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  1. Thompson drum magazine 50 or 100

    There is a guy by the name Merle Bitikopher, he fixes drums. He is hard to get in touch with. The last time I spoke to him was a few years ago and his age and a car accident has curtailed his work. If you get on the (machinegunbouards.com) there should be a link here, It is all Thompson related stuff. Before you buy, ask if the drum works, try to get the seller to send you a video of the drum working, it’s to simple to do, even I could do that. Also make sure the serial number on the drum is the same one they are videoing. I hope that helps, most people who deal in class 3 stuff are legit and don’t want bad stuff being written about them. Good luck!
  2. WTB thompson lower receiver

    I have two, both are complete, removable stock and working trigger group. I’m in Chas SC, my name is Ken. Contact me at krc9995@icloud.com if interested
  3. Gord. Did you get the Fedex I sent you? I am leaving Monday for NY, if you want to wait till the chrcck clears, no problem. I will not be back till Dec 2. Thank you......lKC
  4. I would take the black one, if you could waive the $99, and all other things apply. So for 3g’s And I pay for shipping. My name is Ken Caro I am in Goose Creek, SC. I have some cash on hand and my birthday is next week. If your up for the price my email is krc9995@icloud.com. Feel free to call my home 843-824-8316. Hope to hear from you.
  5. WTB Swiss 7.5x55 ammo

    I have a sealed case of GP11. 400 + shipping. Krc9995@icloud.com
  6. WTB: Chauchat Mags/Accessories/Parts

    There is a new web site www.mewe.com they have lots of different gun groups. I know for a fact I saw a Chautaut mag over there, probably about a week ago, if I can remember I will try to track it down for you.
  7. Mossberg 590 SBS Police Trade In

    Is it still available? If so please Contact me at krc9995@icloud.com. Thanks
  8. WTB: Thompson FBI case, any age or condition.

    I didn’t know there was a long and short one, I have one fairly good on outside perfect on inside with cleaning rod. What is the length of the one you are looking for? Easier to reach me at krc9995@icloud.com.
  9. WTB: Colt Sp1 SN: SP05600 to SP08249

    I have a 1973 SP1 sn oo24xxx. Does that fit your request, it seems the sequence of numbers is backwards to me. Sorry if Im reading it wrong. Mine is 99% seems unfired when I aquired it and I have not shot it. Ken 843-824-8316
  10. Colt AR-15 Sporter or clone.

    I’m in Goose Creek, I have 2 hbars but need cash, I ammoving and need to lighten my load 1200, for either one 843-824-8316
  11. WTB: 40mm LMT launcher

    I have one, but would have to get 2k for it just to break even, krc9995@icloud.com It is in SC on a form 3DD
  12. WTB/WTT for 1928 Thompson kit

    Ima-usa.com, but expect to pay 2k
  13. WTB Remington 870 United States Secret Service shotgun

    If you are still looking for an 870 secret service 14” barrel. I have one, with the original box. Call Ken 843-824-8316. On a form 3 in South Carolina. Call anytime, just don’t call from the Sandhill Cemetery (lol).
  14. is it a true ac556 stock or a Mini14 stock?
  15. WTS: Ruger AC556F

    Do you know of ANYBODY who works on AC556's? I have one just like your 's (longer barrel) the three round burst will not work. Finding anybody who about these guns is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Any help would be greatly appreciated, My name is Ken, you can call me at home 843-824-8316, again thanks for any help you can offer.