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  1. Just remember, if enough people had not voted in 2016, we would be in our third year of the alternative.
  2. Handydan, Sorry to hear about your problem. The Sheriff of Hood County is listed as Roger Deeds, and the number is 817-579-3316. Maybe he can be of help. I would utilize every resource. Good luck, and please keep us advised.
  3. Bank of America can ESAD!

    Glad to hear that about Wells Fargo, got one just up the street. ACE has announced that after considering input from the public, which I'm sure means supporters of gun rights, they are resuming their sponsorship of Laura Ingraham's program. They stated that they initially reacted to "incorrect information" when they pulled their sponsorship following Hogg's childish call for a boycott of Ingraham's sponsors. This is good news since ACE stores are owned and operated by local folks, many of which feel the same as us, and were victimized in the process, plus, it's a win for us. I've bought a lot of screws, bolts, springs(great spring selection), paints, stains, lubes...all used in gun projects, and I'm glad to become a customer again. The My Pillow company not only retained their sponsorship from the beginning, but increased it considerably. I'm going to order some pillows from them and thank them for sticking with us when it wasn't the PC thing to do.
  4. Great video, Buddy! I'd like to buy that man a "free lunch". GB
  5. Bank of America can ESAD!

    This is not a new position for BOA. This was begun as part of Obama and Holder's "Operation Chokepoint", where gun-related businesses were placed in the same risk category as tattoo parlors and title-loan businesses, to name a few. I ceased doing business with them years ago, prior to the gun issue, over the worst customer service I've ever encountered, and frustration with trying to deal with the previously mentioned language barrier. As far as supporting Hollywood: I haven't paid to see one of their re-make garbage movies in years. They won't use one cent of my money to support liberal politicians. Within the last week, I have notified several businesses that I will no longer be doing business with anyone that defends a spoiled brat that attacks millions of law-abiding Americans that have done nothing, and then calls for boycotts after his big-boy pants get wrinkled by Laura Ingraham. Stay strong, Brothers!
  6. German MP-40 Jamming ???

    I agree with the suggestion that the feed lips of the magazine could be the feed problem, at least where the cartridges are being jammed into the ramp of the chamber. I've had similar problems with magazines, most recently with a brand new 1911 magazine. With the magazine loaded and out of the gun, tap on the mag and/or gently apply pressure to the rear of the cartridge to see if the round snaps forward slightly, this will cause the round to tip downward when struck by the bolt and result in the bullet being driven back into the case. If this occurs, the lips could be reshaped to correct the problem. I used to shoot white box and have not had a problem, with the exception of one round that apparently had a reduced or no powder charge. This was in a handgun, and the bullet cleared the barrel, but not much more, a real problem if it occurs in a subgun. I've shot thousands of rounds of Russian 9mm steel case ammo in HK full autos, and have never had a problem, but have no experience with the MP-40. Hope you get it worked out, I've always admired the MP-40.
  7. New FN249 "Semi" any news?

    I tried to search the archives but nothing was returned, so I'm going by memory from 2 to 3 years ago when this was current. There were several posters on either this board, the other board, or both, that engaged in a debate regarding the ATF position on installing a registered HK sear/pack in a host that the sear was never designed for, such as the 93/33/53, 91/G3, 94/MP5, SP89/MP5K, etc., etc., etc. I wasn't part of the original discussion, but was following with interest due to my considering the purchase of one of the guns. I never spoke directly with MGA, but I know on their site that they were stating that the sear/pack was legal in their gun, but they didn't have the power to put someone in prison for 10 years, which I guess with the phone and pen would now be 15, and I preferred to err on the side of not being locked up. I had no interest in a semi belt-fed, so I moved on. Also, I read in the parts section of their website at that time that FA bolts were not yet available, and that contradicted the impression their description gave that the gun was ready to host a sear. I remember the cost at the time was around $11K, fitted-out with all the desirable options, and they were running a promotion to sell some guns before they started production of the CA-compliant models, that would dominate their production for a while. The promo was to end on 12/31/whatever year it was.
  8. New FN249 "Semi" any news?

    Does anyone have any experience with the version from Machine Gun Armory? Their prices are quite a bit higher than that proposed by FN. I came close to buying one a couple of years ago when they had a promotional offer, but the matter of the gun not being a legal sear host came up on this board, and I lost interest.