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  1. Help to ID T-handle tool

    I've seen one like it before. If I remember correctly that one was used to remove the butt stock that had a recoil spring down the middle.
  2. Can anyone ID these firing pins?

    The last one is a Stoner sight adjustment tool. Are you interested in selling it?
  3. I will take all of them. PM sent
  4. WTB Romanian 8mm Mauser (7.92x51)

    I have 10-15 cases I might let go in NE Houston, depending on what you will pay. PM me
  5. Assemble A Browning Automatic Rifle ??

    go over to there is a guy over there that builds/works on them on a regular basis. You need receiver blocks or there is a real chance you can damage it.
  6. Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms

    Not sure how they will sell these with the liability insurance issues of not having a trigger guard nor a positive safety. I would like one as well. It looks like they ahve some issues to straighten out in the prototype given the above pictures.
  7. Tim unfortunately passed away on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. It was posted over on subguns and maybe even here. post link He was a great machinist and I still own some of his cans. I did have one of the original run of folding SMGs he put together but unfortunately I sold it.
  8. I have enough 30rnd magazines already, thanks for offering.