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  1. Wanted: US Optics MST-100

    Looking for a US Optics MST-100. Please send info to Thanks. Brian
  2. I am looking for a leupold Stevens ultra 10x-m3a scope. Please send info to Thanks Brian
  3. Wanted: M14K

    I am looking for a M14K. Please send info over. Thanks Brian
  4. I am looking for some 15 and 30 round Mp5 curved mags. Looking for only factory in good to new condition. Please send info to Thanks Brian
  5. FS: Nos Saco m60 trunion

    Yes. Still available at $2500. Brian at 603-748-0264 Thanks
  6. FS: Nos Saco m60 trunion

    Price drop to $2750 delivered. Brian
  7. FS: Nos Saco m60 trunion

    I have for sale an unissued Nos m60 trunion that has never been installed. It does not have a serial number and can ship directly to you as a spare part. I have plenty of good photos that i can email to you directly or text me at 603-748-0264. I have tons of reference and long time eBay member. $3000 delivered anywhere in USA. I have enclosed a link below to photos. m60 trunion/IMG_0404_zpsa66ktz2c.jpg
  8. Wanted: LaFrance M16K

    I am looking for a LaFrance m16k machine gun. Will pay finder fee. Send info to Thanks Brian
  9. Wanted: LaFrance M16K

    Looking for a LaFrance M16K. Top dollar paid funds ready. Please send info to Thank Brian
  10. Wanted: New M60

    I am looking for a new in box M60. Please send over model and good scans. Brian