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  1. WTB Vickers Berthier parts

    There were two different models, one with interrupted threads and early that went in from the top, it was finned i believe. Which obe do you have? Can you please send pic to voloc22666 on Thanks?
  2. WTB Vickers Berthier parts

    Hi, another project i am looking to finish - need Vickers Berthier parts - stock, barrel, small receiver parts and lower? Whatever you might have
  3. WTB potato digger parts

    It got a sliding door, although door is not present
  4. WTB potato digger parts

    I would assume marlin, they are marked with 'M'. Hiw do i tell the difference?
  5. WTB potato digger parts

    yeah, Bob N suggested to talk to Kurt in Pa, maybe parts ended up there. there was one for sale with cut receiver on GB recently, but it went fast for 2500. if i saw that earlier, id get it...
  6. WTB potato digger parts

    Hi, looking for potato digger parts, building a display, so condition does not matter - barrel, cut receiver, internals? i have side and lower plates and want to fill these in
  7. WTB Hotchkiss 1907 parts

    Hi, looking for bolt and bolt carrier for hotchkiss 1900-1907 model. These are a bit different from 1914 model. Can trade for 1914 set or buy? Also small parts for it, like barrel wedge lock and wedge for the brass feed tray, that should be the same between 1900/1914
  8. WTB Cetme B parts

    Looking to buy CETME B parts - handguard, stock with cup, trigger group, bipod, whatever else you might have, that is different from CETME C
  9. looking for 1907 Hotchkiss bolt and carrier. These are NOT the same as 1914 model - i can trade 1907 for same 1914 parts in good condition
  10. i will take it pending pictures
  11. Looking to buy Hotchkiss 1907 bolt and barrel (this is not hotchkiss 1914 parts, they are different). And some small parts, whatever you have for it? Trade maybe for something?
  12. hello looking to buy complete BAR buffer, or most parts for it?
  13. wanted beretta 38a bolt

    apex has them in stock
  14. WTB UMP HK long rear stub

    looking for rear stub for UMP, from back up to the trunnion, or to where the ejection port starts. should pretty much have all the writings on the side visible, starting with HK etc
  15. WTB Reising magazine

    any pictures of 12 rd ones? original?