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  1. WTB MP5 HK sear

    I have a Fleming sear on an MP5K PDW host.
  2. WTB: Colt M16A2

    I’ve got an excellent M16A1 Colt. 27K or best offer.
  3. Fleming Sear IN MP5K Host, Excellent condition. $44000 OBO Fleming MP5A3 swing down. Excellent condition.$40000 OBO. Colt M16A1 9 Mil SN. Excellent condition $29000 OBO 2 Cobray M11 sequential SN. Appear NIB. $20000 OBO All on form 4 in Missouri. More pictures will be posted soon. When I figure out to change the damned format! Thanks for looking. Bill Varnum 07/02. TEXT (314) 749-3600 for more pictures.
  4. WTB. M1C scope mount.

    WTB M1C scope mount. Original or repo. M1C or USMC M1C version.
  5. AUG question

    That was incredibly helpful and exactly the information I was looking for. I can easily register the modified stock as a post sample. And sell, surrender or destroy when I give up my ffl/sot. The stock was cheap enough.
  6. WTB BM59 " Nigerian" stock.

    As above. Looking for a BM59 Nigerian Contract stock. Condition and completeness unimportant. Thanks
  7. 40mm ammo

    The short answer is, you are limited to the M781 chalk rounds. How many would you be looking for?
  8. AUG question

    Hello, I’m order for a select fire bolt carrier and trigger group to be used in a semi auto upper, it looks like the lower rear of the upper needs to be machined to allow the sliding disassembly button to close, securing the upper, when using the select fire stock count aiming the trigger pack and select fire connecting mechanism from the trigger, running down both sides to the trigger pack. it seems the common solution is to machine the shelf on the bottom rear of the upper wider to allow the button to slide closed. Would machining the button mechanism itself be a viable alternative? if the upper is so modified , does it become an NFA item? I have a trigger pack ( Post Sample) and an surplus AUG parts kit. (With what appears to be a select fire trigger pack) bought from APEX. im guessing my post sample trigger pack is only a machine gun if installed into an AUG that will allow it to function FA. would a modified upper, forever be an NFA item? I hate to turn a nice Title 1 gun into an essentially worthless post sample if I can help it. thanks I’m advance.
  9. Savage M1 I purchased from a local PD that had it since 1949. Blued and has been refinished in the past making the lettering not as crisp as the original. Runs like a sweeping machine. Initials of the PD carved in the stock. NOS wood included. Rifling is a bit weak but still shoots well. New manufacture blued barrel and front sight blade included. 4 unopened, sealed in wax wrapper and 1 used magazine included. Also included is a WW2 sling ( it’s up to you to figure it out. I gave up trying install it correctly! this is my personal weapon and I have filed a form 4 to transfer it to my SOT to make the transfer quicker once the Form 4 is approved. It was filed last month. I have no idea how long a transfer to an SOT takes, as this is my first time. terms will be $5000 initially, then $5000 upon Form 4 approval to my SOT then remainder upon form 3 approval to your SOT, or filling of a Form 4 if a Missouri resident. will entertain partial trades of M1C garand, M1903A3, M40, M21, L42A1 with case, No4T with case, SVD ( Russian). I won’t take the ad down until I receive the initial monies. thanks. Bill Email me for pictures until I get some loaded on here.
  10. Looking to buy an M14E2 stock. Any condition. With or without hardware.
  11. Sorry. Missed it. They are yours I sent a Pm.
  12. WTB M14E2 stock

    As above. condition not important, with or without hardware. thanks Bill
  13. 5 Thompson 30 round magazines as pictured. $200 plus shipping for all. SOLD
  14. TEN STEN magazines as pictured. All for 240 plus postage.
  15. M1 Thompson form4 Savage. Sale or trade

    Will consider trades. See ad.