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  1. M240 RARE Right Hand Feed Cover group with feed tray all complete like new, ready to make a twin Mount set 675.00 (ONE SET ONLY) M240L Short Commando barrel new in wrap complete 650.00 only 2 left!! See my other ads for lots of other M249 and M240 Stuff. 828-773-1938 Call or text to hold or Direct to me at GPrue8@aol.com is best way
  2. Looking for one of the Hensoldt Blitz 4x24 scopes and mounts or especially just the rail platform scope mount, these had a rail mount big throw lever on the side. Sold by Gun South, GSI in Alabama back in the 80's, or 90's. Let me know what you have . or call/text 828-773-1938 DIRECT Email Please GPrue8@aol.com Thanks All, Greg
  3. M192 GI Newest Type M249 or M240 LMG Tripod, This is the lightweight best US GI tripod that folds up really small. Complete with Built in T&E Ready to go to the range... Ultimate Man cave Display!!! Sale!!!975.00 This has a built in Traversing and Elevating Mechanism, will stow and carry in the spare barrel bag, Bag, also available new, 55.00 I have other M249S accessories, spare barrels,spare parts, Collapsible stocks, 100 rnd and 200 rnd camo Nutsacks, just ask me your needs! M240 Right Hand Feed Cover group with feed tray all complete like new, ready to make a twin Mount set 675.00 New front KAC Rail system, 175.00 , New type Bipod for M249S 165.00 New GI New type M2HB .50 T&E 125.00 Elcan Machine Gun Optic, as new 675.00 M240 Short new commando barrel, 675.00 2 left only!! M240 Heavy standard B barrel, new 600.00 with free heat shield!! M240/MAG58 rail optic top cover 175.00 Call 828-773-1938 text or email Direst GPrue8@aol.com Greg
  4. WTB SIG PE57 or STGW57 Parts kit 7.5x55 barrel or complete parts kit , especially need a barrel in 7.5x55 original, also need an 80% type reciever Also looking for accessories, mags, whatever, Friend in need so please respond with what you have for his project, cash in hand! Greg Respond direct GPrue8@aol.com or call /text 828-773-1938
  5. Case for MK46

    I have the Military designed Wooden transport shipping chest, Green with a place for spare barrels annd room for all the other gear, 200.00 plus shipping. GPrue8@aol.com 828-773-1938
  6. I have 2 of the new type short M240L "LIMA" or MAG-58 barrels with the AAC Vortex flash hider 750.00 new condition, unfired Also have the M240 M192 Lightweight titanium tripod 1030.00 shipped email direct GPrue8@aol.com call 828-773-1938
  7. I have one New in wrap M249 SAW 20.5 inch Barrel, fits Semi M249S , New type self adjusting gas, 350.00 sold! Thanks Matt!!! check with me for used exc. ones. ,ALSO have a couple of new and like new short barrels for the Para 300.00 and the available adapter to make them the 16.5 Length, unavailable elsewhere, for 65.00 ea. Heat shields to barrel buyers, new 65.00 used 45.00 Used Para barrels, in exc. condition with heat shield 275.00 Special deal!! while the few last RARE EARLY Collapsible Ranger twin arm M249/ M249S PARA stock, Original issue with metal Housing NOT Current Plastic brittle ype being sold with semi 349S that is cracking, ONLY 1 stock in new conditon, not made in 20 years, very scarce in this condition. 450.00 Bear in mu=ind the semi FN sells with plastic is more than700 so its a deal at this, This is the shortst a 249/MK46 stock most compact made. 450.00 (ONE Only) M249S Titanium tripod 985.00 plus flat rate shipping, 21.00 see my other ads on here for other M249 Items I use flat rate USPS Priority mail. DIRECT EMAIL PLEASE GPrue8@aol.com or text call 828-773-1938 Greg
  8. Looking for a SIG STGW-57 or PE-57 7.5x55 barrel and or any spare parts or a kit,whatever you have not needed. Let me know what you have available. GPrue8@aol.com Direct to me is best for response or call 828-773-1938 Greg Alpine Military Concepts
  9. I have 1 Short IMI IDF Negev 5.56mm LMG Commando short barrel, excellent Bore, very rare, 1050.00 GPrue8@aol.com Direct only please or call me at 828-773-1938 Greg
  10. Looking for a nice Hensoldt ZF-24 Scope with Illuminator window, with or without carry case, Price, condition, Mount not necessary if priced accordingly GPrue8@aol.com direct please or call 828-773-1938
  11. I have 2500 once used nice clean M9 M2 .50 Cal US links and 5000 M13 links 7.62 for delivery to Onob Creek Thursday, Friday or Saturday available for you. 500 for 50.00 for M9 or all 2500 for 200.00 1000 M13 7.62 50.00 per K or all 5000 for 200.00 Let me know what you want. GPrue8@aol.com direct is best or call 828-773-1938 Greg