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  1. Hassan Whiteside stolen M16

    Just goes to show how fast a Rolls depreciates.....apparently worth less than an M16?
  2. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    I know of some history on the gun and what you see is what you get. It is C+R as is everything now that was amnesty registered in 68' (give or take how they entered them from the application date or approval date?) The IRS number tells us this. An FOIA on this gun won't really disclose any more than what you see in the pictures and what the seller provided. This gun sat in collection for many moons with, I believe the original registrant, until it transferred relatively recently. HTH
  3. With the seller's permission, I have a nice AA sight in the wooden box for $700 and a buyer would have a complete package.
  4. Kavanaugh is burying this...

    To now include using a mentally ill scizoaffective woman in their quest to manipulate the outcome of a supreme court nomination. How much further can this go?
  5. Minigun Repair

    Yes those "new" housings are not all they are cracked up to be and since only one company has the fixture, it was likely done with a hand drill. Congrats on getting it together since I know it's a lot more work than people think. Now you know why the older cut housings bring a premium.
  6. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    That's what I recall Curtis telling me, and was the asking price. If the guy paid more.....well? Those guns had been for sale for over a decade. In 09 Kent had them in his flyer for 150K ea. / 290 a pair, and if I dig deep enough they were for sale well before that. I don't recall when they first appeared on the tables at the creek, but I do know I was a lot younger! Eventually the market caught up with the price.
  7. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    IIRC Kent's pair sold for 175K each a couple years ago and they were not sideplate guns. None of that sells quickly other than the kit Doug put up, which sold I think within a day he told me. I snoozed.
  8. 40MM Grenade Launcher ammo

    How many are you looking for?
  9. Am I seeing things or are these two guns identical twins based on the photos?
  10. Question about reg. sear converted MP5

    The pushpin design is cheaper to make, less structurally sound, but does make HK version of the paddle mag release incorporated into the pin hole, which had been the big bonus before other paddle release designs were out. If you've ever clipped and pinned a housing, there is not that much material there in the PP area vs. the large slot of the shelf. All of this aside, on a push pin design all that holds the registered pack in is the selector axle and friction. Tying a rope to the trigger guard and dropping down a shaft likely results in death, since I don't think the steel or plastic on a picto housing would hold...… at least! I have a bunch of HK stuff and see no upside to PP conversions at all. Modification of packs to friction sears is rather easy on most packs. Note that the strongest of the series, 21E's have a shelf, course there is no need for a paddle mag release.
  11. Looking for a complete parts set or individual parts.
  12. already sold out?
  13. 25K is probably in the ball park. A lot of the value depends on where it's marked and how much of the original assembly needs to stay put? Getting rid of the current trigger situation is a $100 fix to go back to an original factory trigger group. Back in the day, trigger groups were not off the shelf items so guys had to get creative with conversions. All in all, it's a registered PP gun which is what sets the value. A few hundred in cosmetic repairs has little effect on that.
  14. Totally worth reading. I had heard about the lawsuit. Looks like Dan screwed the wrong guy. I'm loosing count on the number of times he's been sued? Is SAR even in existence anymore or did it go the way of machine gun news?
  15. RKI Wanted info on HK21

    A lot depends on how it was built? Reg. rec. or sear gun? FMP parts? Any E parts? German barrel? Trigger group? Any spare parts or barrels in the deal? Lots of variables to consider. You will make it a safe queen or be beaten to death! They are a bit harsh, but can be tamed on a lafette....of which I may have a spare.