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  1. Who built it?
  2. rdias spring

    Not sure about SWD, may be something close in a spare parts spring kit that you may already have. Otherwise check with M60 Joe or John Andrewski.
  3. Incoming TSC 21/23 eK...
  4. Yes it's a convertible one - and I have the complete change kit for 308... What caliber is your Polytech? Any modification plans like building a Krink out of it, or an AK74 or 100 series?
  5. Pretty ambitious quest to obtain an original MP5. But best of luck and more power to you. Hope you DO find one and will post pics here!!
  6. Thanks! It will be a while before I have any range pics for this one... But here are a couple links of friends shooting my Terry Dyer RR version of the same gun. Enjoy.
  7. Finished out the year taking delivery of this beautiful HK 23E (E Gun) from Mike Woodward at TSC. So in the good sense, you reap what you sow
  8. Info on PAWS ZX5 Sterling

    I have one. It runs great since John Andrewski refurbed it. Original PAWs does not have the same internals...
  9. Some I would recommend are Swedish K, Sterling, Uzi, and M11 (Lage). Uzi may be best for 22 conversion... Sounds like you really want an M16 - the market is what it is, no one is trying to ruin it for you, and times change. I remember when RDIAS's were much, much cheaper than RR Colts. Good luck jumping in!
  10. More reaping - both MP5F and PDW are in... Some pics of the PDW below just in from the field: And drying in the sun...
  11. Help Identify this Part NFA or Semi C-Pic

    Nice idea, that!
  12. HK smith to work on trigger packs?

    I gotta believe that Curtis is also great at pack work based on the superb work he did on the HK53 build below:
  13. HK smith to work on trigger packs?

    Terry Dyer, Mike Woodward, and Ken/ Matt at TPMO are three that I can vouch for...
  14. Snow shoe for a machine gun

    Glad to hear it, have found them to be a fine resource for Colt LMG, LSW, etc. Looking forward to the new ones...

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