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  1. WTB: East German 7.92 mm

    I bought a batch a while back it was about 50 cents a round, but if he would consider me paying for the shipping. I may go for it Thanks again for the heads up I sent him a PM and replied to his ad balls in his court
  2. WTB: East German 7.92 mm

    Buddy Thanks I think the price is a wee bit to high, and the poster wants a face to face meeting, I am in florida
  3. WTB: East German 7.92 mm

    Hey I am looking for east german steel case ammo, I got plenty PPU & Virgin brass my STG-44/MP-44 loves steel case, so looking for more boxed or loose I am not looking for gunshow prices or gun broker prices Looking for WW2 german or czech repack if you have it let me know what you got send a PM
  4. WTB: Yugo M-76 Buttstock & other parts

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  5. I am looking for a complete buttstock for a Yugo M-76 rifles interested in other parts or parts kits let me know let me know at Captainjack692 at aol.com
  6. hi has anyone here bought a blitzkrieg ar-308 80% lower and jig you can send a PM thanks Jack
  7. I am always looking for original MP-44 / STG-44 parts and accessories pm me what you have and price requesting also East German Firearms Thanks
  8. back to the top looking for all MP-44 parts Not interested in getting ripped off so I am not interested in original Magazines for sale greater than $ 300-350 the going rate
  9. back to the top seems someone listed these items for sale and then sold them without posting they were sold and also no one listed I will take the items still looking
  10. message sent on the front sight and gas block I will take them Jack