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  1. shipping

    Who do you use for shipping class 3 weapons ? Received compliance agreement from fedx and class 3 items can not be sent? thanks for reply's guess will being uspo registered from now on. TCE
  2. dropping sot

    Does someone have correct format for letter to provide ATF on dropping SOT and selling no letter post guns quite sure it needs to be scanned and attached when doing efile. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. interested in your guns could i get pictures? Thanks Tim Eakle Eakle  eakle firearms 410-660-5055

    eaklefirearms@yahoo.com thanks

  4. Stg44 for sale $37k

    still for sale?
  5. form 3 cancel

    he had the gun i just didnt have money so though i would need to cancel not the case gun coming back, thanks for all the help still learning.
  6. mp5 push pin

    Thank you very much looking for transferable guess i should put that in the post sorry.
  7. form 3 cancel

    Thanks for the help ended up just transferring back efile was quicker then trying do go any other route.
  8. mp5 push pin

    looking to buy let me know what you have. Thanks all
  9. form 3 cancel

    How do you cancel a form 3 that has been approved.
  10. Remaining rifles for sale

    I will take any lower hk you have that are listed let me know. Tim
  11. Beretta BM59 quick sale

    interested eaklefirearms@yahoo.com picture
  12. WTS: RM-38 & RM-39 50mm Mortars $2600 OBO

    Could i get some pictures please eaklefirearms@yahoo.com