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  1. So sad to hear this. I always enjoyed Mike’s posts. He was a wealth of knowledge. Rest In Peace.
  2. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    Except that I personally witnessed this first hand.
  3. Knob Creek April 2020 Show / Shoot

    Glad they canceled. It sucks, but these steps at social isolation are our best effort at limiting the spread of this. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s the science of pandemic.
  4. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I witnessed Slippers’ MM23E tribulations first hand. I had always wanted one as a sear host. After his experience, no way. I do know of two others with a total of three early MM23E that function perfectly. Early guns (Gerard Miller builds, may he Rest In Peace) seem to work.
  5. FN SCAR 20S full auto kit?

    Assuming you’re an SOT the 20S can be converted the same as the 17S, as it uses the same carrier and lower.
  6. Sig 551A1

    That's a 556 conversion with diopter rear sight welded in place, upper refinished gray, chopped and threaded barrel with 552 flash hider, a Swiss lower, and Swiss furniture.
  7. Steyr AUG 9mm stock for shooting 223 ?

    An Austrian mil type on Lightfighter posted that this can be done and makes for a nice case deflector.
  8. SP89 Redo?

    I hear what you're saying and to some degree I agree with you. However, a premium is placed on HKs that have been converted to be as close to factory correct as their select-fire counterparts and part of this conversion is remarking them to the "correct" model. I say "correct" model, because at their core these semiauto HKs are bastardized firearms made (largely) to comply with our BS restrictive laws in the US. Don't view it as further bastardizing the bastard; view it as almost legitimizing a bastard model. As for the legality of remarking performed outside the factory, it is legal. ATF did rule that it is illegal to remark a title-2 firearm once it has been made/manufactured as a title-2. This is patently not legal for them to enforce, however I have no desire to be the test case. The bottom line - if you think you may ever sell said title-2 HK, remark it before it is a title-2 firearm or be prepared to have a firearm that is slightly less desirable, slightly less valuable than the same item that has been remarked.
  9. I recommend against parting out factory assembled transferable MGs. Part of their allure is that they are factory MGs. When you part them out, not only are you affecting future collectibility, you are also doing a disservice to future owners. Some will say, it's your firearm do with it as you please. However I believe as owners of transferable MGs we are custodians of rare collectible items, and nowhere is this more to the point than factory original transferable MGs. I will not permanently alter a factory original transferable. Parting the upper and lower is forever altering that Colt.
  10. SP89 Redo?

    I think it depends whether you want to suppress your K. If you don't, I wouldn't spend the money to convert to mp5k-n. If on the other hand you want to add a suppressor, then by all means go for it. The best bet for a K-N barrel is the B&T imported barrels. These are Swiss B&T mp5k-n barrels made to HK spec. Given B&T's long time cozy relationship with HK, I consider these to be on par with a factory HK barrel. retails them. You will also want the #28 locking piece for suppressed mp5k use. They are also available through hkparts. Also, you will want it remarked "MP5K-N", as that is correct for a K with the Navy threaded/3-lugged barrel.
  11. Neo, don't cheap out on a safe. Your collection warrants a composite TL30 or better yet a TL30x6. Those safes you are looking at are residential security containers (RSC) and are easily defeated using a Sawzall or in some cases as little as a crowbar with a cheater bar. In light of the fact that you live in Memphis, you NEED a true UL-listed high security safe. Fancy rubber interiors are no substitute for security and you can easily have a custom interior made (or make it yourself) for a high security safe. Don't be led astray by fancy finishes and interiors. Buy a UL-listed composite TL30 (not a plate steel TL30) or TL30x6. For added protection, you can alarm the safe including seismic sensor, door sensor, and tilt sensor to add layers of security. Nothing short of a dedicated well experienced safe cracker will be able to get into a composite TL30x6. And even then, it would at a very least take them longer than 30 minutes to crack the safe. The addition of an alarm with the aforementioned sensors with wifi and cellular connectivity will ensure that should anyone attempt an attack, they would have insufficient time to get in before the police arrive. Such a safe will weigh about 2 tons. Bolt it to the foundation or floor and it is not going anywhere. Even if you don't bolt to the floor/foundation, it is not likely going anywhere. And in the very unlikely event someone attempted to move it, the seismic sensor will trigger the alarm. Please heed this advice. As owners of transferable MGs we are stewards of valuable irreplaceable assets and I feel we should view this seriously and ensure these are preserved for future generations. Properly securing these items is essential to this.
  12. Neo, thanks for posting photos. That is a very neat m16 indeed! A recommendation re: safes. You now have a collection worthy of something far more secure than a standard RSC gun safe. I strongly suggest you look into a composite TL30x6 (actually I believe all TL30x6 are composite). AMSEC makes one specifically designed as a gun safe. Less expensive option is to find one that is used/reconditioned from a safe and vault store. A proper size x6 is going to weigh just at or over 2 tons and for insurance purposes in the diamond industry they can usually store $750k of insured valuables. They are cumbersome and expensive, but worth it.
  13. Need Help Valuing Swiss Arms SG 551-2 P SWAT

    OP said they are select-fire, so not pre-samples. If semiauto only SBRs they would be treated like a pre-sample.