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  1. Sold Frankford Arsenal M16 by Olympic

    Lower has been refinished. All markings are visible and intact.
  2. SOLD factory premay HKG3K

    Have a factory premay HK G3K for sale. Will transfer via F3 E-File. Papered as G3K. $16k shipped. SOLD Link for addiphotos and video
  3. Sold Frankford Arsenal M16 by Olympic

    Bump. Thanks for looking.
  4. Sold Frankford Arsenal M16 by Olympic

    Bump. Thanks for looking.
  5. Helping a customer sell a Frankford Arsenal M16 manufactured by Olympic Arms. Comes with a Noveske 12.5 inch 5.56 switchblock upper and VLTOR A5 stock. Runs great. $16,950 shipped and insured, plus transfer tax. Full funds to start paperwork. On F4. SOLD Lower has been refinished. Manufacturer's markings and model info are visible and legible. Link to additional pictures and video: Thanks for looking.
  6. WTS Valmet M78/83s 308 $15.5k

    Surely someone needs a nice squad auto?
  7. WTS premay Walther MPL w MPK upper

    Sorry, missed the question earlier. I believe the previous owner purchased the MPK upper as a complete upper with bolt.
  8. WTS premay Walther MPL w MPK upper

    Two guns in one. Don't see these spares very often.
  9. WTS Valmet M78/83s 308 $15.5k

    Shoots great. Quite a MG for the money.
  10. WTS premay Walther MPL w MPK upper

    Want to sell a premay Walther MPL. Runs great. Includes three mags, complete MPK upper, spare MPL barrel, and 1/2 x 28 threaded MPK barrel. Two guns in one. $7,750 plus shipping/insurance. Will e-file F3 transfer. Thanks for looking. Link to video:
  11. WTS Valmet M78/83s 308 $15.5k

    Transferable. Great shooter. Can do $15.5k. Full funds to start paperwork. Shipping included. Insurance and tax(es) additional. Please e-mail me at dotmg34 REM @ OVE Thanks for looking.
  12. WTS Valmet M78/83s 308 $15.5k

    Lots of great spares included. Link to the pictures above.
  13. WTS Valmet M78/83s 308 $15.5k

    Valmet M78 spare parts including fire control group, bipod, muzzle break, bolt carrier, recoil spring, and rear sight are now included. All parts pictured are included. Unfortunately barrel is demilled. Link to pics of included parts.
  14. WTS premay HK MP5k demo marked SPF

    WTS a very nice premay HK MP5k that is HK demo only marked. Premay MP5ks are rare, but have never seen another that is HK demo only marked. Has under 1,000 rounds through it. Will transfer on a form 3 by e-file. $20k SPF plus shipping/insurance. Would also consider a trade for a nice original finish premay full size MP5 plus cash. Please contact me at Link to additional pictures
  15. WTS Valmet M78/83s 308 $15.5k

    WTS transferable Valmet M78/83s in 308 converted by well respected local C2 Chesterfield Armament. Helping a customer move this. On Form 4 in Virginia. Includes six mags and a scope rail. Rear sight not pictured, but included. Runs great. Link to pictures of included spare parts below. $15.5k Full funds to start paperwork. Includes shipping, but you pay tax(es) and insurance. Thanks for looking. Please contact me at dotmg34 REM @ OVE Links to videos