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  1. HK MP5 Questions from Potential Buyer 2022

    ^^^^^^Thank you! ^^^^^^ On order. All I need now is a 4 position MP5K housing. I do consider them investments. Paid 7K for a registered trigger housing converted HK94 in the early 2000's. Yes that's the gun and trigger pack. Even if the packs are banned, I'd still have a minty German original HK94 for 7k. A lot depends on how much you pay and when? Pretty sure I would not buy Tesla stock at today's numbers? All you can do with stock certificates (if you even get them) is burn them or look at them? Like tesla stock at $930 or MP5's at 48K, I don't think there's much upside to either at this point and neither one is anything most Americans can afford to have much of? Tesla can issue a million more shares tomorrow diluting the value, however the odds of congress allowing an amnesty or the manufacturing of transferable guns again is infinitely smaller. So there's that. They already banned them, which was a big stretch, but taking them would be extremely unlikely. Taking 170,000 guns out of 400+ million wouldn't really make sense unless your intent on taking the 400 million? That's where the "control" and money is at. Since life is about experiences mostly, having an MP5 ranks very high on my list!
  2. HK MP5 Questions from Potential Buyer 2022

    Read this..... or recommend Reuben read it and answer your questions directly since you'll be paying top of the market and deserve answers directly from the seller if you pay those prices. You should know HK's are not that "durable" in general, relative to other SMG's and they are relatively expensive to fix. I enjoy them and have well in excess of 10K in spare parts, but that doesn't even fill a small tackle box. Last week I needed a part and there are currently none for sale. I might end up waiting a year or more for a part to show up for sale. (a 3 round burst left selector switch) before that trigger group is completed. Best of luck in your purchase.
  3. Would I need to pay ITAR?

    Effectively the difference between an FFL 01 gunsmith and an 02 mfr. Essentially if you want to gunsmith get an 01, if you want to play with post samples you're going to pay annually, a substantial amount of money and intrusion into your life by atf, irs, osha, epa, and even local firemen who wanted $100/year to chat for a few minutes. Nice to have your address, info, etc all public as well to the folks at the Brady bunch. Course then there's you personal insurance on your residence. Having an FFL is like having three trampolines and two pit bulls at your house. Rates are cheaper for meth labs in the kitchen. LOL The other option is to pay $200 tax per gun, a LOT for the gun, but have the freedom to do all of both lists without paying additional money or inspections and further dealings with any agencies. You get to keep your risk free profitable day job as well and still do the unprofitable projects for your friends? It's good to have choices!
  4. SBR question

    An SBR is a combination of parts. You can pick whatever part you want and pick your own serial number to apply as long as it meets the marking requirements. As stated if you mark the barrel, it has no relationship to the receiver, so that's not relevant, nor is the serial number. The downside is you'd be stuck to that barrel vs. marking another part such as the receiver, then you could swap different uppers with different bbl lengths. If your a "non licensee" you can make your own receivers and there is no need to number them at all, but once you make it part of an NFA firearm such as an SBR, there needs to be maker marking somewhere visible, and to regulation.
  5. SBR question

    Possibly, it all depends on how you do the paperwork what you have for parts.
  6. WTB: MP35/I

    Maybe this year?
  7. WTB: MG08 sled mount tools

  8. WTB: Chauchat rear barrel sleeve and other parts

    on the hunt
  9. Question on selling HK "package"

    Mostly depends on how much money you're asking and how much fooling around time you want to spend selling 3-4 items vs. 1? I've bought them both ways. Back in the day I picked up an HK21, HK51, and MP5K (sp89) all set up with the sear at 28K. These packages were somewhat common at the time. At that time I would not have bought just the sear alone. Conversion parts are a pain to sort out for someone new into HK's as these were my first foray into HK's so buying the package was a great learning experience about what goes where and when, and how the parts may or may not interchange. I've almost never bought a sear or pack without a gun, that just never seems to be much of a value? I did buy one gun without the sear, but within a week changed my mind and added the sear since they really were kind of a package. I tend to buy "packages" much more often than just a gun in every case. Piecing things together has become a part time job and it often takes years or sometimes never to complete some guns? No right or wrong decision, just whatever works for you? Some guys just want all out. I have one guy I'm working with who is dragging his feet and will die before he sells a fraction of his stuff. That is a package deal and he's sort of piecing it out, but will never personally see the money and his wife may end up with half in the long run?
  10. What to know about Colt Thompson’s

    Generally, not too many people shoot colts. I don't shoot mine, too many potential issues that could happen that seriously devalue a very overvalued gun. Course if Frank had it, it's likely not original so maybe it is a shooter grade? The moral of the story is shooters buy 28's, and collectors buy a 28 first, then an M1, then a colt. That said more than 50% of the colts are missing correct parts/ refinished into shooter grade guns. I guess the answer is overly complicated? Yes, you can mess around swapping parts etc., but if the gun is correct with an 85%+ finish it will be difficult to justify shooting a 40+K gun that would lose 8K+ with a bulged barrel or as pointed out a broken already fragile cocking handle. IIRC the only thing I did was load up an original C drum and shot it, then put it away 15 yrs ago. Thompsons rank as one of the worst shooting guns on the market. I've never tried anything other than round FMJ, but they all work well with that.
  11. You have to go in and reset your password to at least 8 characters, a capital letter, and a symbol or whatever it's referred to. Why their email didn't state any of that is an epic fail in the IT dept.? They just tell your your account is locked with no explanation. IIRC I logged in and went right to the password change part and the new requirements are spelled out there. I did file a support ticket, and they did get back to me in 48hrs, but I had fixed the problem about 5 minutes after I filed the ticket. HTH Fix all that and you'll be able to resume bidding outrageous amounts of money against shill bidders and all will be good!
  12. Lewis MG .303

    Here's some Lewis' we have. 2 of these BSA's came out of RIA, one long ago, the other in 12/18 for $12,650 via Alan Cors. There have been several at auction between them and at other houses. Bear in mind that RIA has a list of potential buyers with a combined net worth of potentially over 1 trillion. Sturm combined viewers/ buyers tens of millions, yet even so prices only differ slightly. On the Cors gun 3 years ago, the net to the seller would have been $8855 just 3 years ago. Of course with his volume he likely netted $10,750. The other thing is that every auction transaction happens at listed prices. Some are not paid for, some buyers have negotiated premiums lower than what's listed, some even though priced maybe low never made reserve and didn't actually sell, and every once in a while a buyer is not happy and asks for a refund. Being a second bidder, I was offered a MG that was returned for refund once. Course they wanted the winning bidders price which I declined.....twice really. Gun listed on gunbroker sold at Morphys for $16,100 at the 10/17 auction. There is the one on gunboards for 19K, this one on sturm, and others being sold privately. Some of the other guns recently, one had a vickers tripod with adapter which is likely a 4K ad at minimum. All that said, every transaction is a one-off and when comparing sales there are not enough statistical data points to come up with a legitimate number, only perhaps a trend that's only valid in the moment. The guns are exceptionally cool IMO and should bring more money?
  13. Lewis MG .303

    I have one posted for sale on gunboards for 19K for over a year with no takers. Nice condition and matching. LOL Several have sold at auction fairly recently. Since I have several I sort of keep an eye out for them. But hey, if you can get more that's great!
  14. Lewis MG .303

    Unless there is something really special or they are Savage 30-06 guns, they run 14-18K typically. They have very few moving parts and run very well once the spring tension (how to set in the manual) is set in the correct range. The shooting experience is very unique compared with similar guns. No other gun has the smooth lines yet simplicity of the Lewis.