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  1. It looks like I might be dropping the March distributorship for now. If you are interested in a 10-60x56 High Master with a 3/32 MOA Dot I can probably still get you one that would ship in early September. Contact me for details. The March scopes are no longer listed on my website other than the one below: I still have one model in stock here in Utah for immediate delivery: March 2.5-25x42 with the MTR-3 non lit reticle. Model D25V42N MTR-3 $1850 shipped.
  2. USPS Money Order Verification System Not Working

    The problem with the verification system, as noted previously by Khrut27Gg, is definitely with $1,000.00 even money orders. I just tested it. Thanks to Tall Pine for catching that post in my thread, and figuring out a quick fix for it, and to Khrut27Gg for bringing it to our attention. I read Khrut27Gg's comment it when they posted it but it didn't sink in. I often pick up my mail well after the post office is closed. The phone verification error made it impossible to verify $1K money orders without having to go back to the post office another day. I gave up trying to cash them at the post office as they rarely have enough money on hand, so no need for smaller amounts for that reason, but if it is truly just the $1K even amount that is the problem child, this will be a fix that will make things a lot easier for me. Thanks everyone!
  3. March Optics Genesis 6-60x56 w/ 400 MOA of total elevation Travel

    Update: The March Genesis scopes have cleared customs and are now shipping.
  4. USPS Money Order Verification System Not Working

    They figured out how to check the MOs on their computers at the local post office and have instructions posted so any employee with access can check them for customers.
  5. USPS Money Order Verification System Not Working

    Almost 6 months later - The toll free number to verify USPS Money Orders STILL does not work. The website verification page that hasn't worked for several years, also is still non functional. I used to be able to get the phone verification to work maybe 1 out of 10 tries, but this month I have yet to get a single phone verification done. My local post office is still unable to verify them in person. All they do is refer me to the non functioning phone verification system. I have called several other post offices in the area and they all say they have no idea how to verify them on their terminals. A call to the national USPS help line got me nothing.
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  9. Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 Ultra Short Tremor3 Reticle - First Focal Plane

    Still available. If you would rather have some other S&B model, contact me by email for special pricing.
  10. Save an extra $126 - March 3-24x42 FFP Scope $1947 Shipped

    Only 24 hours left at this price. I can't hold it any longer.
  11. Sightron 2.5-17.5x56mm $759 - S-Tac series MOA-3 illuminated reticle

    Will include an extra battery.
  12. Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight 4 MOA dot $265

    Thanks for the catch(es) and the help. I think I have all the text matching the item now. The sale fell through so it is still available. If you are a repeat customer we can do a personal check for payment.
  13. Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight 4 MOA dot $265

    Thanks for the heads up. I did see that when I added the photos, but forgot to change the text in the add. It has been fixed now.
  14. S&B EXOS 1-8x24 CC scope $1899

    Still some not spoken for. Call, email or text me to reserve one.
  15. Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight 4 MOA dot $265