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  1. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    No. C&R MG's are worth more. If the gun were sold as a C&R and the status was lost (due to some investigation) then the value of the gun would drop. Some folk only buy C&R's even though their state does not require it. At this point as long as the gun is marketed as a C&R the seller might have some liability if the gun were to be sold as a C&R and latter discovered not to be a C&R. Simple solution: Remove C&R claims from listing.
  2. I am looking for any spare parts or assemblies for the Armalite AR17 shotgun. Black or gold or unfinished is fine. I wager that someone out there has a choke or a choke wrench they forgot to include when their AR17 was sold.
  3. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    This thread has served its purpose. Propose that a moderator lock it up.
  4. Does anyone have a really trashed Sudanese/Cuban AR10 handguard to get rid of? A friend and I are looking at reproducing the handguards and it would help if one were deconstructed to expose the front and rear caps and the inner heat shield. The Sudanese/Cuban AR10's were made in Holland from 1957-1959 and had one-piece handguards shown in the photos below. Even if unused, these handguards tended to fail over time due to degradation of the inner foam insulation. Cuban Sudanese Guatemalan
  5. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    Summary: He said / she said situation. Either Rory is a "good as gold" experienced MG seller or a cheap crook. Either mhkaihei had been swindled or he is a whiner seeking revenge against Rory for various deficiencies he claimed to experience as a buyer from Rory.
  6. WTB Reising M50 Action Bar

    And then there is the tax savings and reasonable shipping charges when dealing within the "family".
  7. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    Even taking the OP at face value this is not a scam, rather a misunderstanding. Rory has an excellent reputation and you can read his side of the story at the 1919a4 forum where he is well-known and respected. I bought a relatively expensive MG via Rory on a handshake and would eagerly do it again.
  8. Can a C & R purchase a pre-sample?

    I would wager that the Dutch AR10 linked below is actually a premay sample even though the seller advertises it as fully transferable. The serial number is smack in the range of premay Guatemalan AR10s. and I have never seen a Guat AR10 in the US that was not a pre may. https://otbfirearms.com/armalite-ar-10-308-dutch/ Anyway, I emailed the seller suggesting he investigate. He had listed the gun for $25K and I let him know that pre may AR10s like his go for $8K-10K. He reacted by adding another $20K to his price. So I guess its more on display than for sale anyway so no buyer will be harmed.
  9. HK expert BANNED from HK Pro...

    Which gun forums besides HKpro are infected?
  10. WTB: ORIGINAL Portuguese AR10 Parts

    Two aluminum pistol grips and one original composite grip are on gunchoker right now. The seller is rock solid The aluminum grips are gun to look at. However, they are dang heavy,
  11. WTB: ORIGINAL Portuguese AR10 Parts

    Aluminum pistol grips are fairly easy to find and some still have paint and debris left on them from Africa. I have seen many and they were produced in such a way that the stippling is identical. The aluminum handguards I have seen share a common design and I would like to believe they were made while the rifles were in service in Africa. Several varieties of aluminum buttstocks exist. The one below is a very heavy two-piece model that had never been assembled. I have also see a light weight one-piece hollow model that I believe was made in the USA in the 1980s. The original Portuguese buttstocks were of molded polycarbonate and subject to fracture. Those buttstocks also do not age well and stress cracking would often occur even on well stored or unfired guns. The fiber composite buttstocks on many Portuguese AR10s were replacement parts made by the Portuguese military.
  12. WTB: ORIGINAL Portuguese AR10 Parts

    I recall you (the OP) have a Portuguese AR10 and would like to upgrade the upper half. Many of these guns were kept in shooting condition by having the 4 piece handguard system replaced by a simple 1 piece plastic or wood handguard. It is nearly impossible to restore such a rifle to its original stage, since the heat shield portion of the handguard can not be found. Many have tried to reproduce the heat shields but have not succeeded. This morning an original heat shield set was listed on GB.
  13. German Firearms Act

    I do not know about German laws in particular. However, I have imported items from other EU countries that were registered. For example, virtually all of the EU requires bolt heads to be registered. Even though US customs might not require an import permit (form 6) it is nice to have one when importing such an item. The exporter gets an export permit for the bolt head and then uses the approved form 6 to prove that the evil bolt head is going to someone with permission to have it.
  14. I have known several germans from their time as exchange students. Not one of them had any interest in family/WWII items like medals, porstcards, etc. One 30 year old assured me that he burned every one of grandpap's possessions was was associated with WWII. He was surprised to know that US collectors were very interested in the items he destroyed, even though there was no family connection. This observation along with the difficulty of owning semi auto pistols in germany makes me confident that the Luger is safer and more prized in US hands.
  15. Example MG sale contract

    8) I'm not sure what you mean by notification of seller's heirs of pending sale. Unless, you mean that the seller dies before they ship the gun to you or your NFA dealer. I have never had this happen but I suppose it could be a problem if the decedent were a sole proprietor dealer or private individual. However, machine gun sales are a private matter and I believe that most people would prefer to be discreet and not tell anyone else about the deal. Some rare MGs are owned by older guys who have a real probability of dying before a C&R transfer (1 year!) is complete. For this reason I have on occasion decide to transfer the gun quickly (1 month) to a dealer near me instead of going for the direct C&R transfer.
  16. Some dealers have been opportunistic, passing off a premay sample as a Transferable. Because of the dealers prior documented knowledge of the gun it would be easy for any good lawyer to prove fraud.
  17. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    To clarify. Montanans hate gophers and love to shoot them. Thus the love-hate relationship. I have had more than one rancher offer lunch and ammo if I stopped by for the afternoon. And I believe there are absolutely no restrictions against any kind of weapon or DD against varmints like gophers, coyotes, etc, Bring out the belt fed.
  18. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    Ah, a Montana thread, with gophers. I left the state years ago and occasionally have to explain the love-hate affair Montanans have with the critters, Folk in Michigan eat squirrels and tend to think is a sin not to eat gophers, especially when I say that one hunt can result in +100 expired gophers..
  19. Are you willing to look the seller (executor?) in the eye and say that the amount offered or paid is 50% of the gun's value? (or 60% or whatever?) For higher end items that might leave a bad taste. If my widowed aunt Betty needed to unload 30-40 rare guns I would have her stay clear of folks offering such low percentages. Instead I would direct her to a gun dealer who would list them nationwide and take a flat fee or cut. I wager the cut would NOT be 50%.
  20. WTB AI AR10 parts

    Bart, you will discover that AR10 collectors will not sell parts and this would be true in Holland and in the US. This is because these folk spend all sorts of effort turning money into parts and selling parts would be backward. You will have luck with collectors if you are able to trade parts. Keep looking because a sub 1000 euro AR10 is sold in Holland every now and then. Also, be aware that the bolt head is a controlled part in Holland. It will not be a simple matter to have one imported legally. Even parting out a rifle must involve a dealer so that the parts can be recorded.
  21. WTB AI AR10 parts

    I have some bad news for you. Expect to pay at least $400 for the AR10 lower parts, and $400-$500 for a nice Portuguese bolt carrier group. And also expect it to take many months to find a seller of those parts. Now I have some good news. Since you are in Holland you will be able to buy an entire Portuguese AR10 for less than 1000 euros. That cheap gun will have ugly furniture and a barrel that is best used as a tent stake. So you buy the 1000 euro gun and take from it the parts that you need. You will likely be able to sell (to me or another yank) the remaining parts to recoup all of your initial investment.
  22. WTB Federal Laboratories Collectibles

    Someone bought the case within 24 hours of the above post.
  23. WTB Federal Laboratories Collectibles

    Fleabay has listed a Fed Labs gas gun case for many months now. Overpriced? Overlooked? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Federal-GAS-GUN-201-Z-carry-CASE-Storage-BOX/153460985431
  24. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    It is curious that the Hollywood and early Dutch AR10 MG's were serialized on the lower and only the later Dutch guns (Portuguese Model) were serialized only on the upper. I think it is because the lowers tended to crack (fail) more often than the uppers. The first few dozen Costa Mesa Armalite AR18 MG's were serialized on the upper. The first hundred Howa Armalite AR18 MG's were also serialized on the upper. But those Howa's were converted at the factory into semi-autos. I recall the AR18 design had the sear hang from the upper with the hammer and trigger junk in the lower.
  25. It is likely that the thief left fingerprints on the tape that he or she applied.