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  1. I have a few New in wrap M2HB Stellite .50Cal. barrels for High heat and long life. Like what is in M60 barrels, 750.00 ea. SALE REDUCED TO 600.00 plus actual shipping. New in wrap M2HB Barrel extension 200.00 Here's your chance to get some new USGI Spare parts, not old Israeli refinished junk. Front Cartridge Guide complete new 65.00 Front barrel support new in wrap 150.00 Barrel bearing new 50.00 Top cover Actuator arm new 45.00 Sear bar new, 45.00 Complete side cocking plate assembly 2, new 300.00 M2HB 50. Cal. Cleaning kit complete in carrier with brushes for chamber and bore 45.00 Also have a couple of M2HB Flash hider units complete 60.00 ea. M2HB Very scarce in New condition Dual arm Rail scope mount with 3 QD lock downs for solid accuaracy at long range. This allows scope and red dot quick firing sight at the same time. or a Thermal sight, Night vision, 165.00, M2HB Barrel carry handle 35.00 . M2HB Buffer new 100.00 Set of 8 Barrel support shims all sizes 75.00 M2HB Tripod T&E in new condition in new type Quick release push pin 140.00, and M3 Pintle 85.00 Breech block assembly new complete 75.00 Recoil spring assembly new complete 45.00 All plus Priority mail flat rate shipping, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT... GPrue8@aol.com text or call to hold Item, 828-773-1938 Also have M249 and M240 items , M203 Barrels, M2HB Parts, available, just inquire your wants.
  2. KAC Knights Armament Corp, Military Issue RAS Rail handguard, new conditon, complete, `125.00 BUIS Back Up Iron Sight, MAtech Military issue real deal sight for M4 or any flat top, new in package 50.00 Military Issue GI Grip pod, for rail system, real deal with metal inserts(Not Chinese copy junk) New condition!! 65.00 All plus Priority mail flat rate shipping, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT... GPrue8@aol.com text or call to hold Item, 828-773-1938 Also have M249 and M240 items , M203 Barrels, M2HB Parts, available, just inquire your wants.
  3. I Have a couple FN M249 Para and standard Barrels, M249 Para Short barrel , Exc. condition 250.00 Heat shield for barrel exc. 60.00 M249 Para Short Barrel New in wrap 300.00 Heat Shield, new 85.00 M249 Standard Length Barrel, Current auto adjusting Gas system with KAC Suppressor mount New in wrap 325.00 M249 Standard used exc.adjustable Gas system 275.00 M249 Combo Tool, cleans gas system, 40.00 M249 M249 Early Gen collapsible RANGER Twin Arm stock, exc. condition, RARE 350.00 M249 M4 style collapsible 5 Position stock, new condition 135.00 M249 new Front rail system KAC Tri-Rail (Replaces Plastic handguard and allows use of a front vertical grip) 150.00 M249 Improved round leg Bipod, Much sturdier and more range of use. Really is Improved as the name says. 135.00 new in package! M249 or M240 New type lightweight Tripod, weighs only 11 pounds, exc. condition, all checked out 795.00 M249 ELCAN Machine Gun Optic (MGO) designed for M249, 3.4 power, rubber armored, has Rubber eye cups, Kill flash, and padded carry pouch, Incredible optics, (1400.00 retail without accessories) only 725.00 M249 Fixed Hydraulic stock, like new 125.00 Spare parts available for M240 and M249, M2HB and M203 barrels, CALL TO RESERVE OR EMAIL DIRECT PLEASE NOT PM GPrue8@aol.com Greg text or call 828-773-1938
  4. I have 2 M203 40mm Barrels, in new condition, standard length, 250.00 ea. Also have KAC Rail flip up sights, new 45.00 M203 Rail mount Day/Night sight, appears new, Has built in laser range finder, IR Targeting to use with NV Goggles, Incredibly High Tech Cool! 350.00 M203 Quadrant carry handle sights new, 35.00 All plus Priority mail flat rate shipping, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT... GPrue8@aol.com text or call to hold Item, 828-773-1938 Also have M249 and M240 items available, just inquire your wants.
  5. i have a couple excellent like new M192 for the FN M249 M249S and M240 Titanium Trioods in really great condition. Complete with all parts and cradle ready to use, All checked out by the factory, (Factory orignal cost is 1850.00 SALE while have any left 800.00 shipped!!!! New IMPROVED M249 Round Leg Bipod, New condition, 150.00 New Front Tri-Rail KAC Handguard to use with old or New type Bipod aso you can use a front vertical grip or other accessories 150.00 New Condition collapsible 5 Position Para stock, Not beat to pieces like you normally see, 150.0o Long standard barrel in exc. condition 325.00 Short Para barrel new 300.00 , Top Heat shield with barrel buy 65.00 or 75.00 Without. Para barrel adapter, stainless gives proper length, Left hand Metric both ends You don't see when installed 65.00 M249 Black padded GI Issue sling with QD Clips , all new 40.00 M249 Combo cleaning tools, Rare, 45.00 Fixed Hydrualic stock complete 125.00 New condition, ELCAN MG Optic for rail on 249 , with rubber covers, Camo Padded case, Killflash, The thong is nearly Bombproof, rubber armored (Not used and screwed with,) `400.00 retail sight , New condition unissued 725.00 Has M249 reticle!! Many other M249 and M240 items, just inquire DIRECT EMAIL ONLY (NO PM's please) GPrue8@aol.com or call text 828-773-1938 Alpine Military Concepts and ask for Greg
  6. I have a couple very nice M192 Tripods for the M249 or M249S SAW , also works with the M240B or L or MAG-58 MG. These have the Built in Traversing Mechanism amd are all complete with cradle, They are Titnium and are very lightweight at 10.5 pounds, (Ultimate Man cave display for you M249S Very scarce and normally cost 1850.00 from the Government contractor, I have them on specal for 875.00 plus 20.00 flat rate shipping. Also have short para M249 barrels, 275.00 ea. and Long 20.5 inch standard barrels for sale, 335.00 Top of barrel Heat shields with barrel purchase 85.00 ea. Also a new RARE ELCAN M145C MGO for M249 or M240 (Machine Gun Optic) complete with Killflash, rubber eye cups, laser filter and Padded pouch,(Designed specifically for the M249 and M240 ) New condition and Normally 1400.00 SALE Only 725. Fixed Hydraulic stocks complete 125.00 New type Military issue Padded M249 Slings, 40-55.00 Black and FDE Many other M249S and M240 items available, just enquire please. Call 828-773-1938 to check availablility and to reserve. DIRECT EMAIL is best, GPrue8@aol.com Greg
  7. For sale Grease gun parts

    I wil take the bolt and barrel set PM sent
  8. Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight 4 MOA dot $265

    still says comp m4 , awefully misleading when it's only really a lowly m2, not fixed.
  9. I will take it, PM sent