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  1. 2 only left, new rare in factory brown wrap still, Standard Armament m134 or m60D/m240H stainless flex belt feed chutes about 5 feet total as for 2 units with ends installed. Easily Put together any length desired. 475. Ea or bith 900.00 plus 16. Shipping flat rate priority. SPF TO JEFF Also 2 new .50 m2hb or m3 2.5 foot flex chutes , as new 300.00 ea. With gun end to play B17 waist gunner with!! Do you need s nixe m2hb .50 mk93 soft buffered cradle unit for m3 tripod small pintle complete super condition original with ammo can rack 1500.00 M2a1 voretex new type .50 flash hider 100.00 niw 1 only rare .50 m2hb rear sight complete niw 125. 50 m2hb rear and ftont ctg stop new set 75. New carry handle m2a1 fixed rare niw 85.00 M2hb ww2 type wire type carry handle new 35.00 Csll text 828 773 1938 Direct email plesse gprue8@aol.com Greg 475.00 ea. Or both for 900.00 and 16. shipping flat rate
  2. Parts still available to buy, I withdraw my offer.
  3. Will take all tbe mounts, pm sent Greg 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com
  4. I have 2 very nice condition green painted original mark 93 mounts in hardly used shape, This is the soft buffered mount cradle for the 50 caliber Heavy machine gun M2HB. Complete with all pins ready to mount on your M3 tripod or vehicle mount If you are lucky to have a HUMVEE! INCLUDES Traversing and elevating Mechanism T &E, 50 can ammo can rack on side. This type mount can also be used with adapters for the M240 and M 249. 1500.00 plus shipping. Only 2 left to sell, these sell for up to $3000 so get it shile I have nice one. Pics coming, Have to resize apparently Call text direct only please Gprue8@aol.com 828 773 1938 Greg Aloine concepts Gprue8@aol.co.
  5. I have one mint condition complete mark 93 soft mount for the M2 heavy barrel, With matching Box rack, Use with tripod or vehicle. Definitely for the discerning collector. Green original paint, 1800.00 Includes ammo can rack And all pins complete. Also have the same in excellent condition for 1550.00.also green Perfect for upgrading your Humvee Also have flexible feed chute 450 calibre made by standard armament approximately 5 and a 1/2 feet With gun end $800 Call or text 828 773 1938 Greg at Alpine Concepts Email me direct please at Gprue8@aol.com Please email direct Only or call
  6. M249 operating rod

    The stupid pic website you used keeps putting videos out over what you are trying to show pictures of I hope they go bankrupt how ridiculous
  7. I have all sorts of 249 parts if you want to give me a call, I would be interested in G36 parts that you mentioned. Greg 828 773 1938
  8. I have to complete mark 48 stainless steel original factory FN Mk48 7 62 bolt carrier slides with all parts including firing pin very rare and unfired! Part of converting the m249 or mk46 to 7.62. 800.00 Very rare and also have Available a new factory mk46/48 op rod with Double sear notch. 800.00 M249 mk46 para and standard barrels new, 325 and 375. M249 collapsible early stock twin arm, 350. M4 trype savit 2nd type 150. Newer lightweight stock with Interchangeable cheek rests Tall and short included, 300. Front 3 rail system new 265. With grip. New improved bipod 135. Complete trigger group new 650.00 Other parts available Csll email text Direct only Gprue8@aol.com 828 773 1938 Greg
  9. Interested in buying 2 Cetme L 5.56 parts kits If you have any you don't need or parts thereof. ALSo looking FOR STEYR AUG barrels Let me know and please PM call or text email me direct only at 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com cash or trade, do have m249 or m249 parts
  10. I have for sale one only M249 auto or semi or MK46 complete parts kit minus rails and 65.00 box rack weldment , (easily avalable cheap elsewhere.), So you can choose auto or semi for your build as post sample or semi type, Your choice of long or short para barrel in new condition or I have one of each available extra if you want? This kit actually has all of the guts as in fire control internals, trugger group, etc.unlike others offered. Also this kit has a complete rail optic top cover which is current type on top feed cover, NOT the old out of date flat no rail type cover, Included in the sale Huge difference!! All Parts are with exception of receiver components factory military spec FN original made. Includes upgrade parts as rail top cover, collapsible para stock. Mk46 charging handle, All parts appear new or very minor use. Other 249 barrels, long standard with KAC muzzle brake for suppressor and para barrels in new condition available As well as rail hand guard and improved bipod Also have early twin arm para stock available and a new type lightweight collapsible stock with tall and short cheek rests for optics. Call for your m249 or m240 parts and MK48 needs. M249 current para barrels new 325.. Standard barrel new With self adjusting gas system folding carry handle, 375.00 7000.00 and actual shipping. With a semi alone without these auto parts bringing upwards of 15000 this is a deal that won't last long, Just one available set was nearly impossible to get Put together, Here is your chance! Also. Have other m249 and m240 parts and mk48 parts available. Complete FN original rare (not a copy), Real Mk48 bolt carrier slide and super rare mk48 double notch op rod, new complete. 1800.00 2 sets only!! Call or text email direct only 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com Alpine concepts Greg
  11. WTB 2 or more Steyr AUG Barrels, any length and could use a 24" type with or without bipod,5.56 , also need 9mm AUG Auto Bolt carrier group ,AUG slip over 9mm flash hider. looking for AUG-LMG PARTS. trigger packs, Bolt Carriers, stock. MPI69 or 81 mag loaders needed. Please contact DIRECT text/ call 828-773-1938 Greg at Alpine
  12. Looking for RPD reciprocating type charging handle Parts kit With fixed charging handle. Have non reciprocating type parts kit to trade or cash. gprue8@aol.com. Email direct or call text 828 773 1938
  13. With a heavy heart just to let everyone know, Mike Todd passed away this morning after his long several battles with cancer. The collector community will sorely miss him, such a good guy with the wealth of knowledge and a big heart willing to help any who asked. Rest in peace my friend Greg at Alpine military concepts G36kinnc