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  1. Looking for the rear section of the barrel sleeve (the section the barrel screws into) as well as any other parts/ accessories
  2. Often guys get into this, buy a bunch of guns tax paid on form 4's, get an SOT later and the guns appear to be on form 4's physically, but will then transfer out on form 3's. This is what I assume the OP means because it's a fairly common situation? Actually a lot of dealers actually believe this too and don't know their stuff can now go out tax free, and instead pay the tax thinking the guns aquired before the SOT are somehow "private". No such thing as private when you acquire an FFL, privacy goes out the window for the most part. There are other methods of avoiding the transfers and taxes, but that's for another discussion.
  3. because your premise here is incorrect. If the gun has the sellers name on the current form and his FFL/SOT is in his name, the gun automatically is tax exempt on any transfers to another SOT, regardless of whether or not it is for sale/ in inventory. If you're selling it, it seems it would be "in inventory"? You can pick up or drop an SOT many times and if it's always in the same name the guns will transfer accordingly depending on if you've paid or not paid the SOT. If I decided to sell a bunch of my stuff I'd surely be filing for a new FFL/SOT in the name that the guns are registered to facilitate their expedient transfer, especially these days where a long wait will kill the sale of many guns. HTH
  4. PSA: Negative interaction with M Heck

    Lots of reminiscing and stories, but did you contact your buddy M. Heck about completing the deal? Doesn't sound like it? You can shoot the new guy messengers all you want, but if the seller didn't deliver, he's the turd. You guys can polish that all you want, but it still stinks.
  5. WTS: RAMO M2HB; 1928 Arg. kits; 1917A1 reg. plat

    Bowling leagues are about over for summer break, and I've never done a load of laundry...ever, for the record. Fixed a lot of machines though and chicks dig that. All the original 1918 pattern guns had the same barrels, but marked with the mfr and date at the end near the front sight. Lots of missing and cut flash hiders make them appear shorter at times? If it's cut, the front sight would have to be redone. Possible, but unusual.....and I'm no BAR expert. Mine has British proof marks at the rear, as well as the original markings in front, and other than some contour differences, that is what I've seen over the years. Maybe it's an A2 barrel?
  6. WTS: RAMO M2HB; 1928 Arg. kits; 1917A1 reg. plat

    Seriously? Pony up some cash if you want to post an ad. This is at least your second free ad, cough up $15 at a minimum just to be courteous. Riddle me this, how can the marlin BAR be correct with a replacement barrel?
  7. Mike, the problem is not that they mishandled it, it's that the orchestrated it intentionally, just as when Trump asked for their opinion on bump stocks and they recommended banning them. Why some large vendors and auction guys want to be part of that is beyond me? Perhaps they think if they get inside they can change it, but it's clear board members have no say in policy in Wayne's world. Currently the NRA is one level above Sears Roebuck, liquidation is imminent, but like all business models there is surely an amazon rising as we speak, to fill the void they will leave behind.
  8. Well that didn't work out too well. Ollie got kicked to the curb. Looks like Wayne will be there until he dies......or the NRA does.
  9. Qualified Mfg AUG trigger pack

    PM sent
  10. As the title says looking for an extractor for the large trainer, not a regular 1919. Might even paypal for a couple good pictures with dimensions if you have one and don't want to part with it? You can direct email johnsonlmg41 at yahoo Thanks
  11. WTS: 1918 Marlin Bar; exc. $30k

    Laughing with you, I'm just a couple off ramps behind. At this point I like to say every day is a bonus day! At 30k that's not bad (if I didn't already have a nicer one I'd seriously think about it) Does the barrel date match? How does it gauge? For those that are considering.
  12. WTS: 1918 Marlin Bar; exc. $30k

    because he's over 65 LOL!
  13. WTB Registered Ruger 10/22 Receiver

    Have one and access to two more. PM me with what you are looking to spend? Or trade?
  14. Purchase Sole Proprietor - pre may samples

    Not generally in a sole proprietorship since it is not a separate entity like a partnership or corp. The proprietor is the "company" and you being a different proprietor, assets would need to "transfer" to directly to you, vs. a company type setup where the company exists separately regardless of who actually owns it. A pre-may sample can only transfer to an SOT,
  15. WTB Lahti L39 Barrel

    I spent 5 years on that project. I own all the tooling, etc. The minimum order qty is 5 and the price is 3K finished at last go around (not sure that's current). These are hot blued and ready to screw in. Match grade rifling, much nicer than originals. In order to screw it in correctly I redo the threads in the receiver and you can hand screw the barrel in until the last 5 turns and then use the tool in the kit to go the rest of the way. No 5' breaker bars needed!
  16. Well, unfortunately have you driven around much lately? Ads are regional, and in your region what you see in advertising is a reflection of the demographics of your area. No one runs ads tailored to sell the three of you in the DC metro area product. I don't see those same ads where I live. As I see it there are two types of law, man made law and natural law. As a society.....not me or obviously you either, it's no longer assumed that natural law comes first and man made law should coincide, not contradict natural law. Men are no longer men and two women can now somehow create a child......effectively violating natural law? People step off the curb into moving traffic assuming white paint (man made law) will bring a large vehicle to a quick stop? Frankly I am tired of buying bumpers in bulk lots since I assumed they would eventually learn? I now have learned liberals have no interest in learning and the smarter ones send the others off the curb first, but the few smart ones do seem to know I can't afford an endless supply of bumpers and car washes and I've learned to travel a different path. Most of the guys like me have now been trained to stop at the paint. You have to either start buying bumpers or like many of us, we've moved on and travel a different path since the zombie army seems destined to grow. Most of us here like the Trumpster....he's a guy that can afford a LOT of bumpers! The other night it looked like chuck and nancy got hit in the crosswalk, then backed up and run over again. Fences follow natural law, which is why all the smart liberals have them and the other liberals are on the outside looking in, but like the cow looking thru the barbed wire they aren't smart enough to know which side of the fence they are on?
  17. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    Well, to follow up I bought one on the secondary market so I have actual experience with the parts (since I've taken it down several times and swapped many parts) and most are USGI/ FN other than the receiver and oprod group. The receiver has some, what I'd call minor fitting issues and missing an attachment for tripod mounting that FN 249's have. I ordered some parts from them directly and did eventually receive them. Delivery was if I recall near a month for what was supposed to be an "in stock" part. A second order took them around a week to ship (another in stock part). I don't recall ever getting a phone response after leaving messages (no one ever answered the phone during business hours) . Fortunately I am now done ordering parts from them. All my deliveries from Ares were shipped more promptly than these and they've been ridiculed for nearly 15 years for their poor service....that I have apparently not been subjected to, so I'd describe it as "relative and situational". Having said all of that I would not change a thing in my original post. Portions which I speculated on came to fruition. I type these posts and don't frequently proofread, so errors are more than likely, but actually assumed. Is this post "less" angry? I am not a particularly emotional person either way, but people often project their emotions into posts on the internet, I think looking for more drama than actually exists. I see it so often I could cry....LOL. I own several registered financial issues here, but I require value for my purchases regardless of cost. I don't have any beefs with MGA or you. I pretty much knew what I was getting before I got it and for what it is, and what I paid, I'm all good. Sounds like you are too? Had I dumped in 10K I'd be less happy, but that would have been my choice and to me the value is not 10K currently. Are they an easy target, well since they don't communicate and I haven't seen any discussion about their product for a long time, maybe? I don't get out much so I maybe have missed it? I had more comm. with Eric Grimes and he was much more available (less so now I'm told) to answer questions even if he was making up some of the answers, which I suspected after speaking with him on several occasions. Nice guy though. 1/12/19 Update. I installed the gen 4 oprod setup today. Well worth the money, makes the gun much more used friendly, removes the possibility of bolt bounce (which I don't think FN does). I'd say it's a 60% upgrade of the gun as a whole. Modified the original gen 3 bolt to match the new specs and am using that putting aside the new bolt that came with it. Utilization of the HK trigger packs without the big hammer and all HK parts is a major plus IMO. The carrier setup is professionally machined, finished, and assembled and likely significantly more durable than the gen 3 setup which was kind of rough.
  18. sold - Delete

    Ken, I will send him a text to remind him.
  19. Hassan Whiteside stolen M16

    Just goes to show how fast a Rolls depreciates.....apparently worth less than an M16?
  20. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    I know of some history on the gun and what you see is what you get. It is C+R as is everything now that was amnesty registered in 68' (give or take how they entered them from the application date or approval date?) The IRS number tells us this. An FOIA on this gun won't really disclose any more than what you see in the pictures and what the seller provided. This gun sat in collection for many moons with, I believe the original registrant, until it transferred relatively recently. HTH
  21. With the seller's permission, I have a nice AA sight in the wooden box for $700 and a buyer would have a complete package.
  22. Kavanaugh is burying this...

    To now include using a mentally ill scizoaffective woman in their quest to manipulate the outcome of a supreme court nomination. How much further can this go?
  23. Minigun Repair

    Yes those "new" housings are not all they are cracked up to be and since only one company has the fixture, it was likely done with a hand drill. Congrats on getting it together since I know it's a lot more work than people think. Now you know why the older cut housings bring a premium.
  24. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    That's what I recall Curtis telling me, and was the asking price. If the guy paid more.....well? Those guns had been for sale for over a decade. In 09 Kent had them in his flyer for 150K ea. / 290 a pair, and if I dig deep enough they were for sale well before that. I don't recall when they first appeared on the tables at the creek, but I do know I was a lot younger! Eventually the market caught up with the price.