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  1. C96 Mauser Broomhandle package. Gun has been rebuilt, reblued and barrel relined in 7.63 mauser, includes aftermarket shoulder stock with holster and seperate holster with shoulder strap with ammo loops and stripper clips. Gun is marked Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf. $1800 shipped. E-mail n308@aol.com for more pics.
  2. Selling some of my collection

    Still have the Sten DLO suppressed barrel?
  3. AMT Stainless .45 Government model, adj. rear sight, blued mag, very good cond. $425 shipped. e-mail n308@aol.com
  4. Nice Yugo M-56 SMG parts kit in 7.62 X 25, with original barrel in excellent cond. $325 shipped e-mail n308@aol.com. Have more than one
  5. MG-34 barrel jacket, complete with front and rear sights, DOT marked, 1945 dated, missing bipod lug, good cond. $325 e-mail n308@aol.com
  6. 1. Jap 99 7.7, chrome bore, no Mum, no dust shield, no airplane sights, no cleaning rod, original Bayonet and scabbard.$325 2. 1891 Argentine 7.65 argentine cal. nicely removed crest, strong bore but a little dark, otherwise excellent, original bayonet. $425 3. Ital. Carcano Mdl. 91/24 6.5 cal. with clip, Shellac finish scraped off to original wood, strong bore but dark, very good cond. with original bayonet. $400 4. Ital. Carcano mdl38 short rifle 7.35 cal with clip. excellent overall, no bayo. $425 e-mail n308@aol.com
  7. Early Para ordnance, 13 shot, alloy frame with complete Colt series 70 top end. Not shot much at all. Empty gun weighs 1 lb. 15 oz. Standard 1911 weighs 2 lb 6 oz. $525, Shipped in the 48. E-mail n308@aol.com shipped to the 48.
  8. JNC Manufactured Browning .50 in ANM2 configuration. Unfired by me, includes manual and head space gauge and stellite barrel. The top cover has a small welding blemish onthe side, presumably from a nick while demilling the original gun, otherwise excellent. $8500 and will split the shipping with the buter. JNC offers a lifetime warrwanty with their builds. E-mail n308@aol.com. Also have an M63 mount for $850 with purchase.
  9. WIS: Polish RPD in Semi auto

    West central Florida
  10. Complete, rare Lanchester parts kit with barrel and diserable tangent rear sight. 50 rd mag included. $975 shipped in the 48. E-mail n308@aol.com
  11. Excellent cond Polish RPD in semi auto, with 2 drums done by Project guns in FL. Test fired by me. $2275 shipped in the 48. E-mail n308@aol.com
  12. Complete Yugo M56 Parts Kits have several, minus receiver tube, in very good condition, with excellent bore and mag. E-mail n308@aol.com $325 shipped