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  1. Price drop. $33,000. Seller motivated to get it moving.
  2. Priced reduced 35,000 now
  4. Pics coming this weekend. Excellent correct C&R blued BAR by Winchester. Now sold Comes with 5 blued magazines and sling, fully transferable will mark as sold if I get access to laptop
  5. Made from a bushmaster 25mm barrel. This was designed to allow 25mm cases to be used in a US WWII 57mm AT gun (or Brit 6lb). Includes 50+ cases. Cases accept standard 50 bmg primers. They eject perfectly. When you load them it works best to hold the charging handle back a bit as you load to take pressure off extractors. Works great and can easily fire one round every 3-5 seconds. This was designed as a blank fire kit. You should be able to shoot live but I've never tried it. Very loud blanks! Pics wood box not included. $800.
  6. Now sold. I'll mark with green button when I have access to lab top.
  7. Updated pics here: Original canvas cover available separately for $350. Can delivery to Knob Creek next Friday. New price. $2900. No gun or tripod included
  8. A large collection of parts for the Lewis gun. Best to just email for prices on small parts. NOS butt stock $600. NOS top cover $350. Lewis drum crate $200. Magazines $100 up. Op rod $150. Shipping extra pics
  9. Original restored WWII machine gun cart. MG brackets are exact reproductions. Great way to shoot at the range. Pics here Buyer pays shipping robert
  10. WTS: M240 Spade Grip $sold

    Now sold. Will mark with sold button when I have access to laptop. These I don't get option on my phone.
  11. WTS: M240 Spade Grip $sold

    My mistake, m240. Still available FYI.
  12. WTS: WWI German MP18i $15,000

    No longer available. Seller holding on to it.
  13. WTS: 102 year old Maxim $11,000

    Thanks for all the interest. I've got the gun being transferred to myself from my dealer. I started it in November. I am willing to sell but would prefer it gets through this transfer before I make a deal. I'll keep the 2 people currently interested in touch when it's available again robert
  14. Good condition complete spade grips m240. $250 plus shipping pics