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  1. WTB: Bruce Nelson #55 Crossdraw

    Looking for Bruce Nelson #55 Cross Draw holster for H&K P9S. These were made by Milt Sparks. Milt Sparks Summer Special for the P9S is also of interest. Let me know what you have and price please.
  2. WTT/S: Post-sample MP40 & MP5

    email sent
  3. Looking to buy one of the SPUHR 40mm GL sight/mounts that fits on an M16/M4 flat top. There are different models, ideally I want one of each type. You can pretty much name your price. I'll say this though, be someone who's well known in the community, FFL etc., or whose bona fides can be checked out, I'm not sending money to Joe Blow who says he says "I have one, send me the money". I have a reputation that can be verified on GB, if you don't, be prepared to send it on approval.You WILL get your money.
  4. Public Service Announcement folks. I and many other are of the opinion that McSally was robbed of the Senate seat in AZ by fraud, illegals voting etc. Ballots voting Republican across the board, except for the Senate seat, whereupon suddenly they vote Dem. GMAFB.
  5. Yes, already gone, sorry. Didn't get the email...... Here's a link to one of my auctions. From there you can look at "seller's other listings". If you save me as a seller you will then be notified of all my listings.
  6. Well, he hasn't sold any more Vektors than I have..... they're all gone for the moment but I have more coming. I'm "bobofthedesert" on GB. His primary supplier, Augustine Waffenteile, appears to be out of business.
  7. "Euro Imports", seller on GB, real name Daniel Haslam. His main supplier is a guy in Hamburg name of Ted Augustine, whom I used to but no longer do business with because among other things, he stole Euro 10K of VAT tax that was supposed to come to me, as well as never supplying some parts he was paid for. He also kept a P9S belonging to me and transferred it to Haslam, necessitating contact with ATF and a police report to the Hamburg Kriminal Polizei to prompt it's return. Here is a Walther P5, sold at auction by Hermann Historica in Munich. Serial #013662 Here is the same gun sold on GB by Daniel Haslam/Euro Imports. "Gun is in great condition with a perfect bore and action". Nothing about being refinished. With those clear plastic grips, (these are commonly seen on "schnittmodel" or factory cutaway guns in Europe) the person buying it is going to be a collector. And we all know how collectors feel about refinished guns.... Augustine (an American who has lived over there for years) uses Haslam as a way to sell guns into the USA without subjecting himself to ATF oversight. Haslam obtained his Type 08 FFL at Augustine's suggestion. Augustine may have bought this gun at auction and had it refinished prior to export, but if you were the Walther collector who bought this gun, I think it wouldn't matter to you who did the deed. "Birds of a feather", etc..
  8. WTS: HK SMG II / MP 2000 set with Suppressors
  9. WTS: Sterling L2A3 (MK4), SN: 1 - Reduced $17K

    So, a registered So, a registered STEN tube can be used to build up a Swedish K?
  10. Hey guys, I'm out but send me your email addresses by PM and I'll hook you up with someone who has some.
  11. Genuine WWII Production USGI M1 Carbine mags New in the Wrap, choice of markings "U" - Have 5 only "IS" - Have 4 only "A.I." _ Have 2 only Your choice, $39.95 each, buy 2 and get free original USGI mag pouch in NOS condition. Email for pics.
  12. Got it, email inbound shortly.
  13. Lot includes 6 surplus good+/average condition HK33/93 40 rd. aluminum mags with date coded followers, 3 steel G3/91 20rd, (one IB date code, one POF marked and one unmarked) all parkerized good condition, and 4 used Thermold G3/HK91 mags, all for $295 shipped Priority Post with tracking number. USPS M.O. or PP only.
  14. WTS H&K P9S .45 mags brand new $75

    Sold out sorry.
  15. Vintage H&K factory MP5 SD case, brand new old stock for the MP5SD. These were made by the same contractor that made the later type briefcase for the H&K P9S Sport Group III and are identical in exterior materials and construction. High density foam cut out for MP5SD with magazine installed and 3 spares, period eggshell foam in the lid and 2 keys. Note case handle marked "Made in W. Germany", these cases date to the mid '80's or slightly earlier and are new old stock in the original factory plastic bag. "Correct Factory" as well as a nice low profile carrier, looks like a musical instrument case. Please see pics which are part of the description.**** Payment by USPS M.O. or Certified Check ONLY. NO SALES to anyone in the state of Nevada. Shipping is a flat rate of $25 each, USPS Priority Post, all sales final.