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  1. WTS Remington 1148 20ga Custom

    I will take her. We have chatted before; maybe on Uzi Talk too. LJ
  2. Select Fire Stemple 76/45 - Price $7500 OBO

    Here are the pics of the Stemple 76/45. Thanks for your help David!
  3. Early Model Stemple, Serial Number 132, that has had some major upgrades. It has the Suomi Trigger system that allows Semi, Auto, and Safe modes. Heavy wire stock for comfortable shooting, top rail for scopes, AR 15 pistol grip, and it has "feed lips" installed to ensure feeding from Grease Gun Magazines. I will include a Burgess Suppressor also; Buyer will pay all Tax Stamps. This machine gun is on a Form 4 in Alabama and you are welcome to come by and test fire her. With the Burgess Suppressor it is "Hollywood Quiet". We are a Class III Dealer in Alabama. Crowder Farms Enterprises, LLC (CFE). (256) 778-9857
  4. WTS Beretta 92 S 9mm Pistol VG $299.99 shipped

    Yes, I am interested in One or ALL! Thanks, LJ
  5. For sale. Semi 1919a4 $2000

    Very Interested! Sent PM, but thus far, no replies. Still for Sale?
  6. WTS - MP5 SMG with HK S&H Sear - $35K

    Sold Pending Funds
  7. WTS - MP5 SMG with HK S&H Sear - $35K

    Lower Price! Host Gun is actually a registered Title One Firearm, a pistol. S&H Sear can be moved from one host gun to another, or to a different Trigger Pack or Housing. Thanks for looking at my NFA Item!
  8. I am selling my MP5 Special Operation Host in 9MM, with a HK Burst Pack in 0,1,3, and Rock and Roll. The S&H Sear is the Machine Gun that is on a Form 4 in Alabama and it is registered in "9MM/223/308". Two 30 round magazines included, plus a MP5 40 lower housing and ejector. Runs like a "sewing machine", and if near Huntsville Alabama, you can drop by and test her out yourself! $35,000 up front gets the transfer process started. Email me at lonniejt@hotmail.com or PM me here, with offers. Thanks, LJ
  9. WTK: current value REG.UZI bolt,cut w/slot

    I am glad that you spoke up! This raises "other" questions as I have had some experience with the ATF on this topic. I have a GI RR Uzi originally registered in .22, 9MM, and .45. The ATF asked me to pick a caliber of the current configuration...it was in "parts" with Caliber Conversions for .22, .357 Sig, 9MM, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Our agreement was since the gun was designed in 9MM, then that was "how" it was transferred and I could list the Caliber conversions in Item 4 h. I think this whole ideology came from AR 15 lowers that were at one time by some Mfg's registered as "Multi Calibers"; hence, pick one caliber. Now, I have two items. An S&H HK Sear and a M2 Disconnector. They are not married to a gun. Both are "machineguns", but have by any definition "no caliber". As you know, you can put them in several guns that do have specified calibers, but the two mentioned items are just "two pieces of metal defined by ATF as a machine gun". Actually, the S&H Sear is registered in .22, 9MM, and .308. But again, just a piece of metal! I am sure that we all can agree on one thing...there are too many rules that may be specific for only one gun and they change from gun to gun. There are no "cookie cutters" when it comes to machine guns. M2 Carbines can be RRs, the disconnector, the selector, and the trigger housing can be a machine gun...other pieces and parts? I am not advocating making post sample machine guns at all. But if I had a RR Uzi with a slotted bolt...I could not make a "spare bolt" for the gun?
  10. WTK: current value REG.UZI bolt,cut w/slot

    Ron - I am reading between the lines here. What you described above is a Registered Receiver with a Slot Cut Bolt. The RRs' are normally higher than just a registered bolt; however, what you have is kinda an "abortion". It is a "Semi-Auto Receiver" that has been modified to Full Auto with a slot cut bolt that will operate in the semi auto receiver that has the "blocking bar". Your problem on caliber conversions is that you will have to have a machinist that will modify not only the Bolt to fit the Receiver, but the Barrel also...well, buy semi-auto barrels and have them cut to desired length, since it is a SMG. The advantage is still that you have a RR, not a Registered Bolt. Check your Form 4! I think market on RR's, like a Group Industries is $14 to 16K. If you had an Israel made Uzi pre 1968, then $18 to 22K. Bolt Guns are $10 to 12K. I would probably ask $14K for this gun and sell at $12K...if you have all the parts for the Registered Calibers, then I would hold out for the $14K. Just my $.02. Lonnie Joe
  11. Form 3 / Form 4 Processing Question

    I don't know about IL, but in Alabama it is taking 4 months from Individual to FFL/SOT Form 4's...plus time in the mail.
  12. WTB MK 760

    I have a new one in original box. A Panama City, FL gun. New and Unfired!!! SOB won't hunt! It is in Nick Hope's shop right now at Rock Creek Gun Service in Bessemer, Alabama. These guns and the Stemples were simply built and mis-built in most cases. Magazine well is at the wrong angle to feed…will have to be modified to work. Once they are fixed, they are great guns…