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  1. Looking for Steyr 9mm smg mpi69 or 81 parts kits or parts, need lower plastic housing Especially. Also mag loaders,mags. 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com
  2. Have 2 nice new in wrap FN m249s or m249 saw barrels, have kac suppressor mount included. Newest type with self adjusting gas and folding carry handle. 350.00 ea. Para short version, new in wrap, 325.00 M192 M249/m240 tripod titanium lightweight exc.condition, 975.00 M249 SAW Front tri -rail kac handguard system with vertical grip and panel covers 165.00 Mk46 or m249 SAW Collapsible Various SAW Stocks; New lightweight stock, with tall and short cheekrest for optics, 300.00 Early Ranger twin arm collapsible stock, very scarce 325.00 Fixed hydraulic stock exc. 145.00 Elcan machine Gun Optic for m249 new with killflash, padded camo case, laser filter, rubber eye covers, complete in unissued perfect condition 735.00 Call/text 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com
  3. Selling nice complete with all pins ultimate usgi MK93 m2hb buffered cradle mount, green, Complete with link and brass catcher frame bag, fits any m3 tripod and includes ammo can holder.and T&E with new type QD pin 1500.00 shipped to 48 states! Also have rare insert cradle adapter and side can 7.62 bracket for m249 and m240 available at a discount To buyer. Call/text 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com
  4. Looking for US made or Austrian made 24" Steyr aUG barrel With or without bipod. Also looking for 9mm AUG barrel And 9mm auto bolt group Call/text 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com
  5. I now have some more sections of belt feed chutes available.in 7.62 and .50 cal. Inquire to me at gprue8@aol.com Or call 828 773 1938 Greg
  6. I have new M249 Lightweight Collapsible stocks, with Both Tall and short Cheek rests, 300.00 Scarce spare lightweight 249 Cheek rests Tall version for Optics use on rail,, , Rare 75.00 (Most stocks don't have them) New in wrap FN M249 Long standard barrel, complete with new type self adjusting gas, only a few available 350.00 M249 Para barrel also new in wrap, self adjusting new type gas, 300.00 M249 Heat shields for barrel, new 75.00 or 65.00 with barrel purchase. M249 Tripod Nutsack repostioning adapter new 75.00 Early collapsible Ranger stock, exc. original with metal NOT plastic type currently sold buffer housing! This is the REAL one. 350.00 .200 rnd plastic drums with starter tab 20.00 or 5 for 85.00 Newest M249/MK46 type charging handles with lighteneing cuts, 150.00 New M249/MK46 in wrap Optic equipped Rail top Feed cover 275.00 M249 Combo scraper tool designed to go in tall cheekrest of Lghtweight stock.45.00 M249/MK46 Front KAC 3 Rail handguard system with vertical grip and panels, 165.00 M249 Improved newest type upgraded Bipod , in wrap, 125.00 M249 100 rnd Nutsacks, New in wrap with starter tab 40.00 New condition Machine Gun Optic (MGO) ELCAN in Paded pouch with Killflash, Rubber eye cups, and laser filter 725.00 (1400.00 Retail without accessories) Email direct only please GPrue8@aol.com or call/Text 828-773-1938 Alpine Military Concepts Call Greg
  7. Just got a few more available update; I have 6 only Standard Armament 2 .5 foot Stainless steel flexible sections of belt feed chuting for M60 or M134 in great condition. With attaching ends, 450.00 per section, or all 6 for 400.00 ea. Also have a couple of flex chutes for .50 cal. Call for length and price. Just got in 6 more available in 7.62 Also great for predator ammo can building. Also have 2 M60D helicopter door gun cradle pintle mount, 2 available 300.00 each New m60 feed tray 125.00 New like new feed cover cam arms 100.00 ea. 3 available Text call email direct only please 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com Greg Alpine military concepts
  8. I have several brand new M2HB complete with base rear sights Ready to mount for your build. 150.00 ea M2a1 m2hb rare front vortex flash hiders, new condition 150.00 ea. If you have the threaded end type m2a1 This is what you need to complete your barrel it's incredible nearly 100% reduction original military issue. New Type fixed solid carry handle m2a1 but works same as an Improved carry handle for regular M2HB barrel 75.00 3 available, new comdition I have lots of small parts for the M2HB if there's anything you need. Call or text only 828 773 1938 Email only gprue8@aol.com M2hb Buffer assembly complete new in package, 200.00 Set of 8 shims for Front barrel support all number different $75. All are new in the package. Complete recoil assembly new $45 M2HB Traversing and elevating mechanism for M3 tripod or mark 93 mount beautiful condition with New type quick release pin 135.00 Pintle, for tripod 75.00 Head space and timing gauge 50.00 New in wrap barrel carry handle, ww2 type 35.00 Text call email direct only please 828 773 1938 Gprue8@aol.com Greg Alpine military concepts
  9. HI, I will take he 2 MPI mags,

    Can you take Zelle or a M>O.?



    1. Dscheid NFA Investments

      Dscheid NFA Investments

      Greg, we could try Zelle. send to escheid@comcast.net

      Let me know when it's done (email me please), I will check the account and get them shipped. then get you a tracking #


    2. g36kinnc


      I will send payment t you noq on zelle. usually its a phomne number to use it .


    3. Dscheid NFA Investments

      Dscheid NFA Investments

      Greg, funds just showed up, or at least the email did...

      My wife, who works for Wells (corporate) said the same thing so she added my cell # in case someone wants to use Zelle again.


      I need an address to ship to, then I will get you a tracking #


  10. WTS: 2 Steyr MPi 69/81 Magazines - New $65

    PM sent, I will take them
  11. I have new in wrap Factory SIG Sauer P228 13 rnd mags 35.00 ea. or 3 for 100.00 shipped I have only 25 mags available Call or email text ONLY 828-773-1938 GPrue8@aol.com Greg at Alpine Military Cocepts