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  1. WTB Glock Full Auto Kits

    hello, i have something you might be interested in. give contact phone # and i will call you and explain what i have, my email is
  2. WTB Your MG Machine Gun Parts Kits

    hello, have a bunch of different kits, can you give me your phone # so we can talk, i'm not good at typing. thanks, don
  3. Greasegun Parts For Sale

    hello, i have a couple of questions, can you give me your phone number so i can call you, i'm not good at typing, thanks, don cl.2 in pa.
  4. Greasegun Parts For Sale

    do you still have m1a1 bolts avail?
  5. hello, i'm interested in buying. have some ?s but not good at typing,can you give me a phone # so that i can call you, i'm a cl. 2 in pa. thanks, donald
  6. WTB: ZB30 Kit + Magazines

    have both
  7. WTB: ZB26/ZB30 Kits

    have one
  8. hello, are suomi drums with matching front and back serial numbers worth much more than non matching numbered drums?
  9. hello,like to know if anyone has a torch cut zb30 receiver that will trade it for a zb26 torch cut receiver
  10. hello, would like to know if a zb30 barrel can be modified to a zb26 barrel, if so, any recommendations as to who can do it. also if anyone wants to trade a zb26 barrel for a zb30 barrel, also if any zb26 barrels are for sale. thanks for any replies, don
  11. WTS 30-06 TRACERS- $5 PER 20 RNDS

    hello, do you still have 3006 tracer ammo for sale ?
  12. hello. my zip is 18461.please give cost to ship one crate of 5.45x39 7n6 russian ammo to this area. thank you, donald ,cl.2 in pa.
  13. m2 carbine kits ?s

    hello, like to know exactly what a registered m2 carbine consists of, as to what parts are included when buying a kit, and how the kit is marked when it is different kits all come with the same amount of parts or do some kits require additional parts to make up a complete functioning m2 carbine. thanks for any answers.don