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  1. WTS / WTT: Pre-86 Dealer Sample Dutch Armalite AR-10

    This one is beautiful. And it looks to have been refinished. Notice the coloring over scratches, especially on the upper. The handguards have been replaced with nice Sudanese handguards and then repainted. The stock finish is not clear from the photos but some of the Guatemalan AR10s had glossy black stocks after the paint was worn off.
  2. WTB T65 Taiwanese Mfg Mag(s) M16

    Does this mean there are semi auto T65 guns in Canada?
  3. Colt 601 Ensemble

    The new owner of that ensemble is a busy man. Maybe these pics will help. My Dutch friend owns an unmolested 601 with a 109xx serial number. A series if pics on arfcom shows the innner HGs https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/Colt_601__SN00109XX__way_more_photos_added/123-518152/ [
  4. Sold

    I will take them both. IM sent with my info.
  5. I still need a barrel extension or worn barrel with extension.
  6. Wtb Nederland ar10 parts

    Johnny's handguards are for a Sudanese or Guatemalan AR10. Carlson says he has a Portuguese lower. The earlier (Sudan/Guat) uppers will not work on a Portuguese lower. Therefore the handguard is useless to Carlson. The handguard system Carlson needs is a 4-piece assembly with heat shields and bakelite halves.
  7. Still looking. Not even a nibble. Someone must have a Dutch AR10 barrel extension.
  8. Except the set on gunbroker is "retro". Lately, that code word means reproduction. Specifically, its an M16A1 set that had been painted green.
  9. Do you have a loose barrel extension or a shot out barrel from a Dutch AR10? I do not care what variant it is from. (Sudanese...Portuguese....whatever)
  10. WTK: Value of Portuguese AR-10 (semi-auto)

    wood stock -$500 fiberglas replacement stock $0 original polycarbonate stock +$500 The polycarbonate stocks were very smooth and unpainted but were prone to cracking. Well, most original stocks actually shattered. Top is polycarbonate, bottom is a fiberglas replacement installed while the rifle was in service. Note the replacement stock uses wood screws to attach the sling holder.
  11. Do your tests here

    Enter Text Here. http://s9.tinypic.com/x259vs_th.jpg
  12. You are very lucky to have a Sudanese AR10 blank fire adapter and a Sudanese grenade sight. The Porto BFA's are a dime a dozen and the Porto grenade sites can be had at a price.