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  1. czech zb30 to zb26 barrel mod.?

    To use a ZB30 barrel in a ZB26 you will need an extra barrel lock so you can modify it. The lock will have to have some material removed from the rear side and shims added to the front to get the barrel to bead space. The barrel should will also have to be set back a bit. The head space is very close but the gun will not fire a round.
  2. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    My first belt gun was a Stoner 63A. Go big or go home I say, besides who wants to lug those heavy assed tripod mounted guns around?
  3. If it is a 63a bipod you could get anywhere from 500-1K for it plus extra for the pouch. I have a bunch of the ammo cans that I got from Crane but they are rare but I have no clue what you can get for them, I would sell mine for $500 in a heart beat. Thanks for the offer but I don't need either of these items,let me know if you find more goodies stashed away.