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  1. Looking to buy an M14E2 stock. Any condition. With or without hardware.
  2. Sorry. Missed it. They are yours I sent a Pm.
  3. WTB M14E2 stock

    As above. condition not important, with or without hardware. thanks Bill
  4. 5 Thompson 30 round magazines as pictured. $200 plus shipping for all. SOLD
  5. TEN STEN magazines as pictured. All for 240 plus postage.
  6. M1 Thompson form4 Savage. Sale or trade

    Will consider trades. See ad.
  7. M1 Thompson number matching. 45acp on a form 4. includes 5 magazines sling. Asking $23000 or best reasonable offer. Butt stock cracked underneath and a later model cross bolted stock is included. I bought this out of a PD where it was since approx 1948. Initials of PD carved into stock. Will entertain trades of interesting sniper rifles , m1903A4, Dragunov, NDM 86 in velvet lined case, M40, M1C, USMC 1903 with Unertl, L42 with case, no4mk1 with crate, complete M1D with all equipment from CMP. You get the picture... It is personally owned by me since bought from PD in 2008. Feel free to ask any questions Thanks Bill Varnum 07/02 SOT
  8. Question for SOTs

    Nah. I don’t mind the son getting maximum money for them. I’ll take my cut little by little
  9. Question for SOTs

    I like that option. It’s a kitchen table FFL. I estimate the 5 Guns have a retail value of between 104K and 125K. I guess I could just buy the lot minus say 15%. A couple of mp5 sear Guns, Colt M16A1 and NIB M11s. yeah. I changed my mind about listing them. Lol
  10. Question for SOTs

    I am new to this. I have been tasked with selling some machine guns owned by a person who recently died. They are all transferable. What is the fair and customary percentage is charged for this service? Before anyone asks. I'd rather not say what they are right now until I get this sorted out.
  11. WTS M16,MP5,MAC10,BM59

    Thank you very much!
  12. WTS M16,MP5,MAC10,BM59

    I respect who you are, and understand you have forgotten more about this than I’ll ever know, but the person at the NFA branch told me it was not necessary to do that as it was clear I am the LLC sole proprietor. It was not one of the operators that answer the phone initially, I think it was a compliance person or an industry relations person. should I call them back and clarify? if I were to file a form 5, I’m not sure what I would list as the reason. And thank you very much for your input.
  13. WTS M16,MP5,MAC10,BM59

    I am, indeed an 07/02. I am new at it. I was told by other dealers my personally owned machineguns I purchased before getting the FFL , cannot be put on my books without a form 4. I am a sole proprietor on an LLC. i actually talked to the NFA branch this morning and was told that ( And they actually had clarification of this yesterday.) personal weapons CAN be added to the books of an SOT tax free, if it is clear the LLC is sole proprietor also named on the Form 4s. im addition, I was told if I sell the NFA items without transferring them to my books, I should NOT indicate my FFL/SOT status on that. From here on out, I’m asking NO ONE except the NFA! I have learned my lesson. and yes, I understand I can get conflicting answers. But if I ask enough people at the NFA and get a large enough sample size, I should be able to discern the correct answer. Do you think it makes a difference if it’s a dealer or individual selling?
  14. WTS M16,MP5,MAC10,BM59

    All can be sent on a form 3 to your dealer within days With eFile.
  15. WTS M16,MP5,MAC10,BM59