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  1. Walther MPK and MPL Presample

    eaklefirearms@yaoo.com send me your email please.
  2. WTB: 40mm Anything (adapters, cleaning kits, etc.)

    Have a AN/PSQ-18a DAY/Night Sight for M203 if interested eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  3. WTB: 40mm Anything (adapters, cleaning kits, etc.)

    have site that attaches can send info if you want with email eaklefirearms@yahoo.com
  4. WTB Colt LMG Upper.

    I have one eaklefirearms@yahoo.com email if interested . Tim
  5. I would be at 15k delivered on that gun. TCe
  6. madsen 50 mags

    source for some madsen 50 mags ?
  7. did you complete sale if not call me 410-660-5055
  8. WTB - Glock Sears for demo

    Nathen at JNC 503-556-5080 has them or can make them up.
  9. Post guns samples

    Any one know the guy name Cory selling post samples guns on NFA. Tim Eakle
  10. would like the hksd if still for sale. Tim Eakle eaklefiearms@yahoo.com 4106605055
  11. WTS: Auto Ordnance Thompson 1928 (Reduced) $17,000

    buyer at 16000.00 delivered.