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  1. WTB: AK Build tools

    I'm looking for used, but not abused AK47/74 build tools, IE jigs, templates, reamers, de-milling tools, etc, anything that your not using & wish to part with. I'm a Veteran on a pension with medical bills, can't afford full price. I do know about websites that sell tooling, but can't afford their prices. If your not using your old jigs, tools, drill bits, reamers, etc pass them on to someone that can use them. As long as they are in good condition. Please msg me with what you have, HOW much your asking for them, including shipping if possible. Form of payment you'll accept IE discreet PP F&F, etc. I'm not a re-seller looking for deals to make money. I'm an amateur gunsmith looking to re-build my tool collection. This is how I keep busy in life, my hobby. Some one I know stole most of my things, am back to square one when it comes to scrounging for tools so I can persue my hobby. I had spent years gathering & building my tool collection, not easy on a tight budget. Now most of my stuff is gone, this is a major set back. Anything you can help me out with is much appreciated! Thanks for reading my post.