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  1. Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms

    Not sure how they will sell these with the liability insurance issues of not having a trigger guard nor a positive safety. I would like one as well. It looks like they ahve some issues to straighten out in the prototype given the above pictures.
  2. Tim unfortunately passed away on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. It was posted over on subguns and maybe even here. post link He was a great machinist and I still own some of his cans. I did have one of the original run of folding SMGs he put together but unfortunately I sold it.
  3. I have enough 30rnd magazines already, thanks for offering.
  4. WTS: Swiss Maxim

    What a package. Beautiful gun and accessories.
  5. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    No reason for a bayonet lug on the 551 SWAT since the barrel is too short for a bayonet to mount.
  6. An original Swedish Monopod, AA tripod and AA sights are what accessories I am missing.
  7. Looking for anything. I have most every accessory for the gun but I'm always looking for items I don't know about and need. What do you have? I might be interested in various parts as well though I have a pretty good supply of much of them.
  8. czech zb30 to zb26 barrel mod.?

    To use a ZB30 barrel in a ZB26 you will need an extra barrel lock so you can modify it. The lock will have to have some material removed from the rear side and shims added to the front to get the barrel to bead space. The barrel should will also have to be set back a bit. The head space is very close but the gun will not fire a round.