weren’t used for firewood!
  6. WTB: Transferable MP40

    You looking for a C&R or a tube gun?
  7. WTS/WTT crypto currency for machine guns

    Dave, A tank with a live cannon would need to have been imported and the cannon activated here in the US. They have to be demilled before import. It’s an option but you’d be looking at $500,000+ depending on what type. The Leo’s in my post would be more then that. We could import a ex com bloc unit and you could activate the cannon once here, but just depends on what type of tank you might be after.
  8. Have most of the other host options that could build a nice package.
  9. WTS/WTT crypto currency for machine guns

    Replied thanks
  10. WTB mag58 wood stock

    Still looking.
  11. WTS/WTT crypto currency for machine guns

    Also sell guns for crypto.
  12. Still looking. Always open to other trade items.
  13. WTB mag58 wood stock

    Still looking.
  14. WTB mag58 wood stock

    Need to find a mag58 wood stock. Used to see them all the time, now that creek is gone of course I ended up with a nice Izzy kit but no stock. Please let me know what you might have and what you’d like for it! Cash or trades! thanks! donald sales@tpimports.com
  15. Sten and Lancaster front ste

    Still looking.