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  1. WTB: Pre Ban Steyr Aug

    I have one here in Ohio. Includes a 16 and 20" barrel. Pm me with your email or text phone number for pics.
  2. WTB M60 channel

    I have a set. Had them for years. Was going to build one, had a kit from OOW but found a Desert Ordnance gun and bought it. pm me your email or text number and I'll send pics and price. JL-Ohio
  3. WTB....M2 Carbine Pre May Sample

    Did you find one? I have a nice preMay $5850.00
  4. WTB Original WW2 MG34 Ammo Can

    I have a Patronenkasten 36 ammo can. if you're interested, let me know and I can e-mail or text photos.
  5. WTB: M2 Carbine: Dealer Sample or Transferable

    I have a nice M2 Pre-May M2 Carbine. If interested, send me your e-mail or text # with specific questions through private messaging and I'll send photos and answers. FFL/SOT Ohio
  6. WTB: Scope & mount for HK93

    I have one for you. It is excellent- Looks new except for slight mounting rubs on the mount claws. (If you are going to mount it on your gun, you will end up with the same marks on a never touched scope!) Case is nearly new. Labeling inside is excellent has some ring still in the wrap. Screwdriver and cleaning case appears to have not be out of its wrap. It will be tough to find a nicer one. I have had it for at least 15-18 years. Its dated 1985, serial number 105,xxx FERO- Z 24 1240-12-197-5192 1985 LMK your email via private messaging for photos.
  7. WTB MG-34 (pre-may)

    I have a Pre MAY1944 DOT 2 digit serial number. Many extras are available at extra cost: Belts, AA Tripod, also a modified MG42tripod, Original wooden case with unopened battlepack, Motorcycle ammo can, AA sights, canvas twin assault drum carrier. Located in Ohio. $13,700. Pics available
  8. Pre may dealer samples

    I have a MG34 pre-May for sale 2 digit serial number. AA tripod, Motorcycle ammo can, original crate and battle pack available.
  9. WTB Vz58 complete wire folding stock

    Please message a photo of exactly what you are looking for. I have a VZ58 folder; I'm just not sure what you mean by wire stock.
  10. WTB - Beretta 38A Parts kit complete with Barrel.

    I have a nice Beretta M38A saw cut kit with some receiver and trigger spares. If you are still interested, I can send you photos and you can reply with a fair offer. I have one mag also.