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  1. These scopes were made on contract for H&K by Hensoldt/Zeiss. They are not the same as the Bundeswehr contract G3 scopes. Here's a tutorial I wrote a while back....... "A word about fakes. There are a couple of ebay sellers based in Germany who have for years been selling BW surplus Z24 scopes that they have "tailored" to the American market, and they made a lot of money ripping people off. Here's how to tell what you're looking at. All of the BW surplus scopes are marked "Fero-Z24" at the rear of the tube. If it has this marking, it is a surplus scope and the BDC is set up for 7.62. The scopes that H&K ordered to be supplied with the 33E or the MP5/MP5k do not have this marking, only a 6 digit serial number. The 33E scopes are marked "0.5" beneath the serial number, MP5/MP5K scopes are marked "0.25". Surplus BW scopes have no similar marking underneath the serial number. The BW scopes are not originally marked for caliber and there is more than enough space on the ring to add ".223", which is what these two sellers did. Fake .223 turret rings have also been made. America does .223, not so much the rest of the world or foreign mil/LE buyers. A real 5.56 scope will be marked "5.56 NATO", not ".223". For the faked 9mm models the BDC markings of course could not be remotely similar, so they had new turret caps made to simulate the correct markings, but they marked them "9mm Nato". A real MP5/MP5k scope will be marked "9 NATO". A real MP5SD scope will be marked " 9 SD". Last of all, BW surplus scopes I have seen have flat head tapered screws to attach to the mount, real 33E and MP5/MP5K have dome head screws." **** This MP5/MP5K scope is the last one of the case I imported 6-7 years ago. There are no more over there to be imported. The SD scope was obtained from Australia. Payment by USPS M.O, Cashiers Check, or Zelle. 1) MP5/MP5K NOS $1595.00/shipped 2) MP5SD As new $1895.00/shipped 3) Sterling SMG magazines $40 plus shipping. Half the price of NIW, these surplus Sterling magazines have been disassembled, degreased, and the body and floor plate refinished with Automotive enamel. They look great! Slightly lubed and reassembled. H&K 21/23 series Machine Gun Parts, Factory NOS. Some are not available anywhere else. I have no other H&K 21/23 series parts. None. "Out of Stock" for this stuff is permanent, not something "" can restock on. Last chance.....All prices plus shipping. H&K 23E Extractor $89.95 (9) Extractor/Pin/Spring set $149.95 (8) Firing Pin $159.95 (1) Firing Pin/Spring set $178.95 (1) H&K 21E Extractor Spring $49.95 (1) Extractor/Pin/Spring set $189.95 (2)
  2. WTB: .50 M2 HB hard case

    Looking for a used .mil hard case for the M2HB, they come in two varieties, receiver/1 barrel and receiver/2 barrels. I'll take either. Thanks!
  3. Portuguese/Sudanese AR-10 parts wanted

    Yeah, welcome to the cut throat world of Dutch AR-10 stuff. If it makes you feel any better, he didn't get top price for it, 1) Because HHollow never ever pays top price, ever and 2) I didn't know it was for sale. ;-) People think they are being clever selling stuff like this somewhere other than GB and not paying a %'age but the fact of the matter is, THAT is where you reach the widest audience and for something like a Dutch AR10 parts set, the seller probably got thousands less from the deal than he would have with more competition for it.

    Thanks Buddy! Hope you've been well!

    Folks, We've been around for a couple of years already, but it appears we are not as well known as we might have thought. Those of you who have been on HKPro for many years, as I was ("Lamont") may be aware of a certain level of ongoing dissatisfaction among the membership there. This long predated the sale of to a Canadian company, "Vertical Scope", but in our opinion didn't improve after that either. "Someone", in response to numerous complaints, stated that "if you don't like it, you can go start your own site". So we did. is the result. If you are into H&K, or if you left HKPro long ago for reasons such as everyone else who has left did, please take a look at what we're doing, and please consider becoming a member. Hope to see you there!
  6. East German ZFK 4x scope/mount

    Looking for one of the East German ZFK 4x scope/mount for the AK74. Just the scope and mount is fine if that's all you have although the complete set is preferred. Let me know if you want to trade on East German AK74 magazines new in the package or Russian 7N6 5.45x39 ammo. Thanks!
  7. Korean 30 Carbine Ammo

    You might be better off to pay SGAmmo for some of the grade 2 stuff they are listing right now rather than coming on here and asking people to sell you primo ammo at below market prices, that they actually made the move on back then, because you lagged at the time.....the good stuff, no problems, on bandoleers/strippers in a sealed can goes for $1K these days... because everyone knows that for .30 Carbine this is the last real mil-spec, mil packaging ammo we are ever gonna see.
  8. Looking for one of these. Condition/price please.
  9. Canadian C1 SMG Mags

    Looking for some Canadian C1 SMG mags, this is of course their version of the Sterling. Thanks Buddy!
  10. Looking for one of the Front Sight Adjuster's for the L34A1/Mk5, also the wood fore end, original Mk5 back cap (buffered) bolt, recoil spring and barrel, all specific to the Mk5. Thanks.
  11. Tavor X95 .300 Conversion set

    Looking for one of the .300 conversion sets for the X95 Tavor, or even an X95 in that caliber. Let me know what you have and price please.
  12. WTB AR10 lower receiver made by H&H, Telko, Senda or Central Kentucky Arms back in the 1980's to fit the Dutch A.I. parts sets. Top Price Paid. REPLY BY PM RATHER THAN POST PLEASE.
  13. WTB: Bruce Nelson #55 Crossdraw

    Looking for Bruce Nelson #55 Cross Draw holster for H&K P9S. These were made by Milt Sparks. Milt Sparks Summer Special for the P9S is also of interest. Let me know what you have and price please.
  14. WTT/S: Post-sample MP40 & MP5

    email sent
  15. Looking to buy one of the SPUHR 40mm GL sight/mounts that fits on an M16/M4 flat top. There are different models, ideally I want one of each type. You can pretty much name your price. I'll say this though, be someone who's well known in the community, FFL etc., or whose bona fides can be checked out, I'm not sending money to Joe Blow who says he says "I have one, send me the money". I have a reputation that can be verified on GB, if you don't, be prepared to send it on approval.You WILL get your money.