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  1. By any chance, does the AK74 barrel fit the Bulgarian models? I did not see it listed. Thanks David
  2. WTS: German MP40 fully transferable

    We have an Amnesty registered Beretta 38/42 that was picked up in 1944. It is registered in the NFRTR as an MP40 and in 7mm. It is neither. As Bob has so graciously shared the type of information as above. The stories are endless... This MP40 is a nice looking weapon. Someone will enjoy it. Good luck on the sale. David
  3. New unused Gemtech Viper 9mm suppressor that fit M10 and M11 SMGs. NIB with instructions and a mounted barrel locking collar to keep the can from loosening up during operation. Tool and screws included. No longer manufactured. Manual available online as downloadable. eFile on a Form 3 from our inventory. $650.00 and $25 for shipping. SPF... Thanks, David/DCI Reno, NV
  4. Have in VG condition a 762x51mm barrel w extension for a MG 42 .308 conversion or MG3/53. Markings are clear on the barrel and extension. Acquired the barrel with a MG 42 parts purchase years ago. $300 plus $25 for shipping. Thanks, David/DCI Reno, NV
  5. We have for sale a Browning 1918 belt loader, circa WWII. Overall condition is very good. Loader comes with the chute and box. No operating issues. Sold off all of the belt feed 30-06. Time for a new home. $900.00 USPS Insured or Fed Ex Ground, buyer’s choice. Thanks for looking. David DCI RENO NEVADA.
  6. WTB C&R 1941 Johnson lmg and MAT49 smg

    Most of, if not all of the above responses are fraudulent. Anytime that I’ve listed a WTB ad, the above example shows up. The names change as does the location.If you’ve been on Sturmgewher for awhile. You’re gonna see them. Good luck hunting...
  7. Sent a message to your mailbox...
  8. I looked at the trigger group today and it is not purplish in any way. I took some photos in better lighting and on a different surface.
  9. WTB: C&R MAS 38 SMG

    I for the most part I try and stay away from the bidding sites when looking for NFA. Sometimes it’s a boon for the seller. Sometimes it sits for months or even years of reposting. FWIW...
  10. Couldn’t tell you the history of the trigger group. It functions and was a spare that we had on hand for years, when we had a Sales Sample NESA 1918A2 BAR...
  11. Photo you requested is up...
  12. Have a WWII NESA M1918A2 complete trigger group. Will upload more photos from the desk top. $350.00 shipped
  13. WTB: C&R MAS 38 SMG

    What I’ve seen in the last 6 months is an average sale price of around 9k. In the condition that you’d expect to see in a WWII era SMG. Known of 3 sales in that time...