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  1. New made MP-44 Mag, FXO and Mp-44 marked. $150 shipped. E-mail only please n308@aol.com 7.92 X 33 cal.
  2. 3 original gqm marked mags, Vg- excellent cond, followers look like they never had a rd through them. $400 ea. 1 repro FXO marked new $150 $15 shipping for all. E-mail n308@aol.com only
  3. I'll take this. e-mail n308@aol.com
  4. Very good cond, Port Said kit, complete with nice original barrel and sling. $675 plus actual shipping, please e-mail n308@aol.com
  5. WTS: M60 Post Sample

  6. Complete and nice cond. BAR kit with Phila. , receiver and print. Barrel marked NE-7, 11-43, also sling and one mag, (not pictured). $2900 plus actual shipping. e-mail only n308@aol.com
  7. Very nice cond. 38A, complete with cut receiver, original barrel & mag. $495 plus actual shipping. E-mail only n308@aol.com
  8. WTS: M60 Post Sample

    Trunnion marked Sako Lowell Maremount. Expertly rewelded trunnion and rails, all other parts in very good to excellent cond. Handgrip has small rubber chip. Runs great. Requires Law letter. $6800 plus actual shipping. Can E-File. E-mail only n308@aol.com
  9. Excellent condition kit, marked BSW 1939, beautiful dark bluing,covered in cosmoline, no wear marks anywhere, bipod has never been on the barrel, no wear on feed tray, wood stock, non matching #s. $2000 plus actual shipping. Pics do not do this kit justice. E-mail only n308@aol.com