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  1. MG's as an investment

    bradhe, great post. At the high end I don't see a lot of stuff rising percentage wise very much, but many of us think of it more of hedge against inflation without fee's, costs, etc. The problem can be is that a lot of us don't see apple or other stocks going from $225 to 2250 anytime soon either? So do you buy the stock (that you can't touch, enjoy, or that they could issue more of) or do you invest in a hobby and hope to get value from the artistry, life experience of shooting, owning, collecting, and in cases of older guns, the history. Guys buy season tickets to games they can't participate in (just watch), gamble (knowing there is no way to profit), and a number of other cool life experiences chalked up to an investment in life? I will say this, moving to a free state for guns usually carries other investment benefits as well so personally I think that's a great choice! Course another exercise is to multiply the number of guns in the US approx. 350 million by $400 each average price and you get 140 the money may be there after all if just 2.5% of title one guns are sold off for NFA MG's, you hit the 3.5? I see a lot of title one guys moving into NFA and dumping their large stashes of common guns to buy choice collectibles, that's what I've seen over the years, as well as wealthy folks just diversifying as any good investor does.
  2. Any word on the Form-4 e-file?

    the fingerprint cards have nothing to do with it. They are having issues with their programs. They cannot coordinate and process a form 1 for reactivation from a form 5 machine gun. Until that is handled an efile form 4 is out of the question. Even if it's done, times are unlikely to drop all that fast if at all since that's where the volume is, and that takes examiners, that they apparently don't have? It's now been "years" and they haven't caught up, they obviously don't have a plan to do so.
  3. Group vector uzi

    One thing you are going to find out is there is no such thing as a "mint" Vector Uzi. Many of them have issues and are the lowest rated uzi in the chain regardless of what the experts say on uzitalk. Hope it works out and you don't have one with issues. I've never owned a vector, but I do have others including an IMI with a bolt. The best cal. is 9mm,. 45 is expensive, and .22 is for tinkerer's like any .22 conversion they all require a degree of patience. You do know they make drums in 9mm? Gotta have one of those!
  4. Jeffery Epstein...DEAD

    Almost all socialism leads to civil war at some point, the only question is when? When some pigs are more equal than others.......well it's all in the book.
  5. Colt quits AR-15's for "civilians"

    Sort of a misnomer ot begin with since Colt never technically manufactured any AR or M16's, they had them contract manufactured. As you said effectively civilian sales left Colt which is why they've been in bankruptcy several times. I'd guess they're heading that way one more time soon? The only thing that might salvage their sales is Boborourke getting elected, which is about as likely as global warming.
  6. What If?

    We go deep because we are against being harassed, inconvenienced, being put on "lists" as law abiding people dealing with inanimate objects that cause harm to no one. Criminals create the harm and chaos so the burden should be carried with them, not us. They are the ones that need to be identified so that people don't sell or transfer dangerous items, allow them to vote, etc. by way of adding this information to their identification and putting the burden on them, not us. Of course that's not how it works currently, and that's by design to keep the masses in check. Elites are planning your life, not theirs. They will take away your straws to your guns and everything in between to put us all back in chains. How common are shootings during hunting season or at gun shows (OK except the SAR show)? They are not, so it's not about the guns, nor the people that legally enjoy them. While there are always felons at gun shows, most folks know who they are and they are kept an eye on.
  7. The adapters work fine. The pin conversion is OK, but you still don't get the front detent that would capture a normal front pin so all it saves is 15 seconds in disassembly and not needing a screwdriver. I rarely swap uppers since it's still wear and tear on the lower either way on that style lower, and probably less with the offset adapter since it fits tighter IMO. When I bought that lower it was a $2000 discount from an A1, so for that money I decided I'd pack a screwdriver if needed. Welding on aluminum lowers is a last resort IMO. 20 years from now you'll be able to accurately 3d print onto an existing lower a new front pin location and have it laser fused vs. a guy in a shop by hand. It's going to be shocking what you're going to see "morphed" in the near future, but really cool. I have a customer that paid 400K for a used metal printer and what you can make is amazing. 25 years ago I had another guy with a "new" stereo lithography machine where rough plastic castings emerged from a bath of goo that needed a lot of final finishing. Fast forward 10 years and spend more money and the sky is the limit.
  8. That chute is specific for those drums and while you can use the chute for other applications, separating them renders the drum nearly worthless. FWIW
  9. Approved at Last!

    My advice is don't call, it has zero effect other than to slow the entire process for everyone. The background check issue has been taken care of I was told, it's now a matter of working thru the backlog.
  10. Is the subguns boards down

    The sole intent was to acquire a high traffic website and harvest all the info including email and IP addresses just like every radio contest and other websites. It's the internet, there is no free lunch, you're always giving something up whether you realize it or not. Could be worse, the google has all of your bank balances, etc. and can pinpoint what you are having for lunch tomorrow before you know. As Tom ran it, it was a free lunch, yet you don't see anyone thanking him? The welfare state always complains when they lose something they never paid for.
  11. Less than ethical seller/ member list?

    You don't need a lawyer. The agent in charge likely will be contacting you soon, as will the lost/stolen tracing people to update the case. It takes some time (in my case days) and since you are the registered owner it should be returned to you without any issues. Course that's the good news. The bad news is atf uses fedex and you should see the packing job they do! When my gun was stolen at the PO, atf recovered it, contacted me, and shipped it back. It took them a good 3 weeks to get it out. Shipped in a box with no packing, one piece of tape on the ends. When I found it on my porch, the end was open with the barrel visible and the only thing holding it in the box was that the charging handle had poked through the side. I'm quite certain you'll get the gun.
  12. Actually they are his closest advisers which is actually better than holding office. The are the only people he trusts in all of DC. While it's his job to listen to all sides and negotiate, it's unlikely he'd sign based on many previous decisions. He offered amnesty knowing it would be rejected, but he is able to say he did it. He's bribed nearly every democrat within a 20 mile radius of his projects across the country, he knows them and how they operate very well. There probably isn't a republican alive that's gotten more out of democrats thru negotiations than Trump as a cost of doing business. You do a building in Chicago, and you've had to buy off at least 100 powerful democrats to make the project happen. Most one at a time. You don't walk on a sidewalk in NY without bribing a democrat in some manner. Most people can't begin to comprehend the level corruption in municipal government. I wouldn't say he's a big 2A supporter, but he's all about retaining rights to your property without being jacked around by the government (democrats) and property rights are really what all of this is about. It just so happens firearms are private property for now. Government has already commandeered most of the money supply.

    You can ship to any address he specifies even if it's not his mailing or premises address. There is no longer a requirement that anything be shipped to the premises address on the license. Dealers don't do 5320's, nor do they do 4473's for individuals......who technically don't have access to them or NICS. HTH
  14. Looking for the rear section of the barrel sleeve (the section the barrel screws into) as well as any other parts/ accessories
  15. Often guys get into this, buy a bunch of guns tax paid on form 4's, get an SOT later and the guns appear to be on form 4's physically, but will then transfer out on form 3's. This is what I assume the OP means because it's a fairly common situation? Actually a lot of dealers actually believe this too and don't know their stuff can now go out tax free, and instead pay the tax thinking the guns aquired before the SOT are somehow "private". No such thing as private when you acquire an FFL, privacy goes out the window for the most part. There are other methods of avoiding the transfers and taxes, but that's for another discussion.