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  1. WTB: 1911 Springfield trophy-match

    I have had 2-3 scams come through and did not get ripped off this time. Come on guys this is not a rare item here. Someone must have a SIX inch slide and barreled 1911 for me.Try one more time. Thanks, Gary M.
  2. Will you be making more of these and is there a break for an SOT dealer? Thanks, Gary M.
  3. WTB: 1911 Springfield trophy-match

    I really want a 6 inch barrel and slide. Some one must have one they can part with. I had one nice 5 inch offered to me and a 6 inch with no pictures or having questions answered. Probably a scam as this happens a lot in the wanted section. Sad but true. Thanks for your time.
  4. I am looking for a SA Trophy Match pistol. I would like a 6 inch slide and barrel but would think about a 5 inch also. Please let me know what you have and how much. You can send pictures to my e-mail also. Thanks, Gary Malmquist
  5. Wanted: SA Saint in EVAC or PDW Style

    Some one must have a PDW for sale?? Well I got scammed out of $100 by some dirt bag from Alabama. So he said but that was my fault and it was a deposit. NEVER USE PAYPAL TO FRIENDS unless you know them. PP will not stand with you at all. Also I had one good guy from Las Vegas and got an EVAC but maybe could use a second one. Anyway I had 2 others say they had an EVAC but no pictures and no more info. WTF is the matter with people? It is making me not trust ANYONE and I hate to do that but what can you do if the person is not an FFL. Not saying an FFL could not screw you but if federally licensed it seems some what safer.
  6. Paypal and I can kick myself in the ass it was family and friends. It was only $100 as a deposit with $1400 to follow. The guy sent me a drivers license and a firemans ID card as well as another ID with his picture at his computer too. After I finally realized I had been scammed I wrote Paypal about it and they said it may take 90 days to decide what to do. I rewrote them saying at least cancel the Paypal account under the name he gave me. It was his wifes account. HaHa!!! screwed again. He wanted me to send the money to his brother in law to pay medical bills and then he would ship the gun. It started to stink real bad after that then he never would answer any e-mails. This dirty rotten POS wanted me to send it to this person. Franklin A Norman 12724 SW 263rd TER Homestead, FL 33032-6913 Beware there is a filthy rotten crooked bastard around every corner including the Whitehouse so watch out. The Paypal name is
  7. I just got scammed out of $100 from this Joseph Miles from Madison, AL. It is a long story but he sent me his photo ID as well as he is a fireman. It is probably stolen ID anyhow. The e-mail he uses is He responded to me wanting a SA Saint pistol. So he picked up my info from the wanted section. BEWARE!!!!!
  8. I am looking for a Springfield Armory Saint in the EVAC takedown version & or the short Edge PDW version as well. Other versions considered as well. Please let me know what you have and I am a FFL dealer as well so legal and shipping problems are not. You can e-mail me pictures with my e-mail Open for trades as well?? What are you looking for?
  9. Mossberg 590 .12ga Short Barrel Shotguns PD Trades

    I want 2 of these shotguns please. Let me know where to send license and info to. Thanks, Gary M.
  10. Wilson Combat Protector AR-15 Rifle 300 HAM'R This new caliber is equal to a 30/30 & developed by Bill Wilson for deer & wild boar hunting. Wilson combat's protector carbine rifle features mil/spec forged upper and lower receivers, Gun is new in box with all paperwork also. My price is $1795 plus shipping. Pictures on request and please use my e-mail for best results.
  11. November 22, 2021 Gun List Kimber 1911 Stainless LW which means light weight alloy frame. Full 5" barrel with nice tactical sights with red light gathering front sight with very nice wood checkered grips. High beaver tail thumb safety. Beautiful gun in excellent shape. With Kimber case and all paperwork. $795 All guns plus shipping and must go to an FFL dealer. Or picked up here. Pictures on request and please use my e-mail for best results.
  12. WTS: Beretta A391, Ruger MKII etc.

    To The Top with reduced prices
  13. Beretta A391 Xtrema 12 Guage "Meat Stick" like new $675 Reduced Again Ruger Mark II Target 22 pistol like new $550 Reduced Again Marlin Stainles steel 882 SSV Micro Groove Barrel in 22 Magnum with scope excellent shape. $250 Reduced Again Must ship to a dealer or picked up. All Federal & state laws observed or must ship to an FFL dealer. All guns plus shipping. Open to reasonable offers. For ease of communication please use my e-mail