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  1. HK SP5K

    Still for sale?
  2. Swedish K M45- Wilson Tube gun built by Andrewski. Comes with many mags and accessories. Great condition! $15,250.00 Includes the following: 13 stick mags. 5 Coffin mags with two loaders in a 4 mag leather pouch that also holds the loaders. 2 Suomi drums. Strip loader with many clips. Factory night sights in case. Form 4 Nevada. You pay taxes.
  3. The new DDI-12 semi-auto shotgun is a Unique Shotgun packed with user friendly features . Similar to the Russian Saiga Shotguns the DDI 12 is a reliable Semi auto with the benefit of using Quick Change magazines. This allows a faster reload time aiding in Competition sporting , Hunting or Home Defense purposes. The DDI 12 will work with most Saiga 12 accessories on the market like Front Hand guards , Muzzle brakes and magazines !! This provides the shooter a wide variety of Add on Goodies to customize the DDI 12 to meet your needs .Also features AK style pistol grip and has a M4 style buffer tube that will allow you to add a collapsing stock if you desire . The ambi AR-15 style safety selector and left side charging handle are really what sets this apart from the rest of the pack. Chambered in 2 /4 & 3 inch shells with an adjustable gas system for quick field adjustment based on the loads . The Chrome Lined barrel has great Fiber Optic sights for quick target acquisition . Loosely based on the Russian Saiga design with DDI's own improvements and features added that the market was requesting. Includes two 5rd Factory magazines and will work with most aftermarket Saiga based mags, Gave up OPEN class 3 gun. Tested one box of shells. Near new $540.00 delivered.