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  1. WTB Vickers Berthier parts

    Sir I have a excellent condition Vickers Berthier barrel.l $450 shipped Thank You Ken.... Cincinnati, Ohio
  2. Gentlemen - I have a very unusual Lewis Drum loader - it will load 47 or 97 round drums. The only mark on it I can see is DO-D1 or DC-D1. It is caliber 30-06 - so most likely it was made for Savage Arms? Appears that the center loading station would need an ammunition hopper - unfortunately, that appears to be missing. Can anyone assist with information about this piece? It will load a Lewis drum extremely fast. Thanks for any assistance! Ken
  3. These adapters have become impossible to find - overall excellent condition. This enables you to fire your Lewis gun on various mounts - Vickers , Browning , Sokolov Price is $3,200
  4. WTS: Transferable Thompson M1A1 C&R

    The serial is blocked out to help avoid piracy by scammers.
  5. WTS: Transferable Thompson M1A1 C&R

    Other Photos
  6. An excellent example of a British Lend-Lease M1A1 Thompson. The internals and the bore of the firearms are as nice as the outside. The proof marks are hard to read and harder to photograph, but the firearm is US property marked. The upper and lower are matching numbers. The magazines appear to be spot welded together and came with the gun - sling is original and correct. This C&R firearm is in my inventory on a form 3 ready to go transfer. Shipping and insurance will be paid by he buyer. Price is $26,000
  7. NOS MGZ40 Optical Sight With Can

    I will take it. 513-543-0868 Ken
  8. WTB Czech VZ37 ZB37 Deactivate Barrel

    I don't need a complete kit....... just a deactivated barrel. Still looking..... thanks!
  9. I am looking for a Czech VZ37 / ZB37 deactivated barrel for a dis[play gun that I am building for friend. Anyone have one for sale? Thank you.... Ken
  10. WTB: VZ37 Deactivated Barrel

    I am looking for a deactivated VZ37 barrel. It must be complete - I need it for building a dummy gun for a friend of mine. Let me know what you have. Very much appreciated, Ken