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  1. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    Looks like an IRS prefix registration... He should give out the SN... Photo is blurry...
  2. WTS: Transferable Type 24/Chinese Maxim $14,500

    All of his stuff is top quality! Very satisfied with our dealings. Very knowledgeable, and a wealth of information...
  3. Transferable Early Ruger AC556 with wood stock, 2 Factory Ruger Magazines and one Lula strip loader. Factory Ruger AC556 parts kit, wood stock, GB barrel and 20 round Factory magazine. Currently on a Form 3, we use EFile in the BATFE EForms database. Will transfer directly on a Form 4 to NV residents or entities. Please, PM for more photos, more information or contact information. Available for inspection if you are or live in the Reno area... $9,500 Shipped Member of the Boards since 2003... David
  4. Transferable Browning M2HB 50BMG

    FWIW... FOIA request, usually settles any issues with the original date it was registered in the NFRTR. We have a WWII Savage contract M2HB that has listed the manufacturer, as Browning. It is in the NFRTR as such. Pre 68 registration. Information from a FOIA request. If you have the time, that is the best way to state for sure the status of the MG in your ad. Another option, if you have a good relationship with the BATFE personnel that handle your compliance inspections. You may ask them to check on the original NFRTR registration date. Since your weapon does not have any other markings on the side plates, other than a SN. Could be an IRS registration. I cannot detect any SN on the side plate in your photos. Does the SN begin with IRS?
  5. WTS: Transferable AK 22, Ingram M6 Package C&R

    Pre May Thompson and M2 Carbine sold... Thanks Guys... David
  6. WTS: Transferable AK 22, Ingram M6 Package C&R

    Price drop on AK22 package... Shipping included...
  7. WTS: Transferable AK 22, Ingram M6 Package C&R

    New photos that include the drum. More photos of the drum upon request... David
  8. WTS: Transferable AK 22, Ingram M6 Package C&R

    I’ll put our email address in a PM to you from this site. You’ll need to email us at that email address. Then we can answer your questions and send you what you requested... thanks
  9. WTS: Transferable AK 22, Ingram M6 Package C&R

    Yes on the owners manual. Not the original owner. Bore has strong rifling. It is a select fire weapon, it shoots in semi automatic and automatic fire. Yes, we are a FFL/SOT.
  10. Transferable: Armi Jager-Bingham LTD, AK22 select fire, conversation by Hard Times Armory. Shoots great. Well taken care of weapon. Comes with an extra bolt, magazine, 50 round Bingham drum and owners/operators manual from Bingham. Drum has been reworked to operate in this weapon. Have more photos and a short video link. Form 3, we use the eFile system. Can transfer to a Nevada resident, Corp or Trust on a Form 4... $8,495 Includes shipping FedEx 3 day. C&R Ingram M6 Police Package: (Pending) Includes original case, only 20 cases built for POC. By a custom case maker in the LA area, this is 1of 20. Also, included, 2 factory magazines, 1 Thompson converted magazine and one cleaning rod. Copy of the Original Form 2 from the FOIA request. 1952 manufacture with the earlier features. Extra recoil spring. More photos on request... Form 3 eFile. Can transfer to a C&R license holder in a State that allows it, or a Nevada resident, Corporation or Trust. Form 4... If you like Gordon Ingram's MACs, you'll appreciate this fine subgun. Great addition to any collection... $9,495... Been a member of the boards since 2003. David
  11. WTB: American 180

    Looking to buy a Transferable American 180. Will consider a pre May sales sample from a current or former SOT. Model is not important, let me know condition and price. Thanks, David
  12. WTS: C&R H&R Model 55 Reising

    Hi Gary, Sent you a PM...
  13. WTS: C&R H&R Model 55 Reising

    Gary, If a person possesses a valid C&R FFL. It’ll transfer from us to that individual on a Form 4. One must follow all of the steps of the process. All NFA rules apply to the transfer... David