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  1. WTB MP40 and MP41 parts

    Wouldn't purchasing NFA parts outside of the US be asking to spend time with Bubba?
  2. MP40 magazine

    Thanks, mystery solved.
  3. MP40 magazine

    There is an MP40 magazine on gunbroker with a code of GPM made in 42 with waffenamt. It appears structurally correct but I have never heard of a GPM mag. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. I have noticed a steady decline in gun shows in my area, notably Chantilly, VA and Harrisburg, PA. I first attributed it to the pandemic, but covid seems to be easing up and the decline is increasing. Could internet sales be affecting it that much? Between lack of appropriate displayers ie; jewelry, crafts, toys etc. and low attendance, why go? Hopefully this is not the future of gun shows.
  5. American 180 S&S

    Don't know anything about S&S, but I recommend you have it tuned by E&L if it hasn't been already and only use Federal ammo. Great fun sub gun to shoot!
  6. M60 bolts

    What is condition & price, photos? Thanks.
  7. Thompson SMG L Drum questions.......

    A special fitting was made to lube drums. I had one, sold it, but they work great if you can find. http://www.machinegunboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10566
  8. M60 bolts

    I am looking for M60 bolts, M60 damaged bolts and M60 bolt parts.
  9. Reising 50 questions

    During combat the military had problems with the Reising mainly because they were prone to jamming under typical combat conditions. Unless you plan to shoot it with mud involved, you should be fine.
  10. List it on Gunbroker starting at $1.00, let the internet community price it.
  11. Do new Thompson drums function well?

    Can't speak to the newer ones. I use the old guys, they are a bit more expensive, but I think worth it. Old or new, drums are the most fun for me.
  12. New buyer in Tucson, AZ

    I suggest you take a look at a Thompson 1928. The M1A1 is a fine gun, but the 1928 will accept drums as well as stick mags. I have both and shoot the 28 much more.
  13. Who Repairs Demilled barrels?

    Call Black River Militaria, Bob Naess, 802-226-7204. He cleared a MP40 barrel for me, did a fine job @ a reasonable price.
  14. Ares Defense-Fightlite belt loading problem.

    Thanks for the help! I've learned quite a bit about the MCR loading process. I think I need to take my time and make sure everything is lined up properly.
  15. Ares Defense-Fightlite belt loading problem.

    Just tried loading a belt without tab and it now chambers perfectly several times. Still don't know what I did right, or wrong, when not loading. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'll keep trying to duplicate the loading problems, obviously I was doing something wrong.