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  1. NFA for Sale, Sten's and a Reising

    Reising is SOLD, Sten's are still available. Thank You
  2. I have a pair of Sten's for sale as well as a Reising, the wood stock is the Catco tube, steel stock is the Wilson. I am handling this for one of my customers and am in direct control of the sale. The guns were property of his late Father. I have completed and approved form 5's transferring them to him, They are on a Form 5. I have NOT fired these, they are Registered and transferable machine guns. Reasonable offers considered. Funds up front, buyer pays tax and shipping. Also have from another customer a bunch of HK "sear-ready" hosts, MP-5's, HK 21, SL-8/G36C, I will be posting once I figure out which category is proper, (NFA? SEMI?) A USAS-12, Rem 870 SBS (Secret svc batch) still sorting and taking pic's. I am currently handling another two estates and haven't a complete inventory yet. Any questions please Email or call me directly Thank You Erik Chaffee 503-658-8525
  3. NFA for Sale, Sten's and a Reising

    The one with the wood stock is the Catco, and the one with the steel stock is the Wilson, Thank You
  4. NFA for Sale, Sten's and a Reising

  5. NFA for Sale, Sten's and a Reising

    One is Catco, one is Wilson Arms, I apologize for missing that. I will go over today and figure out which one is which.
  6. WTB: original S&W 76 mags, Walther MPK/L mags

    Cleaning out the bins, are these what you are looking for? I'm getting ready to post a bunch of stuff on gunbroker, if interested make me a reasonable offer. Thanks Chaffee Tried to attach picture, failed, shoot me an email and I will send pics of mags,