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  1. WTS: Smith & Wesson 22A Rimfire Pistol (Last Reduction)

    I can use this gun. Call me at 660-547-3068 to arrange payment. We are FFL. Don @ Ozark Armory Lincoln, MO
  2. We are an interested buyer ( 07/02). Call us at 660-547-3068 1PM-6PM to make a deal. Don
  3. WTS: No demo letter post samples

    BTW our email is dawandoa@earthlink.net
  4. WTS: No demo letter post samples

    Would you please send me your email address. Ozark Armory, 07/02 since 1983
  5. I'll take it. Ozark Armory, dawandoa@earthlink.net. Email me with payment information. Don
  6. I'm interested in the barrel & forearm. Email me at dawandoa@earthlink.net or call 660-547-3068 to discuss your lower price. Don
  7. Please call me at 660-547-3068 to confirm purchase information. Don@Ozark Armory
  8. WTS Vector SD

    I think I want to buy your gun, but I would like to speak with you first. Send me a phone number and times when you can take a call. Don Wagenknecht Ozark Armory & DAW 07/02 since 1983 660-547-3068 dawandoa@earthlink.net
  9. NIB FN M249S 7999.00

    I would like to talk to you about this gun. Email me your phone number. dawandoa@earthlink.net 07/02 since 1983
  10. WTB 93r spare parts

    I have an original 93R folding stock. If interested, call 660-547-3068 or e-mail @ dawandoa@earthlink.net Don
  11. We recently acquired an excellent condition Maxim 1910 parts kits with tripod and shield. We built one of these in the 1990's, but cannot find the blueprints for the side plates and rear end parts. Will pay a reasonable fee for the blue prints and absent any success, we will sell the kit. Someone should get some use out of this nice piece of history / kit! Don Wagenknecht / Ozark Armory PO Box 432/ 554 N. Hwy 65 Lincoln, MO 65338 660-547-3068 (leave a message if we are not answering)
  12. WTB Registered Receiver Full Size UZI

    We have a new, unfired, Vector Arms, full sized, Uzi available on a consignment sale. If interested contact: Ozark Armory dawandoa@earthlink.net 660-547-3068 Don Wagenknecht
  13. WTB H&R Handy Gun

    Sherman, Send me a phone number to dawandoa@earthlink.net. I have a beauty. Don @ Ozark Armory Lincoln, MO 07/02 since 1983
  14. I'll take it. Send me the address to where I may send payment. Don Wagenknecht Ozark Armory

    I want to buy these. Ozark Armory, dawandoa@earthlink.net How can I contact you?