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  1. glock 10rd mags,17,19,23

    Thanks all trades finished. Tim Eakle
  2. glock 10rd mags,17,19,23

    Would like to get 2 each 10 round mags for glock 17,19, 23 would rather trade hi-cap for 10 round if you need some let me know what will work. Thanks Tim Eakle
  3. WTS: Ruger Vaquero & Uberti 66

    do you have box for uberti?
  4. WTB: BM59 transferable

    Have one eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  5. WTS: .50BMG Raufoss rds

    Nick did you sell all your ammo I know I'm very late to lunch. Tim Eakle eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  6. WTB M2 HB Kit

    Wanted M2 HB kits email me eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  7. WTB: M2HB kit

    I'm also interested in buying .50 m2 kits if any for sale. Tim Eakle email me at eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  8. HK MP5K post dealer sample - no letter needed

    Thanks Larry for getting back to me, think more then I want to pay right now. Tim eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  9. HK MP5K post dealer sample - no letter needed

    Larry: Is your gun still for sale? Tim
  10. WTS: No Demo Letter Post-May Dealer Samples

    could I get you email for eaklefirearm@yahoo.com
  11. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Just got email from your scammer scar 17 1700.00 and colt Upper Assy With LMG 900.00 I do like his prices
  12. WTB Smith Wesson 76

    Have one email me eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  13. Dave: Well I could not see pictures if there new site not up to speed, if other guy crawfish I would take it. Tim Eakle
  14. I would like some pictures please. Tim Eakle eaklefirearms.