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  1. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    My first belt gun was a Stoner 63A. Go big or go home I say, besides who wants to lug those heavy assed tripod mounted guns around?
  2. If it is a 63a bipod you could get anywhere from 500-1K for it plus extra for the pouch. I have a bunch of the ammo cans that I got from Crane but they are rare but I have no clue what you can get for them, I would sell mine for $500 in a heart beat. Thanks for the offer but I don't need either of these items,let me know if you find more goodies stashed away.
  3. WTS Swedish K stuff

    I am interested in the blank firing barrel if it is complete and on of the ejection port covers but I can not see the pictures. Found the pictures. Are you selling the mag covers as well? I would like the black barrel assembly, the mag covers and the flat style of ejection port cover.