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  1. Full Auto Spitfire For Sale, $5000.00

    Hi, Do you know if the Spitfire is C&R eligible?
  2. HK 91 22LR conversions

    Hi JecIII, IIRC, the mag that Buddy has in the photo is a later magazine. The earlier had a bit more steel about the feed lips and a steel pin that goes into the little hole below the chamber in the barrel liner. (BTW, if you take care that barrel liner is just fine.) Earlier mags were also weighted to feel like a loaded 7.62 magazine. OMG. I carry 8 of those magazines in competition. The weight kills me. Additional mags are hard to come by. Best is to scrounge shows, friends, and helpful folks on line. For a time the mags were available from vendors but were never cheap. The last of the used ones were for $150 each. New ones were $200 each. Now used ones are $280 each as the only way to get them easily is buy another kit. I've tried the BDM/Uzi mag thing. I'd skip it if you want reliability. If you want cheap that has marginal reliability, it may be an option. Folks claim that the AM180 drum adapters work. I have not personally seen one run. Mine will run on anything. I like the lower power rounds like Federal Bulk as it runs a bit slower. While the conversion is built like a tank (and the G3 weighs like a tank!), I'm with the other poster that enjoys the 16/22 route. Higher capacity magazines that are cheap and work. 20 rounds in the G3 runs out rather quickly. Enjoy the kit. You got a great deal on it. Grasshopper
  3. WTB Police 6 Ingram Machine Gun Magazines

    Hi All, IIRC, Apex Gun Parts bought out the remaining M6 magazines from Century who bought them out from the Auction down in Miami. Google is your buddy. There are several places on the interweb selling NIW M6 magazines. HTH, Grasshopper
  4. C&R NFA Transfer - Individual to C&R 03

    Hi jkb471, Not a problem. Out of state NFA to your C&R should be AOK as long as the firearm is C&R. I've done it for years to avoid the "two stamp" out of state purchase. That being said, AFAIK, a Trust cannot hold a C&R Collectors License. Transfer of an out-of-state C&R NFA to a Trust using a C&R collectors license is a no-go. If a Trust has a C&R Collectors License I think something is wrong. I'm just a person. I have no affiliation with folks that practice law for a living. I could be wrong. This is only what I have experienced. Enjoy, Grasshopper
  5. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    Hi Mike, For non-factory Ruger 10-22 mags (does not work with factory mags!), I'd give the McFadden Lightning Grip Loader a try. It is a nice loader with changeable magwells. I've used the loader for Thompson 22 (BDM & JAC mags), 16/22 mags (BDM), and uzi 22 mags (Vector) and all works quite well. I've not personally used it for the 10-22. For the firearms I've mentioned above, I've shot up to 4300 rounds/day (range open house) so if it is used with care, it doesn't break too soon. I love the visual of running about in the Thing "hunting" rats. Reminds me of the troubles with hanging from one hand in a corn crib trying to figure out how to reload my pistol with one hand while hunting rats. Enjoy, Grasshopper
  6. WTK: The "Merle" Thompson 22lr conversion kit.

    Hi J50shootr, Yes. Best to call Merle. While he has computers he feels much more at home with the phone. Buy his kit. Aside from the somewhat enormous weight of a Thompson in 22RF, I've found it one of the best platforms for the conversion. While not recommended, last year I put 3500 rounds down range between cleanings. Ran out of ammo or there would have been more shooting. The kit is not that ammo sensitive but guns may vary. Enjoy, Grasshopper
  7. Pm Sent. Grasshopper
  8. Hi Joe,

    I emailed you concerning the 28 for the LL.  LL is on Form 3.  Willing to trade.  Thanks.  Keith

  9. First time MG recommendations

    Hi Ohioisgreat, If you don't mind being limited to 9mm, Beretta 38/42 can be fun. 40 round magazines, history, and well made. If you like a more modern, the Uzi style is a good option. I'd go RR but you will have to beat the bushes pretty hard these days to get one in the 10k range. A Uzi RR sold a week or so ago on one of the boards for 10k in about 20 minutes. They are out there. The Sterlings are good running guns also but are limited to 9mm and harder to supress. If you don't mind 45, the Ingram Model 6 is a great running gun. The down side it parts are very hard to come by. Sort of a poor mans Thompson, it was Gordon Ingams first foray into commercial SMGs. It is much more reliable than the Reising in my limited experience. No matter the reputation of the "model" of gun, you can find some that don't run 100% right out of the box. Don't be upset if you have to sort through magazines or tune a gun to make it a real blast. Good luck,
  10. WTS: Flemming Registered HK Sear, Form 3, FL, 26k

    Hi Everyone, I currently have folks that say they want the sear. I'll contact folks in the order from when their response came in. From the responses, I would think someone in the first 4 will purchase the sear. They contacted me via the Sturm mail system. 2 responses were before 6:00am 6/21 EST. I'm currently working through the list. Grasshopper
  11. For sale: NOS Flemming HK Sear for the HK family of firearms. The sear is new. It is not in a pack. It has never been in a pack. Registered in 3 calibers. The sear is currently on a Form 3 in Florida. Unless you have a Florida Resale Certificate for Sales Tax, purchases in Florida will require payment of sales tax. Price: 26k High quality images of the sear w/serial number, paperwork, and proof of life will be made available to serious potential buyers. Grasshopper
  12. WTS BREN .308 C+R $32K SPF

    Hi Mike, I emailed you directly. Sincerely, Grasshopper
  13. WTB Bren C&R

    Hi, Looking to purchase a C&R Bren. I prefer factory finish but would consider refinished guns. Sincerely, Grasshopper
  14. **SOLD** WTS: BREN MK1m C&R all matching $37K

    Hi Manny, Please check your IM for this sight. Sent you a note. If that doesn't work, email address and take out the "trash". Grasshopper