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  1. WTB: ATI GSG MP40 stock

    ATI is marketing a replacement stock for the GSG MP40 9mm pistol. I would like to buy one. Kindly quote your asking price in your response to either our e-mail (dawandoa@earthlink.net) or our phone (660-547-3068) Thank you Ozark Armory 07/02 in Lincoln, MO
  2. Wtb Steyr solothurn mp34 bolt and ejector

    contact us by e-mail or phone. I have a parts set. dawandoa@earthlink.net 660-547-3068
  3. WTB: M-11/9 CF-W bolt

    send us an e-mail @ dawandoa@earthlink.net. A phone # would also be helpful.
  4. Thanks to those that responded!
  5. giving up sot

    If you would not mind, kindly send us a list of your post-samples, priced, that might be for sale. Ozark Armory dawandoa@earthlink.net
  6. Look at RSR. They seem to have plenty in stock.
  7. Looking for a HK smith to convert MP5 to MP5SD, minus the silencer? We are 07/02. Ozark Armory, dawandoa@earthlink.net., 660-547-3068.
  8. I'll take it @ $450.00 delivered price. Email me your mailing address and payment will issue forthwith. I am at dawandoa@earthlink.net Don Wagenknecht, Ozark Armory, PO Box 432, Lincoln, MO 65338, Lincoln, MO 65338, 660-54-3067 07/2 since 1983
  9. 92fs into semi auto 93r sbr

    I have some stocks for 93R. The host gun needs a small amount of machining and a new lanyard hole. Email me (not sturmgewehr email) and I will send you some photos. We are only open Wed-Fri 1-6PM and Sat 10am-2pm, so be patient. Don @ Ozark Armorysawandoa@earthlink.net
  10. I'll take one @ $1750 including shipping. Send email to arrange payment. Ozark Armory dawandoa@earthlink.net
  11. I'll take it. Send email address to permit payment conversation. Ozark Armory dawandoa@earthlink.net
  12. Thank you for response. Not interested.
  13. Interested party 07/02. Please call 660-547-3068 (Don) between 1-6PM, Wed-Fri
  14. WTB-M2 Ball...got guns to feed

    That is quite an angry ad :-) Simply stated, what are you willing to pay per round, shipping extra, but actual cost?