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  1. Misc mags Uzi M16 burst kit P90 mags

    How many rounds does the Walther magazine hold?
  2. Do you still have any of these?
  3. For Sale: Daewoo DR-200 with folding stock $1000

    Do you have a photo?
  4. WTS NON-NFA MOSSBERG 500 With14" barrel!

    Questions: 1. Is this still available? 2. Did you happen to get the adapter for the short shells with it? 3. How do you prefer to handle payment?
  5. WTS: Airrow 10/22 system $400 shipped

    How do you prefer to handle payment?
  6. Yeah. I understand that part. I need to see if I can scrape up the necessary funds.
  7. How was the accuracy?
  8. How did it run for you?
  9. WTS: Soumi drums $30, 4@$100 or 6@140

    How do you handle payment? I could use four, if you still have them.
  10. WTK: Value of Portuguese AR-10 (semi-auto)

    It has the original stocks...some sort of plastic.
  11. Will this fit ONLY Sig 1911s or other models as well?
  12. WTK: Value of Portuguese AR-10 (semi-auto)

    Thanks, Buddy!
  13. Can anyone tell me an approximate value for a Portuguese AR-10 built from original parts on a Sendra SA receiver? It comes with 10-12 original magazines and a spare hammer.