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  1. Have one nice condition MP40 parts kit great bore, Is all complete, Is 1942 dated, cos code Also has original trunnion includes magazine. 3000.00 plus 20.00 shipping Contact me direct Gprue8aol.com Call text 828 773 1938. GREG
  2. Updated 10 April 22 New m2hb bolt in foil wrapper, 500.00 M2hb top cover exc. Partially stripped but some parts available 400.00 Have 1 SOLD AND 1 left only FN M249 or MK46 parts kit and unfinished 80% receiver complete with all upgrades and modernized accessories ,OPEN BOLT COMPLETE OP ROD ROD, SLIDE, AND BOLT, KAC front 3 rail handhuards, with panel covers, with as New type 5 position collapsible stock and fixed stock available, and improved bipod, heat shield with Para barrel, rail top feed cover, front KAC rail handguard, new type upgraded feed tray with belt holding pawls, new type takedown top and bottom pins, with the whole she--bang!! All parts included, and rear bridge not shown included.and 2 x 200 hard drums. Included not your average kit for sure with so many extras not normally included All parts included. UPDATE..1 just sold, SO Just have 1 set left complete sadly. No more with new law change looks like? 8500.00 plus 40. Shipping Complete m249. Lmg open bolt fire control group , bolt, op rod, slide carrier, original new factory, not aftermarket 2650.00 Also 3 position m249/mk46 select-fire trigger group available, new 895.00 2 only, and m240 select trigger group 950.. 2 available only need condition! Lima m240L new type bipod 450 New M249 rare front rail grip, new goes on any rail, looks same as rear grip, 85. M240 open bolt mg complete op rod and bolt group new unfired 1100.. M240 Lima improved adjustable bipod 450. New M240L collapsible stock, new 600. M240b infantry barrels,, complete,, new in bag,, 800. M240 Lima enhanced charging group 300. M240 Rail top cover, complete 900. Add 225. For new feed tray for m13 gi links M240 front rail handguard system complete , new condition 350.00 New type fde m240 or m249 passes qd sling 55. M249 and m240 combo carbide scrapper tool 30. M249 front kac handgaurd rail system new 165.00 m249 improved updated bipod new 150. M 249 front rail grip, scarce, looks like rear grip but for rail 85. Ask about other parts please! Barrels, stocks, small parts inquire!! DIRECT CONTACT PLEASE Alpine concepts GPRUE8@aol.com Text call to reserve items please. 828 773 1938 Greg
  3. Pm sent
  4. If someone's interested I can bring any of the following to the Louisville show up show if the Louisville show of shows this weekend. mint Russian SGM kit complete with mount, And old one saw cut rec. MP40 parts kit, M2hb barrels, M240 barrels, collapsible stock. Select fire m240 or m249 trigger group, M249 barrels, long and short. M249 complete parts kit with all weldments ready. .M2hb M3 50 cal.lightweight tripod made by HK super rare. Complete Mk93 m2hb mount cradle complete exc. Swing arm vehicle mount for m2hb, m240. Mint M2hb 50 barrels exc. Stellite M23 m2hb .50 cal.equalibrium cradle mint with can rack. M2a1 m2hb .50 cal.quick barrel change barrels with fvortex flash and rigid carry hanfle new unfired Lots more call me quick to brong it. 828 773 1938 call text Email direct gprue8@aol.com Greg at Alpine
  5. Have 2 very nice 2 thin cut Steyr Mpi-81 SMG'Scomplete very cool (PUTS AN UZI TO SHAME) Steyr mpi81 9mm parts kits complete including intact feed ramp and ejector normally missing or removed, great C2 build with all parts, see pics!! Mags available new from DS ARMS reasonble! Both kits are in beautiful condition showing very little use. 1500. Each plus 15. Shipping Direct call or text gprue8@aol.com 828 773 1938
  6. Have a few of each in like new condition 50 cal. M2hb stellite lined barrels 675.00 also the rare new M2A1 .50 cal. version with quick barrel change feature rigid carry handle and vortex Flash hider Included, Is in new condition unused.750.00 Mk93 soft cradle mount, Is excellent condition complete with ammo can Box rack, Is small pintle, 1500. Is also have for the mark 93 the UPA universal pintleadapter to adapt to large pintal applications or use as a riser. 150. Is and the other type large pintle UPA that features also the rear triangular mounting section for the traversing and elevating mechanism 250. Is like a new hot barrel mitts of the new type non asbestos,20. Ea. Complete 50 caliber cleaning equipment set with vinyl carry pouch all rods are new and pouch is excellent condition includes new chamber brush and bore brush also the broken shell extractor. And emergency left cocking handle unit included Is $50 per set. Exc. 50 cal T&E Is complete new type with quick release pin 125. 50. Cal. Tripod pintle 85. Please contact me direct on this at GPrue8@aol.com 828 773 1938 text or call to discuss or reserve. Greg at Alpine
  7. 1 only complete FN M249 or MK46 lmg open bolt parts kit with new Para Barrel. All parts!! FN mil-spec parts all in new conditon, not HDD copies PARTS KIT IS FOR BUILD WITH ALL PARTS AND RECIEVER CHANNEL WELDMENTS, ALL ARE FULL AUTO. choice of stocks or all as option, Includes upgrade of KAC Tri-rail handguard system and standard early handguard .and M-Lok rail slots. Solid billet ammo box rack upgrade included. available as option new type improved bipod. Also Select Fire , Safe , semi, Auto, Trigger group upgrade for 250. Extra, also sold seperately 875.00. Have a set of select fire control parts internal parts complete for sale 2000.00 as well as barrels, and stocks , new 100 rnd nutsacks in package 45.00 200 RD DRUMS, 15.EA. OR 10 FOR 125.00 many parts avaiable please inquire. Also M240 MAG-58 parts available, select M240 trigger groups 875. Complete m240 op rod and bolt group all new, 1100.00 Complete m240 rail top cover as new with feed tray included 850. Complete m240 barrel exc. 575.00 RARE M240 collapsible 5 position stock new with tall and short cheek rest 600.00 Complete RARE Lima New Type adjustable leg bipod 475.00 TEXT OR CALL DIRECT PLEASE 82I 773 1938. GREG