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  1. Bump.... items sold and M134 bolt set added to the list.
  2. Things to is not all doom and gloom. Republicans picked up 15 house seats, one governor (MT), and numerous state seats. 6 seats flip in 2022 and democrats loose the little bit of control they currently have. Republicans control 84% of all counties in the US The supreme court is now split 5.5 conservative 3.5 liberal MAGA agenda is more popular today than it was 11/3/20 whether Trump is around or not, it ain't him, it's us......Don't be fooled by communist commentators on TV, if anyone needs re-education it's young socialists who need to be sent on a field trip to the slave camps in china or Venezuela to see how it works? Joe's inauguration was attended by one was going to show up other than 25K NG soldiers who were ordered there and it's pretty obvious now none of them would ever voluntarily attend after the fake crisis dreamed up by democrats and the complete disrespect shown for the military and LE. Instead of buying another gun or so in 2022 I'll be dropping several thousand $ on campaign contributions in primaries, etc. to conservative candidates. I'd urge everyone here to do the same. Get involved and if you don't want to send money, send emails to Republicans telling them where you stand.....and where they need to stand to get your vote. While I've sent out about 1 a year, I've sent 3 this week and gotten positive responses. If they are doing a good job, tell them, if not try to persuade them to get their minds right. Mostly what they hear from now are liberal activists.......that's our fault collectively and it's free to contact it!! There are a number of republicans that are already being challenged in 2022 primaries. Liz Cheney is being kicked to the curb.....hard.
  3. You need to drop down one state to truly be free. MT doesn't need another bill, it needs to repeal the ones on the books and simplify life. You don't get "permit-less CC, you just get rid of all the statutes and that's how you fix it, not by adding additional statutes that always somehow get bastardized? R.L. just traded Prius' for Subaru's and button down shirts and sweaters for flannel. ME is more liberal than VA. Funny how perception can be so deceptive? Going to be interesting to see what the sociopath Harris administration has planned? On Joe's first day he only killed 4367 people with corona, and 20K jobs, maybe tomorrow will be more productive? he only had the energy to sign his name 16 times LOL I suspect Monday it's back to the nursing home? Ssshhh
  4. big guns for Christmas!
  5. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    They're not concerned with any potential bans. If you've noticed the difference between a Trump rally and a blm march, you note that the after the Trump rally everyone is happy, excited, the area left behind is spotless. When blm goes by, first the police show up after the mayors let them, but only as an escort for the fire department to put out the remaining smoldering piles of rubble. What they know is that even with bans and laws in effect, they are members of a group that's never prosecuted. Check your local big city for prosecutions of felons in possession of a never happens and they know this so the only ones surrendering anything would be law abiding conservative folks. If bans are enacted, it's more likely you'll be joining them as non-law abiding potential felons than them joining us by giving up their firearms. Think of all the bump stocks that have never been destroyed? If you live in the hood and are caught, nothing will happen to you, if you live out more suburban a DA will potentially likely prosecute you. Different rules for different people......the goal of communists, who now hold high positions in the US government. Riflejunky when you say "investigator" are you sure it was not a democrat party operative looking to harvest your ballot? They have people that "follow" ballots.
  6. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    Unfortunately you are 100% wrong about this. It's party first, regardless of whether they are banning your firearms, or the pedophiles in public office has the best needs of the party and agenda in mind, they are willing to overlook anything including loss of freedom, high taxes, eliminating free speech, etc. Look over on gunboards at some democrats that have outed themselves and read their justifications as to why and you'll see they are delusional at best, but party first and are willing to overlook every illegal action they've taken in the last 5 years to get rid of orange man and not one of these has resulted in any charges to any of them. They've now become emboldened and it will get worse. Expect some serious censorship coming down from big tech and the chinese. I just saw where Putin is thrilled about a Harris presidency. Watch for 120% voter turnout in Atlanta while everyone watches with eyes wide open and does nothing to stop it.
  7. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    Foes. There have been several threads on gunboards where there seem to be a substantial number of democrat voters who think their vote won't have any effect on their rights. Being delusional is a mental illness and that's the first sign you can't have a coherent argument since they will ignore random facts, past history, etc. They truly believe since they are lefty's "their" guys won't do anything to "them", assuming they have the same "privileges" as their liberal icons. They are too blind to see the corruption in their own caste system where hollywood, TV news script readers, and politicians all read the same scripts tell us what to do, then violate the same rules and laws with no consequences. All of these people have have armed security in places the rest of us are not allowed to defend ourselves. Mayors hand down orders to police chiefs to "allow" certain people to destroy other peoples property without any fear of prosecution, or may do some minor arrests and their liberal judge "friends" dismiss any charges at a later date. The whole left vs. right thing goes a whole lot further than just firearms it's really about human decency. Slave owners have always wanted slaves. The democrat party is the party of slavery and if you look at the schools right this moment the democrat run big cities have stopped all education in hopes of enslaving another generation destined to poverty, while the upper class (politicians and the above mentioned) all send their kids to private schools. During the indoctrination tools of freedom such as firearms are demonized. They do protect their own as you see politicians on one side now circling around the ones outed to be in bed (literally) with chinese communists. You've watched hollywood actors, who've been outed as slightly conservative blacklisted. The question is will our side start doing the same thing? I've turned away work in the last 6 months from know libs and when I can't get out of it, I dramatically raise my rates with the funds going toward conservative causes sort of the same way racketeers (labor unions) do, but mine is voluntary. When will our side smarten up?
  8. WTS: Beautiful, Rare Cranston Arms Johnson M1941

    when they are refinished and sporterized post war, they look a lot newer!
  9. Or you can just call and get it renewed without doing any of that? Either way they were supposed to be transferred out before the ffl/sot expired. Might as well renew it. They would go out on non-taxable forms....several options.
  10. HK T&E ONLY added value?

    I've got a stack of HK stuff, but I'm not an aficionado. The thing about markings on HK's is that a lot of them are fake, so I don't put any stock in any markings on HK's. All my emphasis is on parts origin, and for the most part all of my stuff is pure HK, with the exception of my SD cans and registered sears. 30 seconds on the laser engraver and it can have those markings as well. What exactly does T&E mean?
  11. In the registry there is no such thing as destroyed. The paper stays forever regardless of what happens to a gun. If a gun shows up without paperwork and the owner is gone, the paper stays in the registry. Lots of guns with early registrations have been cut up because heirs....or in some cases estates with no heirs have no idea how to find proof of registration and in some cases decide to have them destroyed. I have several parts kits that were likely registered guns, but along the way registrations were likely lost and they were cut up. Then there's guns that got sent to museum basements, PD's, confiscated guns that are still in the registry, all stuff that will likely never see daylight. I'll bet there's at least 5-10K you can chop off the total?
  12. You guys don't understand the liberal mindset. He's not going to return the parts, nor like most other folks here will he sell off these or any other parts or guns to pay his bills. There is a pattern.
  13. This election is about the survival of the 2nd Amendment. You don't see much with MSM covering the big false win of "their guy", but there are things going on and this week will be interesting for sure......even though it will be suppressed. After all the winner has been picked for at least 6 months and the polls can't be wrong? Can they? I apologize upfront if this is too political or conspiratorial for the board. The last couple times when Obama won I was disappointed, but the math and lousy candidates the republicans put up all were statistically credible. 83% voter turnout in Milwaukee is statistically impossible.
  14. Mini-gun parts kit: Best torch cut housing ever offered, New rotor, new barrels, new clutch, new front bearing (the correct one, not the cheap one) rear bearing. Other parts in great condition: original bolts, guide bar, safing sectors. motor, etc. The only things not included are the flash hider and control box, everything else in the pic is included. I've used it for a display as it appears, but it would require welding to make it functional like any parts kit. it's postie ready to go. If you require mounts, cables, gun control unit, accessories and spare parts I can make that happen, however welding rod, and a grinder are all that is needed to make this live. $55,000 or transferable machine gun trades Lahti L39. This is museum grade 95%+. The gun in the pic is not the gun/package you get. The gun for sale is in storage and this one is my coffee table. The one in storage is of the same grade and completeness, but the crate has not been repainted. There has never been a more complete Lahti package ever offered for sale. This includes a full crate with #1 cleaning kit, #2 spare parts kit, carry pillow, gun cover, full magazine chests, and the very rare AA stump mount with boxed AA sight. Included is a translated manual copy. We have ammo at additonal cost to the purchaser only. $22,000 or transferable machine gun trades. Direct form 4 transfer to any C+R license holder. M74 Browning machine gun mount. The finest shooter mount ever produced for the series. This is a recoil absorbing aluminum mount weighing just over 20#. You get the stability of the 1917a1 series at a fraction of the weight, easier mount and dismount, faster setup, and of course lower recoil. $3400 M91 mount for the M60 and early T161's This is the rarest M60 accessory ever offered. Even information is scarce. This is NIB with the matching numbered crate, however after 60 years in the original crate we did thoroughly go thru it. This was the evolution of the M74 mount and the best M60 mount probably never fielded due to cost, etc. All but a handful were scrapped. This mount is also made primarily of aluminum and is a recoil absorbing shock mount so it's an excellent shooter mount should you take it from your museum. Offered for the very advanced collector at $7000 or trade for a 1917 browning (not A1) browning tripod. PM or direct email add 41 after lmg to reach me and slow the spammers. Also looking at a hummer with a ring mount as a possible trade? Parts. Lahti L39 barrel, as new CNC rifled, ready to screw in and run..$3500 SOLD Lahti #1 cleaning kit, mostly complete, some small parts missing, overall nice condition $900 M134 Original bolts set of 6 in great condition $2800 Books Gas trap Garand rare, long out of print collector grade. If you can't own one it's still a great read! $150 Project 64 H&K MP5 book. Must have for any HK aficionado, you'll never be a snob without it $100 SOLD HK Greyroom. Never read, just pulled the plastic off (my mistake since I already had a copy) $180 SOLD
  15. This election is about the survival of the 2nd Amendment.

    Congratulations Donald J. Trump for winning the required number of legal votes to win Pennsylvania and Wisconsin! And thank you Justice Alito for recognizing it!