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  1. 08 Maxim Erb owned by Dolf 16500.00

    This same gun is $16,500 in your other ad on this board. And it’s $17,500 on machine gun central...
  2. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    Sadly no. It was a manufacturing site for not only the M2HB, but ANM2’s, M1 carbine barrels, as well as Gears, bearings, transmissions, brooms, and many many other items. It was like a business incubator site of its time. Smith Corona started there as well as LC Smith shotguns.
  3. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    Fun bit of history, these guns were made in the factory that is now my office building in Syracuse NY.
  4. WTB: 60MM US Mortar Barrel

    Still looking.
  5. Im looking for 60MM mortar barrel. Please send pics and price to: ericcaustin@gmail.com Thanks, Eric
  6. I'm looking for some parts to build an early G3 clone. Specifically, I'm looking for the following: 4/62 dated bolt carrier 4/62 dated bolt head early G3 trigger group 1962 dated barrel See the pictures below for the early trigger group example. Please contact me at: ericcaustin@gmail.com with pictures and pricing. Thank you, Eric
  7. I'm looking for an micro UZI parts kit or two. Please forward pictures and a price to
  8. It may be one of the faux selectors that fill the void in the stocks. This is a relatively common accessory.
  9. Need help Identifying machine gun parts

    It's all from a VZ-58