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  1. WTB: Swiss 7.5 mm STG -57 / PE-57 barrel

    wow $1,600.00 for a partial kit w/ barrel, kits lately were going for $700.00 so you are paying $900 for the barrel plus the missing parts which are available if you look. hang in there I got a e-mail from another site ( builders site) the guy is un happy with his mag arms replacement receiver blank, I offer to buy it, I know the manufacturer ( did) lets see what happens, again good luck in your quest
  2. WTB: Swiss 7.5 mm STG -57 / PE-57 barrel

    sitting on my build as we speak, I stopped looking but occasionally, I see 308 barrels for sale, this was the first 7.5 swiss one I had seen in years. I would post on numerous gun board in the want sections and check GB EVERYDAY
  3. Need help with MP43

    Pete Fleis hands down pm for his e-mail
  4. Beretta AR70

    PM sent on kit w/ mags
  5. WTB: mp44 hanguard

    Jorge I have several Mp-44's and handrich's book I am going to send up a PM Jack
  6. WTB / Wtt Yugo m-75 8mm

    WTB/WTT Hi looking for more M-75 8mm yugo, in the box , I have a lot of yugo m-49 8mm I picked up a few years back in the box ( no strippers) ex. condition to trade I have two M-76 builds starting, so I will need more, I got 500rd of M-75 and got more coming, so if you have more let me know. I got plenty of Ak parts also to trade, let me know what you want for the ammo or what parts you need send a PM
  7. WTB: mp44 hanguard

    original or repro???, the handgaurd for the MP-44 & Stg44 are the same
  8. WTB T-Gewehr Bolt-less gun, parts..etc.

    actually there was a guy who recently posted on one of the sites,who had a rifle but no bolt, I f i come across that post again I will refer you to it
  9. WTB: East German 7.92 mm

    I bought a batch a while back it was about 50 cents a round, but if he would consider me paying for the shipping. I may go for it Thanks again for the heads up I sent him a PM and replied to his ad balls in his court
  10. WTB: East German 7.92 mm

    Buddy Thanks I think the price is a wee bit to high, and the poster wants a face to face meeting, I am in florida
  11. WTB: East German 7.92 mm

    Hey I am looking for east german steel case ammo, I got plenty PPU & Virgin brass my STG-44/MP-44 loves steel case, so looking for more boxed or loose I am not looking for gunshow prices or gun broker prices Looking for WW2 german or czech repack if you have it let me know what you got send a PM
  12. WTB: Yugo M-76 Buttstock & other parts

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  13. I am looking for a complete buttstock for a Yugo M-76 rifles interested in other parts or parts kits let me know let me know at Captainjack692 at aol.com
  14. hi has anyone here bought a blitzkrieg ar-308 80% lower and jig you can send a PM thanks Jack