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  1. David,  I got a note from Buddy and I put the guys name that screwed me in the title. I edited it but now I CAN NOT FIND IT?  I started in in the wanted to but section as a warning to watch out for this guy. I am at my wits end. Please help  Gary Malmquist

  2. David, I was trying to edit prices on my older posting and I could not edit it??? I also wanted to delete pictures and listings that had sold. Please help. Gary Malmquist  

    1. David Albert

      David Albert

      Hi Gary,

      You should be able to edit.  You won't be able to delete.  You can mark items that have sold using the "sold" button in your post.  If you have something you really want to have deleted, I can hide it for you, but you would have to send me individual links.



    2. garysgun


      David,  Thanks for responding. I was going to delete some of my old things that sold then add new items to the same ad. I guess that is not the way if works here. So I guess I need to start a new ad? I have several new guns I want to sell.  Let me know if I am right. Thanks Gary Malmquist

    3. David Albert

      David Albert


      Yes, that is the correct way to go about posting a new ad.



  3. I want the $89 one not the other one please.

  4. If both of these shotguns work right now I will take them both.  Gary M

    Please verify  

    1. IGC


      email sent