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  1. Looking for a nice BM59 folding "Alpini" stock complete and a complete M14E2 stock please and MG34 7.62 Conversion Parts, barrels, feed tray boosters, etc. and also German MG34 accessories,. Email direct only please GPrue8@aol.com or call text 828-773-1938
  2. I have a few sets of new in wrap KAC Marked Knights Armament M4 and M5 Rail systems, with panels, pics show white relection panel camera shadow on M5 NOT actually there, MINT! 125.00 for M4 and 135.00 for M5 long standard rail. These are the real thing best made period NOT aftermarket junk!!. Email direct GPrue8@aol.com or call text 828-773-1938 Shipping Priority mail 8.00
  3. I have a couple if the New in wrap M240L Barrels, short commando type with Vortex flash hiders,and titanium carry handles and Gas block , special ONLY 575.00 only 4 left! Costs over 1200.00 from Midwest Gun Parts!! New type L Lightweight Adjustable leg bipod, 1 only new in wrap 425.00 costs over 750.00 from Midwest Gun Parts!! New Front rail handguard that attaches to the gas tube. 150.00 Other parts available for the M240 and M249 Such as the newest M249 lightweight stock with tall and short cheek rests for comfortable optics viewing, special 300.00 Will take MG34 Parts and accessories on trades or Buy for cash Looking for M60 Side feed bracket for D model, and M60E3 Rear sight. MP40 magazines and Beretta PM12S or MP38A/42/44 Italian mags. Call or Text 828-773-1938 DIRECT email only GPrue8@aol.com Greg at Alpine Military Concepts
  4. I will take the kit, Email sent
  5. I have 2 excellent condition MK93 MG Mounts for M2HB and M240/M249 with cradle adapter shown and available ,includes Cradle gun mounts with Brass and link catcher assembly and 50 Cal Traversing and Elevating mechanism (T&E included to mount on M3 regular tripod,and side ammo can holder also included. All pins are present and cabked to the mount to prevent loss. Allows the weapon to sit higher, much more comfortable to shoot. This has a small pintle standard, but, a large Universal pintle adapter can be added I see available for 150.00 or so to mount on the large pintle like on vehicle HMMV Mounts and such.. The mount alone by itself sells for way more than the whole package deal I am offering together at 1500.00 I see them sell for 2300.00 or more without the extras included, I have 2 available left to sell, 1500.00 plus UPS Ground shipping. I also have available the very rare Military adapter cradle to the buyer to allow the M240/M249 to be used with it for 875.00 added. You can see the 240 cradle in the Pic available to purchese. As New M2HB Flash hider complete 65.00 M2HB tripod Pintle new 75.00 M2HB Barrel carry handle in new condtion 35.00 M2HB Complete cleaning Kit in carrier pouch tool kit 45.00 New headspace and timing gagae set 50.00 New recoil spring group 40.00 New Spare barrel carrier 30.00 side cocking charging handle for the left siide, new 20.00 LIke new M3 T&E for M3 tripod for M2HB or M3. barrels shims for build , new set of 8 for 75.00 M2 Cartridge Stop complete new, Large assembky mounts on trunnion 50.00 M2HB Barrel bearing new 50.00 Front sight cover 20.00 other small parts vailable, Email direct ONLY GPrue8@aol.com or call me at 828-773-1938 Greg at Alpine Military Concepts. Also have nice selection of M240 and M249 parts and accessories available, please inquire.
  6. Looking for an M14 parts kit or Barrel group and Op rod, any parts appreciated, Especially would like TRW if possible trigger group, Guide Rod, Op rod, what do you have? Direct email please GPrue8@aol.com or call text 828-773-1938 Greg Alpine Military Concepts
  7. Wanted to buy nice German MG34 parts kit , matching preferred but not a deal breaker, looking for barrels, gunners kit, any accessories. loader, mounts, tools,etc,. Price and condition, pics, cash on hand. GPrue8@aol.com email Direct only please or call 828 773-1938
  8. Looking for the right half of the M3 or M3A1 grease gun side stamped housing shell half or cut parts for a friends Class 2 project. call / Text 828-773-1938 Email direct only please GPrue8@aol.com
  9. I have the following M60 Parts, all are new original except "D" spade grip group which is in excellent condition.. PRICES REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE M60 Standard Barrels, New unissued condition dated 86 ( 2 Available) add your Bipod and flash hider Etc.375.00 SALE 350.00 M60D Spade grip exc. complete sold M60 Spade grip with linkage for trigger sold M60 New Bolt stripped SOLD M60 Buttstock new original Unissued complete 225.00 SALE 200.00 M60 E3 Double Notch Op rods, 2 available 375.00 ea. In wrap SACO SALE 350.00 M60 Feed cam assembly Long arm, 125.00 New condition 3 available SALE 100.00 M60 Feed tray new condition 185.00 SALE 150.00 M60 or M249 Tripod Pintle new 75.00 30 Cal. nice complete T&E Mechanisms (Have 3) 135.00 ea. Please contact me direct only at GPrue8@aol.com or call text 828-773-1938 Greg at Alpine Military Concepts, See my other ads for M240/249 and M2HB parts here and on GB Always looking for Steyr SMG MPI-69 or 81 parts, Swiss STGW 57 parts or Kits,, SIG AMT Parts or Mags especially.
  10. I Have 3 barrel extensions, 2 like new 1 new 225.00 ea. includes the side barrel extension keeper usually missing.ALL SOLD also a new Barrel support, 175.00 Breech blocks, new for extension 30.00 ea. Twin scope rail mount exc. condition 150.00 M2HB Surefire Light or other function mount (See pic 125.00) Spare barrel case 25.00 New M2 Barrel handles 35.00 ea. Head space and timing gage , new 50.00 Front cartridge stop, new 25.00 Timing nut assembly, new 20.00 rear large stop complete new 55.00 extractor switch, new 35.00 Barrel support shims set of 7 different all new 60.00 Cocking lever for bolt new 15.00 Sear and cocking side pins new 15.00 ea. Recoil spring group new, 40.00 Charging handles, new complete 30.00 M2HB New condition T&E with new type cross quick pin 150.00 M3 Tripod Pintle with cross Bolt exc. 70.00 Belt pawls, set, with springs new 30.00 Top cover detent for Hold open, new 20.00 Front sight hood, new 20.00 Lots of small parts, Inquire your needs Also lots of other M2HB M249 and M240 parts and accessories available call text email below. I have lots of other M240 and M249 items available, see my other ads here or call me Please respond to me direct at GPrue8@aol.com or 828-773-1938 text or talk
  11. I have 2 of Full Auto Op Rod piston groups to do Class 3 coversions on semi 249s, 650.00 ea. both are in exc. condition Also lots of other M249 and M240 parts and accessories available call text email below. I have lots of other M240 and M249 items available, see my other ads here or call me Please respond to me direct at GPrue8@aol.com or 828-773-1938 text or talk
  12. I have 2 of the complete rear grip assembly of the M240 Spade grip, you wil need to find the trigger lower part, 500.00 ea. Both are in exc. condition. I have lots of other M240 and M249 items available, see my other ads here or call me Please respond to me direct at GPrue8@aol.com or 828-773-1938 text or talk