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  1. WTB M60

    Come on you Arizona M60 hoarders....LET GO! Wouldn't that nice " new truck " look good in your driveway? LOL You know, a small modest truck.....
  2. WTS: Trasferable Saco/Metrotech M60 $44000

    Still available?
  3. WTB M60

    Still looking for an M60 preferably in Arizona....
  4. NFA group

    NFAFA hasn't had any updates on their website since 2015! I will check NFATCA...
  5. NFA group

    No, I think there is another one. But I will check them out, thank you!
  6. NFA group

    What is the name of the group that supports NFA weapons? Are they still in existence?
  7. WTB M60

    Do you have one for sale?
  8. WTS RIA M60

  9. WTB M60

    I'm still looking for an M60.....
  10. WTB: M11A1 .380 602-763-8867
  11. WTB M60

    Looking to purchase an M60......
  12. WTB: Original German WWII MP40 Magazines

    I believe I have three of four MP40 mags laying around somewhere....
  13. WTB: M11A1 .380

    Check my friend Tom Stewart in Arizona for one.....
  14. WTB Cambi-loader model # 103

    WTB a Cambi-loader model # 103 for a 9mm MP5....
  15. WTS 1917 Water-Cooled DLO/Remington $16,000

    Does this gun work with just the fabric cloth belt or the disintegrating metal links also?