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  1. HI, I will take he 2 MPI mags,

    Can you take Zelle or a M>O.?



    1. Dscheid NFA Investments

      Dscheid NFA Investments

      Greg, we could try Zelle. send to escheid@comcast.net

      Let me know when it's done (email me please), I will check the account and get them shipped. then get you a tracking #


    2. g36kinnc


      I will send payment t you noq on zelle. usually its a phomne number to use it .


    3. Dscheid NFA Investments

      Dscheid NFA Investments

      Greg, funds just showed up, or at least the email did...

      My wife, who works for Wells (corporate) said the same thing so she added my cell # in case someone wants to use Zelle again.


      I need an address to ship to, then I will get you a tracking #


  2. WTS: 2 Steyr MPi 69/81 Magazines - New $65

    PM sent, I will take them
  3. I have new in wrap Factory SIG Sauer P228 13 rnd mags 35.00 ea. or 3 for 100.00 shipped I have only 25 mags available Call or email text ONLY 828-773-1938 GPrue8@aol.com Greg at Alpine Military Cocepts
  4. I have a nice MK93 mount like before offered, and all very pleased, in excellent condition, This will mount onto the M3 tripod or with adapter to any GI Pedestal post mount. has all pins and is ready to go. I will include side ammo can rack and and brass catcher bag. 1550.00 Add the elevating A Frame riser for T&E for 250.00 ALSO Available M240 Drop in cradle adapter to use the M240 or M249 on the MK93 mount 225.00 and side a ammo can adapter for using M249 or M240 on Mk93 Mount, new 200.00 Also have a new in the box twin rail scope mount complete 165.00 Complete cleaning kits with Carrier 55.00 and Barrel change handles 35.00 Head space and timeing gage new, 45.00 Chamber brushed new, 5.00 Spare T&Es exc. 135.00 Pedestal extensions, to add height, 100.00 Have other accessory items like the A-Frame for rear at small up charge. Call me at 828-773-1938 DIRECT ONLY Email or Text at 828-773-1938 Have Mny M249 and M240 items, Greg at Alpine Military Concepts
  5. RARE M249 and M240 Select fire trigger groups, Selector for SAFE, SEMI and Full auto, New condition, 850.00 ea. Alos have exc. M249 Para 275.00 used exc. or new 350.00 and Standard Barrels 325.00,and M240 barrels, short Barrels, new in wrap 575.00 and long , B type heavy and Lima Lightweight type available 525.00, M249/ M249S M192 Very scarce Ligthweight Titanium tripod exc. condition (Ultimate man cave display!)975.00 NEW TYPE Improved Bipod Upgrade M249 Round leg not stamped, 125.00 new KAC Rail M249 Issue Front handguard upgrade, new in package 1 with panel covers and Vertical grip 165.00 New M249 Gas tube in wrap, High wera items, 200.00 Collapsible new type M249 with Tall and short cheek rests stocks 300.00, and early Rare original(NO Plastic Buffer housing like FN is selling now , all metal non braking)twist Ranger type stocks, 325.00 100 rnd SAW Nutsacks, in wrap 40.00 ea. with starter tab. Alpine Military concepts 828-773-1938 Greg EMAIL DIRECT OR CALL ONLY PLEASE GPrue8@aol.com
  6. I have 1 complete HUMMV CROWS M240 7.62/5.56 or M249 shock absorbing buffered remote Gun cradle with selenoid for remote firing, Includes 2 large high capacity ammo cans, You will need the Joy stick and camera set, easily adaptable. mount on anything really. saw one on a ATV platform guided by an Ipad. incredibly rare ! Includes 7.62 flex belt chuting, can be set right or left fee, I have a right belt feed available to sell complete 1500.00 Alpine Military concepts 828-773-1938 Greg EMAIL DIRECT OR CALL ONLY PLEASE GPrue8@aol.com
  7. 7.62x25mm Sten conversion kit

    Yes. I will take that, I remeber them from 30 years ago,
  8. I have 2 New GI M2HB Bolts complete 400.00 ea. 1 Spade grip assembly complete 400.00 Buffer housing and spring intenal assembly 175.00 new. Recoil spring group new 40.00 T&E complete new 135.00 Pintle like new 75.00 Head space and timing gage new 50.00 Flash hider complete 65.00 Barrel Carry handle new complete 40.00 Complete GI cleaning Kit in Tool roll issue 50.00 MK64 ,mount with pintle 500.00 M23 mount with can rack exc. 500.00 Various small parts available call Greg at Alpine 828-773-1938 GPrue8@aol.com is best to contact or call text. I seldom check my box here so please use email for instant contact.
  9. I have a nice matching Swiss PE57 7.5x55 parts kit complete with Rare New unfired Swiss made military 7.62 (308 barrel) in really nice condition,with mag, sling and Bayonet. Rolls Royce of assault Rifles without question , 2000.00 Looking for any parts for SIG -AMT 7.62 or parts kit from SIG 510-4 like imported years ago by DSA Trunnion, rear trunnion with sight block, Buffer rear stock parts wanted DIRECT EMAIL IS BEST ONLY GPrue8@aol.com or call or text 828-773-1938 Thanks,Greg
  10. Looking for any parts for SIG -AMT 7.62 or parts kit from SIG 510-4 like imported years ago by DSA or cut trunnions front and rear, Buffer assmbly , stock parts,,whatever. Have also a complete 7.5 Swiss PE57 STGW57 parts kit to trade or sell all matching numbers Let me know what you have please. DIRECT EMAIL IS BEST ONLY GPrue8@aol.com or call or text 828-773-1938 Thanks,Greg
  11. M2HB 50 Cal. MK64 Gun Mount cradle with small pintle, and gun pintle complete ready to mount on your tripod or Vehicle mount 600.00 add M60 pintle to use with both guns. 75.00 M2HB 50 Cal.T&E Traversing and Elevating Mechanism complete 125.00 with new type Release pin. M2HB or 30 Cal tripod pintles, exc, 75.00 M2HB Twin rail scope mounts triple lock down levers 125.00 M2HB Complete cleaning kit in Green large Pouch with emergency charging handle, rods, brushes, tips, 65.00 M2HB Barrel carry change handles, new 40.00 New complete M2HB recoil group 45.00 Email ONLY GPrue8@aol.com or call text 828-773-1938 Alpine Military Concepts Greg
  12. Rarely seen M249/MK46 Select fire SEMI and AUTO trigger group, Available limited production military spec contractor Produces M249 or MK 46 Select fire 3 position trigger group over 100,000 rnds tested, 17 patents, In use by Military organizations,Government contractor produces 850.00 plus 10.00 shipping. M249 Auto Fire control parts sets available, Inquire, all new 1850.00 per set complete M192 SAW tripods, in excellent condition complete 975.00 FN M249 new Extractor repair 4 part kit 65.00 FN M249/MK46 Collapsible lightweight stock, with interchangeable ccheek rest included , 5 positions adjustability. new condition in wrap 300.00 plus 10.00 shipping, M240 Select fire Trigger group, new very rare, 3 positions,Safe , Semi and Auto 800.00 M240L Short Commando barrel, 17.7 useable on Semi 240SLR new with Voretex flash hider,600.00 M249/MK46/MK48 Bipod New type, Round leg adjustable heavy duty Military issue Upgrade, Improved Bipod, new in wrap, 125.00 M249 Front rail system,replaces plastic handguard,3 rails, used with new type improved bipod includes KAC front grip and panel covers, new in the box 165.00 ,M249 Front grip for rail, Issue looks like rear grip 75.00 M249 Short barrels, used exc. 285.00 M249 Standard barrels, used exc. 325.00 M249 Front handguard new 75.00 <M249 Gas tube new, type Mk46 long life all chromes inside 200.00 M249 Standard bipod new 75.00 M249 recoil spring nnew 40.00 M249 Ejector and spring 60.00 M249 2nd gen Savit 5 Position stock, As new `150.00 M249 Recoil guide riod assembly, new 175.00 M249 Rear tripod adapter, new, 75.00 M249 or M240 front tripod Pintle, as new 85.00 M249 Rail optics,top covers, new, 275.00 M249 Barrel heat shields, new 75.00 M249 Elcan M145C Machine Gun Optic, Designed for M249 and M240 with killflash, laser eye filter, Rubber covers and padded Camo pouch, 2 only, The real correct optic for the SAW or M240.new only 725.00 (Retails for 1250.00) M249 RARE Lightweight Tall stock cheek rest 75.00 M249 Hydraulic Fixed stock, exc. complete like new 140.00 (Midwest Gun parts sells for 768.00) M249 para barrel blank adapter, new 45.00 long barrel 40.00 M249 Feed trays 125.00 new, M249 Trigger group Full auto 650.00 M240 Blank adapter, 45.00 for short barrel, 55.00 DIRECT EMAIL ONLY GPrue8@aol.com or call text 828-773-1938 Alpine Military Concepts Greg