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  1. hi has anyone here bought a blitzkrieg ar-308 80% lower and jig you can send a PM thanks Jack
  2. I am always looking for original MP-44 / STG-44 parts and accessories pm me what you have and price requesting also East German Firearms Thanks
  3. back to the top looking for all MP-44 parts Not interested in getting ripped off so I am not interested in original Magazines for sale greater than $ 300-350 the going rate
  4. back to the top seems someone listed these items for sale and then sold them without posting they were sold and also no one listed I will take the items still looking
  5. message sent on the front sight and gas block I will take them Jack
  6. Hi I am looking for a original or repro of MP-44/STG-44 front sight block and gasblock with or with out pins let me know what you have always looking for East German Lugers & holsters pm me for e-mail address
  7. Building A New RR AR upper

    build?? you mean assembled all factory parts on a FFL lower? thats assembly love when folks call themselves builders when all they have done is assemble, pre-existing manufactured and anodized parts
  8. let me know what you haveI am looking for ak/galil 223 barrels its ok if the chamber is damaged, prefer un-populated barrelsfor a project, prefer pictures. you can pm me I will forward a e-mail addresscome on I know there are barrels with the chambers drilled through!!!!!!!!!!! out thereno judgement here
  9. WTB: Swiss 7.5 mm STG -57 / PE-57 barrel

    Charlie e-mail sent to the address provided
  10. looking for a 7.5 swiss stg-57 barrel I have a 308 one looking for a factory original take off let me know by PM what you have