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  1. WTB Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Evolution .45 ACP Piston M16X1 LH threads. Works on the H&K .45 ACP HK45C. Note that the Ti-Rant piston does not fit the Evolution suppressor in .45 ACP. I saw where the AAC website is not functional, so if you know where I can buy the above Evolution piston or have one let me know. Thanks, Robert
  2. WTB Cylinder Rod for Remington Beals' 1858 Navy Revolver

    Bump to the top.
  3. WTS WWII Savage Bridgeport M1 Thompson SMG

    Thanks Brennan. Nice pictures, and a nice looking gun. I've seen/heard of a few other drums modified to fit a M1 or M1A1; it looks like someone did a good job with it if it runs well as you indicate. Robert
  4. WTS WWII Savage Bridgeport M1 Thompson SMG

    Is just the drum modified to work with an M1 (picture 17) or is the receiver modified in any way? I assume the former but want to be sure the receiver has not been altered. Thanks
  5. Next Machine gun, buyers advice please!

    WWII era Thompson. The Model 1928 has the advantage of using a L-drum (doesn't get much more fun). STEN, C&R if you don't mind spending a little more or tube gun if you want less expensive. M-16
  6. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    FYI, there was a bolt gun recently listed for $9,700 (which sold fairly quickly):
  7. I saw that but looking at the pictures of it there looked like two drilled areas on the port side near the magazine area. I wonder what those indentations were (and I guessed that was a concern for some potential buyers without knowing what happened in that area).
  8. WTB Winchester Model 1897 Handguard and Bayonet Assembly

    Thank-you Ron. That looks like an interesting possibility. Here's the gun I'm working on: Robert
  9. WTB ventilated metal handguard and bayonet adapter assembly and sling swivel for Winchester Model 1897 Military Trench Gun. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks
  10. WTB cylinder rod for original Remington Beals' 1858 Navy Revolver. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks P.S., When I originally posted this a year or so ago I indicated an "Army" model but have since learned it's a "Navy" model. Therefore, bumping to the top to re-try. I understand from my research that the gun was made from 1861-1862.
  11. WTS: Auto Ordnance Thompson 1928 (Reduced) $17,000

    See link below for history of various Thompsons including WH:
  12. NIB RUGER SR-22 & RUGER SILENT-SR Suppressor

    Pretty nice package. Where are you at in Florida?
  13. I bought it sometime ago. Nice loader, and great seller. Robert
  14. WTB Transferable Machinegun under $5500

    Ruben has one that is close to what you're looking for:
  15. SOLD - MP40, C&R, FXO41, Matching

    I heard $20K.