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  1. KJS TACTICAL ARMS. anybody know them?

    Check with the librarian about some screen cleaner, the post is from 2016 and the OP has not been back since then. LOL
  2. WTS M60 E3-E6 Commando Barrels 1200.00-1800.00

    What's funny is you fools responded to an ad that is over 3 years old from a poster who hasn't visited here in about the same time frame.
  3. Reising Question

    So the mags range Opening at the back on originals .450 on two and .456 on two more (inside) Christy .450 on 3 checked Opening at the front 1/4" back .523,.527, .541,.530 Christy .540,.536, .536 Mag catch hole (from the top of the mag to the top of the hole) 2.62, 2.63, 2.64, 2.64 Christy 2.65, 2.65, 2.65 The Christy mags are NIW. The original 20's are like new with minimal insertion marks on the spine and 98%+ blue left on the tip of the followers. Of all these mags checked I have never actually fired from any of these and I have a bunch more I use in the guns that have more wear on them, so I can't say for sure any of these actually do function. HTH
  4. Reising Question

    Or it could be Mike's boss doesn't want him taking pictures of his stuff and posting them on the net? He seemed to be a pretty low key guy when I met him. Christie sold out to Keystone and are producing the mags currently. I have some Christy mags (last of them), but haven't bought any from keystone yet, but the rumor was they had some issues. The magazines would not cause a semi/full auto issue. Start with Frank's suggesting and work forward from there. Better yet, buy some books (including his) and manuals and start there, since all of the hard work has been done by these authors that spent a lot of time compiling this info. If you think you're going to get that level of "tech support" here on the net in a couple of posts it's not going to happen. You sit down with the book and the gun nearby, start reading and learning as you go, no different than any other mechanical repair. I fix things for a living, from guns to furnaces, to diesel engines and most are "one off" repairs so manuals, books, and web documents save me and my customers tens of thousands a year in labor and broken parts (from improper disassembly). ATT, start with a known commodity such as a factory 12 or 20 and go from there. I can measure some today but there can be tolerance issues so dimensions alone may not help? As b-san says it could be the catch? Are the pins tight on the housing? Or in backwards?
  5. 19XXX4.COM ?

    I learned my lesson a while back, they are mostly insane. It's one of those boards where they ignore the content, but the poster means everything. You could be Reed knight posting as Jimbob and make some technical observations and they will tell him he knows nothing and is rude (cleaned up for here). After I received several personal threats by PM I just couldn't chance any further exposure there. 99% sure they were harmless, but when you actually have stuff to lose, you can't take the chance. I saw your posts, now it looks like they banned you.....after they attacked you. Like I said, insane. You'll just have to pull over to the side of the road and watch the railroad crossing from a distance, since there is a train wreck there almost once a week and you don't want to be too close. Most of the folks with actual guns and knowledge bailed out a while ago, but back in the day I met a bunch of those guys and they were a good group for the most part, course those guys are all gone too.

    So let me get this're handing over a photo for facial rec., full physical description, race, fingerprints, DNA, and worst of all $200, and you guys are concerned about a made up ssn.....because what.... you don't want the gov. tracking you? LOL If you're seeking privacy, NFA firearms may not be the best hobby to get into? You've given up as much privacy as Jeffrey Epstein, except he never paid $200, or did all of that voluntarily.
  7. Last recession

    It's actually not remotely accurate. I bought a lot of stuff on the cheap in that time frame. Some guns dropped by almost 50%. The peak was effectively the Stern auction, and some of the stuff still hasn't broken even, but much is just above those levels. I'm not sure what a "prime" piece is, but if it's older than WWII it's probably dropped and likely will never recover like Model T prices. As we say these days it's all about M16's and HK sears. Economic swings affect pretty much every asset class. Expect another swing soon, since I hear the same commercials about interest only loans as I did in 2007, 84+ month car mortgages, high prices and bidding on FL and vegas real estate, etc. Why do you think the Buffet is scooping up more trailer parks.....because they will be the next goldmine when the next wave of mcmansioner's get kicked to the curb.....some of them for the second time. All part of the grand plan from rules for radicals.
  8. WTB: MG08 sled mount tools

    Looking to buy the tongs an the chamber cleaning tool that fits on sled mount. Yes, they are tough to find, and I expect to pay stupid money for them.
  9. I was in Medford last year and pumped my own, but I think everyone else was high and didn't know what I was doing, so you could be right? They have small billboard ads inside the airport and every one of them was for some "brand" of weed. You'd think some smart marketing guy from nabisco or frito lay would sneak an ad in there somewhere, but they may all be stoned too? A few years back I spent 3 weeks in jersey....a nice part, nice people etc., but they have been bent over so long they learn to recognize each other by the shoes they wear and are used to it. It's sort of like people who get kidnapped, after a while they acclimate and think it's normal to be handcuffed 23 hours a day and even when the cuffs are off they hold their hands out to be cuffed again and no longer think about running away? Sad.
  10. You should have stopped off and started pumping your own gas.....that's when things get crazy.
  11. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    Actually anything that says Vector. I've had a number of group guns (original group Ind. guns) and all were just fine and in some cases better than IMI in certain areas. Anything with Vector stamped on it was made from flats that were incomplete and sold at auction to Vector are the ones you want to look out for. Back in the day JLM was selling them at 5 for 10K, and sold hundreds of the thousands that were made (I forgot the total, but it's on the net). Many of these still sit NIB and pop out of the woodwork at times, some were fine, many were not, so it's a crapshoot as to what you get. All are fixable if you have the patience and want to mess with stuff like that. Open bolt subguns do not require a degree in rocket science to repair.
  12. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    My thought is there are no problems with the bolts, the problems you describe are with the host guns and my position is still that the bolts are simple and nearly indestructible, but I will have to concede that a mill or bandsaw did initially break RHoustons bolt, so I will clarify that I meant in actual shooting use, the bolts will be fine LOL. Quite frankly with a good price I'd have bought it too knowing it's not a hard fix to reweld a bolt. Now you state you've not actually seen the guns, but you assume the bolt is the problem on three separate guns? That's bad information to put out to new guys since you say the guns still haven't been fixed and you've never actually seen them yet you're assuming the bolt is the problem? That's not at all helpful to anyone. If you can invite the guys actually working on them to post their findings that would provide better info. Generally when I post info the gun is next to me or it's something that I've had in the shop recently, otherwise it's just speculation. Sorry to also say your springfield armory equipment by today's standards is obsolete. Locally we have the top barrel makers in the country and none use outdated machinery like that anymore. I checked the camp perry blogs and no one (winners anyhow) in many years I went back has ever used a barrel from TX or AZ. I did not go back to the 70's when equipment like that was producing winners. I've been to, and know a few key players in that industry even though I have them make machine gun barrels on occasion. They find it amusing. You should research barrel makers if you want nice stuff and get it done by the best. I have CNC cut rifled 308 Bren barrels in the queue right now, turn around is generally a year, but I'm in no hurry and ask that it be a side job. No need to feel stressed.
  13. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    So you say the Uzi bolts failed? Please explain how, or have some 8 year old post photos of them in the areas of damage. I've never seen or heard of any bolt failure, and if so, I can't imagine what damage that occurred and how it could not be repaired? I've heard of a number of vectors that have blown out the rear of the receiver, but that's about the only real uzi problems I've ever heard of (excepting of course the crooked/ lousy welds on Vectors). Most of the receivers that have been damaged have not necessarily been the fault of the receiver itself, but maintenance and other stupid things done by the owners. After all guns don't shoot people or break themselves, that's ALL human problems. We're talking about a hunk of steel bar stock, while I'm certain there are a large number of licensed gunsmiths who have problems spraying a gun with a can of spray paint, there's a bunch of others that have the skills and equipment to make an S18-1000 receiver from scratch. Repairing an Uzi bolt is closer to the spray can guys. I think you'll find the spray can guys on the boards, but the serious guys I know have zero web presence and work on referral only. We have more gunsmithing equipment here than 99% of all 02/07 registered, and it's all for personal use, so just because you can't find someone on uzitalk to fix something correctly, it shouldn't be a surprise, it should be expected. Again, feel free to post a pic of these "unfixable" hunks of steel.
  14. With fast food jobs at $10-15 and hour, everyone can buy a Mosin, thus increased demand and "limited" supply, therefore increased prices. Elect Pocahontas and see a temporary spike in prices before the economy crashes and Mosins are back down to $150 at the pawn shops. If Mosins hit $450 there will be new ones made and shipped and then no one will want the old ones. Heck they are probably making new ones dated 39' already? LOL
  15. Scarcity and desirable are what drive price, rarity has little or nothing to do with pricing. I have a number of rare (lets say less than 30 in the registry) that won't break 25K. The rarest Thompson's don't bring the most money, the desirable ones do. Even though the Mp40 dual mags don't work, they are on a must have list for a number of collectors. There is a fair amount of shill bidding at auctions, which can skew the numbers dramatically in a tiny market like nfa firearms. Sometimes when you win an auction you are the loser, the only true winner is the house, just like a stockbroker. If 15 specific guys died overnight the nfa market could easily crash, it's that small.