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  1. WTS: C&R H&R Model 55 Reising

    Hi Gary, Sent you a PM...
  2. WTS: C&R H&R Model 55 Reising

    Gary, If a person possesses a valid C&R FFL. It’ll transfer from us to that individual on a Form 4. One must follow all of the steps of the process. All NFA rules apply to the transfer... David
  3. We have for sale an Amnesty registered M55 Reising. It has been parkerized and it was reactivated at one point. I have the FOIA paperwork. The Amnesty paperwork was submitted 11/13/1968 at the Seattle WA office of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Tax department. Approved on 12/4/1968. FOIA paperwork is included in the purchase. The Reising comes with two stocks, one the military style and the M55 folding one. Includes one factory 20 round magazine and one Christie 30 rounder. Shoots without hesitation and the barrel is sound. Hits where it’s pointed... Receiver is the 2nd design, this is a factory Model 55 receiver, not a M50, and it reads from the left side of the weapon. It has the military rear site with the reinforcing ribs stamped into the sight. The metal on the wire stock is not parkerized as the later model. It has the three screw milled trigger guard. The solid stock has a three screw stamped trigger guard and both have the larger take down screw found on the military stocks. The one piece stock allows for more controlled fire. The parkerized finish is well done and there are no rough areas in the finish. The original barrel has been replaced. The firearm was reactivated after the original owner’s estate transferred. The replacement barrel is the correct Reising 14 finned model. A replacement barrel is common after a reactivation. Have it in stock on a F3, we efile. Will transfer out on a Form 4 to a Nevada resident, corporation, etc, or a C&R holder in a state that allows MG ownership. We have lots of photos and a couple short recent videos. Will respond in the order of any inquiries... $8,500 Shipped... Been a member of the boards since 2003... David
  4. WTS: C&R Russian Ppsh 41 $18.5K

    Sale Pending Funds... Will post as sold, when sold... David DCI 07/SOT Reno, NV
  5. We have a 1944 Russian Ppsh41 that was acquired in 1951 from Korea and brought back to the states after the war. The original owner filed a US Treasury Department/IRS Form 1 on November 19,1962. Approved on December 19,1962. It was sold as part of an estate sale in 2006 after his death, to a buyer in Albuquerque NM. Where the weapon was originally registered. It was reactivated, (barrel replaced) and then transferred to a Form 4 by the previous owner. The original barrel comes with the purchase as well as the bolt, as the firing pin has been compromised. How, who knows? There is a replacement barrel and bolt in the weapon. We purchased this Ppsh 41 in 2008 and took it out a couple of times since. We have a short video from a few winters ago. This weapon has patina from its use and travels, the buttstock has some Cyrillic letters on the left side. The original stock has seen a lot of action, but is still in one piece and fits the weapon nicely. The markings,(date 1944 and a star) on the top of the receiver; and these markings are the most common out there. The matching SN also appears on the outside bottom of the trigger guard and on the lower receiver that extends into the top of the buttstock. This firearm comes with a parts stock. I highly recommend using this stock when shooting it. One drum and 2 stick magazines are included. Also, included is the original Form 1 with the original envelope and the assorted stamps, (Dallas TX office of the A&T.T.) on the back of the Form 1. A short biography of the veteran who originally owned this subgun. It will transfer out on a tax exempt Form 3 to your SOT of choice. It can transfer to a C&R FFL on an approved Form 4 or a Form 4 to a non SOT Nevada buyer. We have plenty of photos and a video on request. Everything is in our Dropbox file, so we can send links via email for those interested. Been a member of the boards since 2003... David DCI, 07/SOT Reno, NV
  6. Reference Check Bill Mitchell Fort Payne, AL

    Just purchased from him. Honest and fair and easy to do business with. Spoke with before our purchase and I would buy from him again...
  7. FS: Nos Saco m60 trunion

    Still available?
  8. C&R Model 76 production prototype with the T prefix followed by 4 digits. In June of 1968 twenty five models were produced. Most of the models on the market today have the U prefix and are the production models. This submachinegun includes 2 non factory magazines. It will transfer on a C&R FFL where applicable or a non license holder in NV on a Form 4. Will transfer to your dealer on a Form 3. We have had it for 12 years... $10,500 shipped
  9. Amnesty registered Type 89 knee mortar with 1 original demilled ordnance included. Amnesty paper with the purchase. Currently on a Form 4. Will transfer to a C&R FFL on a Form 4, NV resident on a Form 4. Transfer to a 09 or 10/FFL SOT on a Form 4. We pay the first transfer tax to your dealer. We are a 07/SOT and sometimes the BATFE allows transfer on a Form 3 to non DD license holders. Nice piece of WWII history and in very good condition with all the markings visible. $2,500...
  10. m134 minigun no letter req

    Just a note. I have been a member of the Machine Gun Forums for almost 15years. Not to read into this post, but if someone wants to post items for saleon thisNFA fourmand potential buyers try to contact them with inquiries. A reasonable person would expect a timely response. Right. We are a small community in the firearm world, there are long wait times andthose in the business end of it. Give up a certain amount of privacy to be FFL holders. At the very least, Iexpect that another FFL/SOT holders at the minimum of expectations, to return mycall or email if I inquire about an item on this board. Reasonable, I think so. Would it be prudent to treat a customer in the same manner?Areasonable person would deduce that a standard of customer service is expected. Being reasonable, that is what I expected. Who wouldn't? If you are going to post on this forum, then it should not be that difficult to return a phone call or email. In my opinion, that is a reasonable request...
  11. m134 minigun no letter req

    Been interested in the Macs since the list was posted... Called yesterday morning...