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  1. Looking for a nice Hensoldt ZF-24 Scope with Illuminator window, with or without carry case, Price, condition, Mount not necessary if priced accordingly GPrue8@aol.com direct please or call 828-773-1938
  2. I have 2500 once used nice clean M9 M2 .50 Cal US links and 5000 M13 links 7.62 for delivery to Onob Creek Thursday, Friday or Saturday available for you. 500 for 50.00 for M9 or all 2500 for 200.00 1000 M13 7.62 50.00 per K or all 5000 for 200.00 Let me know what you want. GPrue8@aol.com direct is best or call 828-773-1938 Greg
  3. Looking for parts kits for the following; Madsen 9mm M50 SMG parts kit, and mags or barrel and bolt, wwhat do you have?? Yugo M56 SMG magazines Belgian Vigneron parts kit or any parts thereof. German MP-40 SMG Parts kit or any MP40 parts and magazines Email direct please GPrue8@aol.com call 828-773-1938 Greg have cash or trade.
  4. I have a new GI .50 M2 HB Barrel Extension Original, 185.00 New M2HB TWIN picitinney 2 rail Scope mount QD. new in the box Mounts lasers, Optics, Thermal, NV systems, etc. 150.00 New M2HB complete side charging handle group 300.00 Exc. M@HB Bolt stripped exc. 300.00 (I have some parts available for it, Extractor, and most insides. New M2 HB M3 Trpod T&E still in wrap with new style QD Pin. 140.00 , Have 2 M2Hb Cleaning Kit, GI in box, 25.00 M2HB Timing and Headspace gage 40.00 M2 HB Firing Pin protrusion gage 20.00 M2 HB Tripod Pintle complete with cross Bolt, exc. 60.00 M2HB 50. New GI Extractor 65.00 M2 .50 Cal. M9 Links, once used , all clean. minty Per 500 for 50.00 shipped 7.62 GI M13 Links, once used minty 1000 for 65.00 Lots of small new GI M2HB Parts inquire EMAIL DIRECT GPrue8@aol.com or call is BEST 828-773-1938 Greg
  5. I have 2 types just in from Europe of the Elusive MAG-58 Non-Disintegrating Belt feed trays to allow the use of the German DM-1 or MG3 or MG-42 Belts. Very rare and allows you to load the German type belts easily with the many German surplus belt loaders around. No more hassle of individual disintegrating links to chase around.. 175.00 ea. 2 types (see pics) early and late version, Early has the U loop on the side feed, Your choice as inventory permits, only a few of each available. Also have Used and new M240 /MAG-58 barrels available Used exc. with Free Heatshield 575.00 and new in wrap heavy barrel with heatshield (See Pics)700.00 M240-D Spade grip assembly complete ready to use,for M240 or MAG-58 750.00 for the set. (See Pics) See my ad for the RARE M240/MAG-58 tripods of 3 types JUST Posted here on STURM., and many spare parts available. Contact me direct at 828-773-1938 GPrue8@aol.com Greg Alpine MIlitary Concepts 40 years of Rare Military parts experience.you can count on!
  6. 1st Type WTS FN Rare Type MAG-58 Titanium tripod of the 360 degree type, It has a built in BUFFERED SHOCK ABSORBING CRADLE, also works for M249 SAW or M240 LMG's , This type swivels all the way around 360 degrees as the name implies, and you can sit behind it instead of having to lay down to use it. Comes with side box rack. mint condition, sold 2nd Type, M192 GI Newest Type M249 or M240 LMG Tripod, This is the lightweight best US GI tripod that folds up really small. Complete with Built in T&E Ready to go to the range... Ultimate Man cave Display!!! 975.00 3rd Type, M2/M122 type Browning Tripod with M249 and M240 set of adapters, , Included T&E Mechanism with M249 Adapter,and Pintle for M249 and M240 . 725.00 All kinds of M240/ M249 and M249S Parts and accessories, Short and Long barrels, Drums, ammo feeding devices, Slings, tools, SEE MY OTHER ADS HERE ON STURM. Please let me know what you need. ALSO have a Buffered cradle for the M249 and M240 for the M122 tripod, (See pic below) very scarce. 550.00 828-773-1938 Email Direct , GPrue8@aol.com Greg Alpine Military Concepts
  7. Looking for Thompson M1 or M1A1 lower for customer, What do you have to get rid of?? Complete or stripped is ok Emmail Direct GPrue8@aol.com or call 828-773-1938
  8. I have a nice hardly used VERY scarce to say the least, SACO built M60 Complete rear channel with bridge and all factory riveted and ready for a trunnion to build a post sample or rebuild a transferable M60. Incredible spare part for a rebuild now or in the future!! Has side mount factory holes on left side for mounting the feed tray bracket E3 stock and cocking handle parts not included but available, also have E3 grip/forend available 1650.00 plus shipping 828-773-1938 Email directly please GPrue8@aol.com
  9. Looking for an Orginal HK G3 SG1 Set rigger with rear built in set buttoon. Also looking for the 30 rnd G3 mags made by Max Capacity? Please let me know what you have Email mail me direct at GPrue8@aol.com or call 828-773-1938
  10. If you have a WW2 german MP40 mag well/ Housing, or a Mp40 Barrel or any other MP40 parts, I am interested in buying them Please Email me at GPrue8@aol.com or call me at 828-773-1938
  11. I will take the rail, email sent