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  1. 40mm LMT Under Barrel Lancher

    M2032003 thanks
  2. 40mm LMT Under Barrel Lancher

    Sorry should have included that info 12"
  3. For sale LMT 40mm under the barrel Grenade Launcher very light use included with Launcher is the, manual, 44 live shells (no projectile) and Insight Day/Night Sight for the M203 . Everything is in great shape and works, this piece is on a form 4 in eaklefirearms name so transfer should be somewhat quick I will pay first transfer to your dealer , payment can be by check, postal mo 1850.00 Shipping to lower 48 states $35.00 You can message me at 410-660-5055 email eaklefirearms@yahoo.com Thanks Buddy that was easy. Pictures can be seen at eaklefirearms@com LMT page or can send you pictures as needed.
  4. Remaining rifles for sale

    I would take all three push pin hk. eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  5. Remaining rifles for sale

    still have push pin hk?
  6. Walther MPK and MPL Presample

    eaklefirearms@yaoo.com send me your email please.
  7. WTB: 40mm Anything (adapters, cleaning kits, etc.)

    Have a AN/PSQ-18a DAY/Night Sight for M203 if interested eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  8. WTB: 40mm Anything (adapters, cleaning kits, etc.)

    have site that attaches can send info if you want with email eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  9. WTB Colt LMG Upper.

    I have one eaklefirearms@yahoo.com email if interested . Tim
  10. I would be at 15k delivered on that gun. TCe
  11. madsen 50 mags

    source for some madsen 50 mags ?