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  1. WTB Federal Laboratories Collectibles

    Someone bought the case within 24 hours of the above post.
  2. WTB Federal Laboratories Collectibles

    Fleabay has listed a Fed Labs gas gun case for many months now. Overpriced? Overlooked? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Federal-GAS-GUN-201-Z-carry-CASE-Storage-BOX/153460985431
  3. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    It is curious that the Hollywood and early Dutch AR10 MG's were serialized on the lower and only the later Dutch guns (Portuguese Model) were serialized only on the upper. I think it is because the lowers tended to crack (fail) more often than the uppers. The first few dozen Costa Mesa Armalite AR18 MG's were serialized on the upper. The first hundred Howa Armalite AR18 MG's were also serialized on the upper. But those Howa's were converted at the factory into semi-autos. I recall the AR18 design had the sear hang from the upper with the hammer and trigger junk in the lower.
  4. It is likely that the thief left fingerprints on the tape that he or she applied.
  5. BOI - old subguns

    Franks machine gun sales site (gunspot) can now be surfed without having to register or enter a password. The message board still requires a login. That is one club I will not be joining any time soon.
  6. BOI - old subguns

    Frank can not be that stupid - must be a mistake. The way gunspot is setup now you must log in to see details on any item for sale. Who does that?
  7. Do you have one in .25ACP ?
  8. Plainfield Machine Co M2

    what about this one? https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/nfa/class-iii-nfa-full-auto/plainfield-machine-m2-paratrooper-carbine-full-auto.cfm?gun_id=100814157
  9. mp44 parts kit

    If someone owned a single saw cut receiver would it become (more) legal if each half were stored in a different zip code? And the the sale of such a thing might be accomplished by shipping said halves in different parcels? Of course the pre-sale photos would not show both halves in the same frame.
  10. KIWI's got hit BAD !

    Many sport shooters in NZ use a class of guns that is essentially an M16 or AR10 MG with the auto sear removed. These guns would/could be classed as semi-autos and have been popular with sport shooters.
  11. WTS / WTT: Pre-86 Dealer Sample Dutch Armalite AR-10

    This one is beautiful. And it looks to have been refinished. Notice the coloring over scratches, especially on the upper. The handguards have been replaced with nice Sudanese handguards and then repainted. The stock finish is not clear from the photos but some of the Guatemalan AR10s had glossy black stocks after the paint was worn off.
  12. WTB T65 Taiwanese Mfg Mag(s) M16

    Does this mean there are semi auto T65 guns in Canada?
  13. Colt 601 Ensemble

    The new owner of that ensemble is a busy man. Maybe these pics will help. My Dutch friend owns an unmolested 601 with a 109xx serial number. A series if pics on arfcom shows the innner HGs https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/Colt_601__SN00109XX__way_more_photos_added/123-518152/ [
  14. Sold

    I will take them both. IM sent with my info.
  15. I still need a barrel extension or worn barrel with extension.