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  1. Seeking MP5 SD suppressor options

    RDTS. I have a pair of them and they are quiet. Different specs than a factory HK can and rumored to be quieter than factory HK.
  2. Looking for a Breda 37 parts kit and any accessories including a strip loader, spare parts kit, gunners kit, tripod, etc. Also looking for a Bren MK1 tripod complete with AA extension. Also MK1 spare parts, barrels, transit chest, and accessories. Also looking for Hotchkiss portatative parts kit, spare barrels, tools, belts, etc. Thanks.
  3. WTS Swedish K stuff

    He probably means your photobucket links are dead, like every other photobucket link on the net, so no one can see the pics.
  4. How about $2000, you keep the stock, and ship within 3 days of payment?
  5. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    Here is the law and the letter confirming it. You may do what you are thinking since the gun was never a "shotgun" and maintains 26"+ OAL as born loser pointed out
  6. Swedish K parts kit

    still looking!
  7. M16 shooter preservation questions

    You can switch out any parts you want yourself. The pins were designed to rotate which does nothing to the receiver. Should a pin break, with the KNS pins it won't be as easy to spot potentially leading to more damage. I don't see a need for them? Some solutions are looking for a problem. We've sleeved a receiver or two which is by far the best solution/ design, but collector types frown on it. In other words the pins ride in steel sleeves which significantly increases the diameter of the bearing area on the aluminum. Done on goofy large pin colts sleeved down to standard pin sizes. Admittedly mostly a wasted effort but at the time odd size parts from colt were not obtainable because they generally suck as a company.
  8. Swedish K parts kit

    Looking for a complete Swedish k parts set direct email take out the no spam to reach me direct or PM here Thank you.
  9. WTB Chauchat Registered dewats buggered guns etc

    So are the new barrels indexed to drop in, or do you need the whole assembly to fit each one? In other words if I buy one can I install it myself or will I need to send out the whole sleeve/ receiver section for fitting? And is that included in the 1100? Thanks.
  10. NFA Dealer Screw up Question Steyr AUG

    Pete should have most everything and I would call him if I were you and ask about the parts you need. Not everything is on the website. We have made the cocking pieces, not all that difficult.
  11. Material Type on this Lewis sight?

    bakelite. It generally has no plasticizers as those formulating techniques didn't come til much later.
  12. Bit of an Introduction

    Fill out the C+R app now. If you win at auction they can take 3-4 weeks to do paperwork on your purchase depending on the house. 400 a month is extreme. While there are some carrying costs and fees to cover them that's more than I've ever heard of or could reasonably explain. What state? I can't think of a state with a "sole" SOT that does transfers? Lots of guys here from every state that could recommend a dealer if you provide some basic info. Yes the auction house holds the gun.......for a LONG time these days. Not a good business model. HTH
  13. 1919A4 semi-auto bolt - slight damage, what can I do?

    You call or email this guy. He's not that far away and can redo your new bolt and possibly fix your existing one. His prices are extremely reasonable and his turn around is fast. Most everyone (even many builders) use his services because he is already setup with the proper cutters and fixtures to do the work on 1919 and m2 bolts. We have a full shop here and won't do it because he does it faster and better. Brian Penley 2918 E. SR 38 Westfield, IN 46074 317-847-3293
  14. I'll take backbone of the Wehrmacht.