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  1. MK 760 Need Auto sear.
  2. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    Ill take a 556, PM sent
  3. WTB: S&W 76 Suppressor

    looking for suppressor for Smith 76 please advise
  4. WTB: Smith Wesson 76

    Looking for S&W 76, shooter grade is fine. Please advise what you have available and please send the price. Thanks
  5. Is this a MK1 or MK1*?
  6. Form 3 in TX Colt factory lightweight government carbine in 11.5 in with A2 upper and marked LE restricted. This is factory set up as an SBR witch Colt designates as an AR6525. Basically looks like a semi auto version of a 733. Very lightweight with a "pencil" style factory "C" market barrel and a real classic look. Great condition with typical handling marks $1250 shipped
  7. Guys, as long as you are getting the real TGW you are in good shape, Cody is good to go, so you can buy with confidence. How ever the hijack happened Im sure it wasn't the real TGW's fault.
  8. Selling some of my collection

    Interested in the madsen, pm sent
  9. Looking for a Post Sample Colt 635 9mm SMG or the newer RO991 or 992. Please advise price thanks.
  10. WTB: Post Sample MP5

    Letter in hand, please let me know what you have and price. Also still looking for SW76
  11. WTB: S&W 76 or Maybe MK760

    Im looking for a S&W 76 or possibly MK760 in shooter grade condition. Please advise on what you might have and please tell me the price. Condition is less important that functionality, not looking for a safe queen. Thanks. J
  12. WTS: Transferable HK Sear Pack by S&H $32,500

    Would also consider partial trades for Smith Wesson 76 or possibly MK760