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  1. Nothing new on Subguns

    Wow BL, If you're counting on Frank to step up and represent us as a group you may be in for disappointment. Subguns like many boards has been on a death spiral for a long time for a host of reasons. I don't see the new owner as an improvement and don't really understand what value it would be to his business model? He brokers guns for the most part for a fee and lists them on gunbroker. Doesn't take much for someone to list them for 3% commission and undercut his business? Knowledge and found both of those on subguns? I've seen some ugly stuff on there over the years including virus attacks from board mods. I still look a few times a year, but early on it was a daily thing. Most have moved on or have been moved out forcibly.
  2. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    I would buy the one on GB in a heartbeat if I had an SOT currently. The potential 18 month wait is the only thing holding me back. I am over 18 months on a double transfer currently and it's annoying to say the least.
  3. BATFE, ..stupid is being kind

    ah, my post was way TMI
  4. MG C&R Transfer - Individual to C&R Collector

    Whether they are collected or not on some C+R's is how you interpret the instructions for a responsible person on a C+R app. It's rather vague and the implication is that you should include it, but it's not specifically spelled out either way. I have a correction letter received today on a form 4 that only asks only question 13 be filled out on the back, and not the rest since most all of it is done on the RP form. In the end filling it out can be a time saver. Last week I had a few more forms ask specifically about #13 be filled out and that's all. Done, scanned, emailed. Hours later they call back and ask for the whole page to be filled out contrary to the instructions stating 14-17 not be filled out on a form 4? The correct answer is do what you want and fill out whatever, but be prepared to wait on delays and see what they come back with, because nearly every transfer is getting kicked back for something? Correctly or not? They also added in a model that they made up since I am aware of the original 85 registration description.
  5. MG C&R Transfer - Individual to C&R Collector

    Fill everything out including the back page. A bit depends on how his C+R is titled, but in general a lot of zaminers don't know how to process some of the forms and they will request you fill it out whether or not it's completely necessary. In the long run it will save time. Just went through this last week and regardless of what the instructions say in my particular case (which is slightly different than your normal C+R) I was asked to fill it in anyhow. Many don't really know much about C+R licenses FFL's in general...... or the NFA for that matter. Generally speaking you can never send too much, but you can send too little which will delay the already lengthy process.
  6. American 180 drums

    All the steel drums are 177. the same 3 layer drum in Lexan is 165 due to the larger walls with the plastic dividers, hence fewer rounds in the same circle. HTH
  7. I wonder how much Reuben is going to have to fork out for his ads there? Will Frank finally get added to the recommended dealers list? And will Reuben be removed? Oh.....the drama!
  8. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    That HK21 is a real eye opener. I'm on my second one and they are brutal. My eyes water every time I shoot it. Generally it goes on the lafette.
  9. WTB: Breda 37 parts kit and accessories Bren MK1 Tripod

    Bump, still looking for most of this stuff except the Bren tripod......found.
  10. WTB: M240 Transferable Right Side Plate

    DLO is not the only one who did these, but others rarely surface and every one I've seen has been built up.....since that's the protocol.
  11. WTB: Breda 37 parts kit and accessories Bren MK1 Tripod

    Rick, for sure interested. Let me know!
  12. I will take all the bolts at $10 ea. for a total of $160
  13. WTK:Selling destructive device to SOT in another state?

    It goes direct to the dealer in the other state.
  14. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    Not necessarily contraband. The receivers were fine to posses at any time and the guns could be assembled and registered even today so that may not be true. Mine was assembled and registered post 5/1/01 since it had not been assembled prior to that. Many of them were, and it is a gilbert equipment gun. Mike, whomever registered an Oerlikon as a DD did so incorrectly. It is both a DD and a MG, but MG status trumps DD, so they are registered as machine guns, not DD's Whatever CT state law says is mostly irrelevant, since again federal law is what you are dealing with and as mentioned there are no transferable USAS-12's. If the gun indeed fires full auto, it's either broken or an illegally modified semi. There are no other options.
  15. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    You might need to go there. If she had everything transferred to her it would all be on form 5's, however if the USAS-12 is indeed full auto, it should not have transferred to her on a form 5 as a post sample? Nor would her husband ever had it without an SOT of some type. It's likely a semi.....but looks "threatening". Markets for semi's seem to be over 4K now and drums (which are fragile) $800+ HTH