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  1. Approved at Last!

    my approvals always take just about 12 months. The only time it was significantly shorter for me was when I did a rewat!
  2. Group vector uzi

    I have one and have only run it with factory 9mm ammo. It runs like a champ and never misses a beat. I have not tried 45 or 22 ever in it. I have also used one of those buffers that helps increase the rate of fire with no issues as well. Never had to tweak it....
  3. WTB: MP40 parts kit

    Looking to buy a nice parts kit. Let me know what you've got. Thanks! Matt
  4. German WW2 MP40 Sling

    Hi Murray - PM sent!
  5. +1 on this thread - I had a great transaction too!
  6. Looking for a nice matching set. Don't need to be perfect, but no cracks or missing pieces.
  7. Heavy Metal... WWII Twin 50's

    Wow, that is amazing!! I had something similar to this for a pair on ANM2's (for aircraft mount), that was made by Bell Aircraft Corp. Look like a lot of the basic design was the same...
  8. Auction Houses

    I do see reasonable prices at auction and then also see crazy prices at auction. PPSH41 for over $50k HAMMER price, seriously??
  9. Auction Houses

    John Keene is the CIII guy now at Morphy's. He was part of James Julia and went over with them after the merger/acquisition. I find John to be very, very knowledgeable and a stand up guy. I have sold a bunch of stuff in the past through Julia's and always gotten some awesome prices. With Morphy's, time will tell. I just bought a gun at the auction, got a decent price, waiting for paperwork to clear.
  10. WTB: MP40 parts

    thanks I will have a look!
  11. WTB: MP40 parts

    Hi, I am looking for a couple of MP 40 parts: Front Sight Hood and Barrel Thread Protector (would prefer first model type, but will take either...) Thanks!
  12. Finger print card FD-258

    I am going to give this a try on my next transfer. My local PD now only has a scanner, which prints out (ONLY) onto a state police marked card. It's harder now to find people that can do prints the 'old fashioned' way.
  13. WTB: Original German WWII MP40 Magazines

    looking for 5-10 mags. original WWII german issue
  14. Looking for a few nice magazines - waffenamt stamped, blued, no rust, not bent. Just some nice original used magazines. Thanks!
  15. Finger print card FD-258

    When you submitted your own prints, did you also just sign your name again in the box "person taking fingerprints"? I noticed in F5 instructions that fingerprints could be taken by 'someone qualified', so I guess if you are qualified you can print yourself....