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  1. I just listed this fine M3 Grease Gun on GunBroker a little while ago. It is a nice ONE! My favorite Machine Gun! I still have another Transferable one and a Pre May DS Ithaca M3A1. These are getting harder and harder to find too!
  2. I'll vouch for Dakota. Good Dealer near Athens, TN. I have bought a couple of items from him and I have always been satisfied with Quality and Shipping. Lonnie Joe of CFE LLC
  3. Phil - There are some in the Birmingham and Bessemer AL area.  You may have to poll some of the local Police Departments, like Bessemer, Hueytown, Tarrant, Pelham, etc.  When Nick Hope was alive, he used to tell me there were actually some eligible as Transferable in some local Departments, if they ever decide to part with them.  Nick died March 8th of this year and I lost a great friend.  I am on the Boards here and several places under the name "lonniejt" or Crowder Farms Enterprises, LLC (CFE), and I would not have gotten my FFL, if it had not been for Nick of Rock Creek Gun Service in Bessemer.  You may call or text me sometime at 256-679-0001.  Lonnie Joe of CFE LLC

  4. SOLD Medea grease gun done right

    Rick - Darn nice Greaser! Please put me first in line for that Suppressor. I had chatted with the Medea man several years ago and there were only 3 9MM's that he built and 1 22 LR one on the Transferable List, so this is a rare configuration. Lot of Bang for the Buck! Lonnie Joe of CFE
  5. Looking to Sell or Trade. I may put on GunBroker tonight at a penny auction and see what happens, and, I hate GB, but then I will know true "market".
  6. The “Title” pretty much says it all! Guide Lamp M3 in 45 ACP and it runs like it should. I have a video that I may try to upload of me shooting it yesterday, if I have enough bandwidth (my location is just better than dial-up). It is in my “E-File” Inventory, so a pretty quick transfer, unless you are an individual from Alabama, then I can Form 4 to you. All Guide Lamps are C&R, so that is an option also. I am pricing at $42,000, now reduced to $38,000 to your Dealer’s door, or best offer. You can PM me here or text to my personal Cell Phone (256) 679-0001. I have had some interest, but I must have been "high market" on this item. If you are in the Huntsville Decatur area and want to view or shoot, then make an appointment and bring ammo. Crowder Farms Enterprises, LLC (CFE).
  7. David - Thanks for the PM and the post here; let’s make a deal! Lonnie Joe of CFE
  8. I need several Silencer Mounts for the AAC Silencers. It is the 51 or 52T ones that I need, both for 5.56 and 7.62. This is the item that you screw on your barrel and it passes as a flash hider, but if you have an AAC Silencer, it will quickly attach to your barrel. My immediate need is for a 5.56 one. Thanks, Lonnie Joe of CFE
  9. WTB - Kel Tec CMR 30 in Green

    Thanks! However, I do not have an account with Lipseys. Davidsons, MSR and MGE and they are always "allocated". Oh well...
  10. WTB - Kel Tec CMR 30 in Green

    OK...no green ones...any Black or Other Color?
  11. I am looking for a New or slightly Used Kel Tec CMR 30 Rifle in the Green powder coat color...might not cull one in Desert Tan, but preference is Green. My Corporation has an FFL/SOT, but this would be a personal gun; therefore, I would not mind traveling to your shop or meeting an individual at a mutually agreeable Police Station or other public place. I am in the North Alabama area, so a five hour drive one way would not be out of the question. Also, if you are a Dealer and have a matching PMR 30, I may acquire both, but principally interest is the Rifle. Just PM me "what" you have and we will go from there. Thanks, Lonnie Joe of CFE LLC
  12. WTS:m3a1 Greasegun with Suppressor

    Well, I just went to Nick's Web Site for Rock Creek Gun Service, and, it has the message that the Shop is permanently closed. I have his personal Cell Phone and I chatted with him 2 or 3 days ago and he did not mention he had closed down permanently. He has had some medical issues and I knew it might be March or April before he made it back to the Shop. His two email addresses are "nick@rockcreekgun.com" and "nhope1@aol.com". If he does not respond, then I guess he has lost interest. Neither of us are "young chickens". Best of Luck! Lonnie Joe of CFE LLC
  13. WTS:m3a1 Greasegun with Suppressor

    Nick Hope of Rock Creek Gun Service in Bessemer Alabama. If it is like mine, it is Hollywood Quiet, a lot lighter than a Burgess, and easy to disassemble and clean.
  14. WTS: AM-180 Transferable .22LR Machinegun

    Patrick - I have known Gary for a number of years and you are in GREAT Hands with Gary. Class Act all the way. Lonnie joe of CFE
  15. Is you dealer sample still available .Thanks

    1. lonniejt


      The Mini Uzi?  I sold one, but I have another one, if interested.

      You can email me at lonniejt@hotmail.com or send a text to 256-679-0001

    2. Rob Kammerer

      Rob Kammerer

      Is your mini uzi a pre dealer.if so how much.thanks