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  1. I've recently discovered these Magpul PMAGS are desirable. They are new, unused, most all NIW, 1 Gen mags in colors people evidently want. These are prices I've seen these things selling for so will start there. I would work with the following trade material: Nice matching German K98k bayonets and Rg.34 cleaning kits (complete); British and Commowealth helmets and SMLEs (matching, nice); Here goes: Magpul PMAG 1 Gen, 20 rd. straight, black, 6 NIW - $45 ea. Magpul PMAG 1 Gen, 20 rd. straight, black, 4 new no wrap - $40 ea. Magpul PMAG 1 Gen, 20 rd. straight, FDE, NIW (2) - $75 ea. Magpul PMAG 1 Gen, 20 rd. straight, OD, NIW (2) - $75 ea. Sold Magpul PMAG 1 Gen, 30 rd. window, OD, NIW (10) - $25 ea. All plus shipping, or best offer. PM me. Tks.
  2. Thanks. Almost incredible. Same issues on my other ad.
  3. Thank you, please PM me. I am not interested in selling it and would like to know what trade pieces are potentially offered before a lot of time is spent with photos, etc. Appreciate the understanding. It saves everyone a good bit of time and effort.
  4. Gentlemen, I have a transferrable, collector grade, fully matching, original finish MP.40 ayf 43. It's an amnesty gun, light rewat from an overchamber weld blob, all factory original matching parts, finish, with exc. bore. Runs great. I am interested in trade + cash only for transferrable: 1) original C&R Sten Mk.II with matching barrel, original finish, not reweld, no tube guns, collector high end quality. 2) Beretta MAB.38 or 38A, all matching, original finish, nice collector quality. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  5. Pre-Sample Transfer Question

    Thank you fellas. If anyone needs K98k / WW2 firearm info I’m glad to help. https://www.k98kforum.com/ PM me and I’ll clear you on the site with complete access. The world is round.
  6. My client is a former FFL01/SOT who has legal possession of a couple “pre-sample” / pre-1986 sample MGs that he wants to sell to another FFL01/SOT out of state. Have questions: 1) Because he is an individual with legal possession, will he be required to transfer to a SOT in this state before transferring to the purchasing SOT in another state? 2) May he transfer directly to a FFL01/SOT to another state? 3) Will there be no $200 transfer tax? One $200 transfer tax? Two $200 transfer taxes? Thank you in advance.
  7. Uzi now $9,950.00 plus all transfer fees and shipping. Hard to find a cooler and more original one than this.
  8. FAL is sold pending funds and transfer. Thanks for the interest. Uzi still available. It’s a nice one. Will be listed in Gunbonker if it does not sell here. Thank you.
  9. I am helping an elderly client, former FFL SOT, sell these two exceptional firearms. They must go to an FFL 01 / SOT, but are pre-1986 dealer pre-sample "keepers". These aren't worn out, refinished parts blasters, but exceptionally nice NFA firearms, all original, all matching, from an old, quality collection. I'm happy to answer any questions. I've got plenty of references. Buyer pays all transfer costs and shipping. Transfer through an FFL01-SOT here if necessary. Please ask all questions. No surprises, no defects, no "20 questions" to ID problems. Thanks! NOTE: I'm looking for a nice, original C&R Sten Mk.II (no tube guns, refinishes, etc.) and a Beretta MAB.38 or 38A, matching, original, transferable, and would work out a trade to make a deal work. 1) FN FAL G1, 7.62 NATO, all matching, original, original finish, a superb FAL. I believe I know where the black resin handguard and bipod are with this rifle. Excellent bore, excellent mechanically, as you see. $11,750.00 plus any transfer, tax, shipping, or best offer. SOLD 2) UZI IMI, military, all original, original finish, a really nice original UZI, not a conversion or bolt gun, but an original Israeli military SMG. Really nice. Comes with eight (8) Israeli 25 round magazines. $8,500.00 plus any transfer, tax, shipping, or best offer.