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  1. LMT 40mm 9” launcher

    For sale, LMT 40mm grenade launcher. Very light use after buying new, $1650. Contact krc9995@icloud.com
  2. WTB: Colt SP1, 1963/1964

    Hey Chuckee, I know what I have is younger than what you are looking for, but I will offer anyway. 1973 unfired pristine condition 24xxx serial# SP1, Just thought I would ask. Contact me at krc9995@icloud.com. Thanks
  3. WTB: 40mm Anything (adapters, cleaning kits, etc.)

    I have a LMT 40mm 9” launcher on a Form 4 in SC. Also, 15 rnds of practice chalk rnds to go with it. Asking $1900 for everything. Contact krc9995@icloud.com. or call 843-425-2385. Ken
  4. WTB Federal Laboratories Collectibles

    I have a Federal Labs teargas billy club, firing mechanism works. I have no idea where in the family it came from, or what it is worth. I will do some research to get an idea of value. But it is for sale. Contact krc9995@icloud.com I am unable to post pics here, but will send pics to anyone interested. Located in Charleston S.C.
  5. 191 series AC556, fires on semi, 3rnd burst, and full auto. Has extra trigger pack, barrel is 18” with bayonet lug,( takes Standard M-16 bayonet). This is a shooter, I have video of firing the gun, if you want them. Gun was probably in a full stock to begin, but put in Mini-14 Folding factory stock. You can see where the stock has been modified. $8750+shipping. With the prices I have seen this is a bargain, shoots only .223. I have several mags, 1-40rnd, 2-20rnd.on a form 4 South Carolina. Pictures will be sent on request basis as different people want different views. Contact me krc9995@icloud.com. Phone calls are okay before 9pm est, 843-824-8316
  6. 191 series, shoots on semi, 3 rnd burst, and full auto. Has extra trigger pack. Several factory mags available 140rnd, 2 20rnd. Has bayonet lug, was probably a full size gun before I owned it. $8750+ shipping on form 4 in Charleston S.C. Of course I pay my transfer you pay yours. Best way to contact me is krc9995@icloud.com. Phone calls before 9pm est. 843-824-8316. Photos will be sent upon request, as different people want different views. Hope to hear from you.
  7. WTB 50 cans

    Good luck, hope you get what you need. I was born on a full moon, so I guess I’m no one to call anybody quirky!

    Try autoweapons.com. They have everything.
  9. WTB 50 cans

    Don’t know if he can help you. I have a guy in South Carolina who has what you want. His name is Todd, phone # 803 707 0275. Tell him Ken ( the guy with one leg) refereed you. He is a little quirky, but we all are. I hope he can help you.
  10. Vintage Colt 4x20 Scope New in Box

    If still available pls contact Ken Caro 843-425-2385. Text or call me. Thanks.
  11. WTB: 5.56 Tracer

    sorry unammo.com
  12. WTB: 5.56 Tracer

    Try Unami.com they should have some.
  13. MecGar 40rd Uzi mags

    I understand what you want, if you know anybody who wants 25rnd metal IWI’s 10pf them. Please refer them to me, 60 + shipping. They are in new condition krc9995@icloud.com. I’m in Charleston SC. Thanks.