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  1. Have for sale 1928A1 TSMG AO Bridgeport , Lyman sight . Not a safe queen but good shooter 100% functionality pretty tight .Minor pitting overall 85% Arsenal refinished Includes 1 repo Crosby drum, 3 30rd mags. Low SN:2xxx 11k including shipping and insurance IM for photos
  2. Would like to discuss purchase WAME-INC@comcast.net at your convenience exchange Info
  3. WTS Pre-sample 1928 Thompson $14,500

    Interested contact WAMEINC@comcast.net I am still interested if you want to talk maybe a package deal with a few of the others you have up

    Greetings sew your pictures looks good are you including all 3 stocks in the deal Thanks Buck WAME-INC@comcast.net If you would like you could forward me your phone #
  5. It has come to my attention that my FFL/SOT information has been comprised. Please do not respond to any contact . Contact me through the board send me the email address and email and I will forward to the ATF/DOJ . they have been notified and assure me it should be handled within a few days. I can be emailed directly WAME-INC@comcast.net. Thank you
  6. Greetings In your post you list 2&3 round burst parks are they timed for 9mm or for 40 with appropriate hammers could you forward pics Thank you sir Buck WAME-INC@comcast.net
  7. Hello the photos can go to WAME-INC@comcast.net Please right side , left side and top and contact phone # Thank you
  8. Greetings do you have pictures please