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  1. WTB Ppsh41 and pps43 bolts

    This seller has 4 PPSH-41 bolts on gunbroker
  2. WTB MP40 and Sten

    PM Sent
  3. Charles E. Houdak Inland Arms Sideplate 1919A4 BMG W/ 1919A6 kit Accessories, Spare barrels & WWII Cloth Belt Loader Safe Queen Spare original complete bolt Spare original barrel extension Original WWII Tripod Tripod Pintle Original Tripod T&E mechanism Carry Handle Original 1942 dated WWII cloth belt loader 9 Original 250 round WWII cloth Belts most dated 1943 Original 30-06 links should you decide to shoot linked ammo (3000-4000) 30-06 Link starter tabs NOS 1919A4 spare barrel (possibly 2, I have to check) 1919A6 conversion kit 2 Original 1919A6 barrels And 1919A6 barrel shroud 4 WWII original ammo cans Spade Grip assembly (mint & unused) extra top cover spring a few Original spare barrel covers Original 1919A4 gun cover Original B.M.G. oil can Inland was the FFL07/SOT firearms business of Charles "Chuck" Hudak from Dripping Springs, TX. "C.E.H." stamped on the side plate after "U.S. INSP." stands for "Charles E. Hudak". Hudak was an enthusiast of sideplate Browning MGs, and tried to imitate them as closely as possible, all his BMG builds had military parts only. Hudak's built and registered Machine Guns in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and his guns have an excellent reputation and don’t come up for sale that often owing to the fact his career was cut short when he was killed in a car crash in the 1980’s. I have taken this gun to the range once and fired it with cloth belts no links have ever been used in the gun. gun possibly unfired before me photos speak to condition contact me for larger photos or a short video of the one time I took it out & shot it Gun with all accessories 25k or *Best Offer* Gun is on a form 4 in Arizona I will pay First Tax Stamp Buyer pays shipping Thanks For Looking!
  4. PPSh-41 F3, Transferable, all matching!

    Per our conversation, I Will Take It Thanks!
  5. ** SOLD PENDING FUNDS** Mint and Unfired in the Original Box with all Paperwork Manuals, Packing material, & Factory Letter From Colt a 1973 .38 Colt Detective Special with the Colt Archive letter showing delivery as part of a 50 gun shipment to a Phoenix Arizona Hardware Store, Feb., 1973 a piece of Arizona History. 1,200.00 Dealer must accept from a private Individual Discreet Paypal, Postal Money Order, Personal Check (must Clear) Thanks For Looking
  6. Rare Factory Sealed In Plastic 10 Pack of Fabrique Nationale Herstal Belgium FN 20 round magazines dated January 1964 for the Metric FAL Rifle 7.62 **Sold Pending Funds** $375.00 Includes Shipping Paypal Gift, Postal Money order, Personal Check (must Clear) Thanks For Looking
  7. $22,000.00 NFA Group Industries BAR in 1918A2 Configuration Slow/Fast Auto Gun is Transferable on form 4 in Arizona Gun functions 100% reliably and is a blast to shoot Videos of it in action on request It does have a slight casting flaw discoloration on the left side of receiver but cosmetic only Only selling because I have a C&R BAR inbound I am not a dealer , just a long time member and Board Benefactor of the References on request, gun will be shipped from my SOT in Sun City, Arizona Thanks For Looking Nick
  8. Original WWII Issued Remington M1903A4 Sniper Rifle with as Issued Weaver M73B1 Scope in Factory Original condition Rifle has a Post War Springfield Armory Cartouche which indicates it was Inspected and Re-Proofed prior to being placed in war storage Rifle has the correct mix of blue & Parkerized parts retaining it's original WWII configuration The scope is a pristine example of the light electro-pencil (correct) Weaver M73B1 scope with crystal clear optics with the correct Redfield stamped scope mount This Rifle, serial # 3421831 is in the correct Range for the January 18th, 1943 Diversion from Remington of 20,000 Rifles Serial numbers #3407088 to #3427087 to conversion of 1903A4 Sniper Rifles The first converted rifles were delivered in February 1943 100% original and Correct 1903A4 sniper with Original Issued scope (the Leather scope cover is a Reproduction I had made in England but correct) I am not a dealer , just a long time member and Board Benefactor of the References available, your dealer must accept from a private party Thanks For Looking Nick $4,995.00 + shipping
  9. How Often can you "Bump" your ad?

    Perfect Thanks Buddy
  10. Probably answered a 100 times I just can't find it Thanks David!
  11. Rare Pre-Ban Franchi Spas-15 less than 180 of these in Civilian hands Probably Unfired with Original F.I.E. Corp box, Owners manual, & 5 rare magazines (6 round Max red marked) I also have the replacement buffer that is needed on all Franchi Pre-Ban Shotguns should you decide to shoot it Personal Check (must Clear) & Cashiers Check accepted & Discreet PayPal References on demand, long time member of screen name azboater feel free to PM for any more Info $6.000.00 Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance Thanks for looking **SOLD**
  12. Near Mint Sear Ready Michaels Machines MM21E/23E Rifle with both 7.62 & 5.56 Conversion Kits and 4 Barrels Rifle Includes: semi-Auto lower, Long Range Sights, welded Picatinny Rail for optics, & HK Combat removable front grip Minimally Fired 7.62 MM21E Conversion includes: 1 20" Long Range 7.62 Barrel 1 17" 7.62 Barrel 1 MM21E 7.62 Belt Feed System 1 7.62 Semi/Full Auto Bolt Carrier 1 7.62 Michaels Machines Belt Box Unfired 5.56 MM23E Conversion kit includes: 1 20" Long Range 5.56 Barrel 1 17" 5.56 Barrel 1 MM23E 5.56 Belt Feed System 1 5.56 Semi/Full Auto Bolt Carrier $18,000.00 or Best Reasonable Offer Buyer pays Shipping & Insurance A Complete Dual Caliber Package Sear ready system with no waiting for a build from Mike Personal Check (must Clear) Cashiers Check accepted References on request, long time member of screen name azboater many more photos available, feel free to PM for any more Info or photos Thanks for looking *SPF*
  13. WTB MG3 .308 belt loader

    Looking for the German MG3 NATO .308 belt loader for the German non disintegrating D1 belts NOT 8mm Thanks for looking