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  1. ISO MG Parts ID

    Vickers parts/ tools: The wrench is the early type with square end (used on the early muzzle caps). The T handle and adjacent large pin are used on the spade grip assembly. The top firing pin is a type 2. Bottom firing pin is for a Maxim but I don't recall which one. I'd have to look through the Devils Paintbrush. The top spring is for a Vickers - bottom is either Maxim or Vickers depending on the length of the legs. The adapter looks to be for mounting a ZF12 (German) or similar optic.
  2. WTB potato digger parts

    If you're handy I made a CAD drawing of the grip lock assembly and fabricated it - mine was missing it also. It's in AutoCAD but I can send a PDF as well.
  3. Wts Vickers/Lewis bipod $500

    Has the Lewis bipod been sold? If not I'm interested - thank you.