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  1. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    My checkbook is standing by for when you start selling them.
  2. Lewis Gun Problems

    Yeah, I saw that a little after I posted here. Good luck with your Lewis.
  3. Lewis Gun Problems

    I can offer a few suggestions. The front end of the op rod can be a major source of gas leakage, as it gets the major blast of gas and most of the old ammo was very corrosive. If you go over to www.machinegunboards.com you will find a forum dedicated to the Lewis and Bren guns. There are a few very helpful guys there that are intimate with the Lewis who can probably help you out. The threads in the "nozzle" are for a blank firing adapter and have nothing to do with operation with regular ammo. Bob Naess at Black River Militaria in Vermont is very knowledgeable about Lewis Guns and other old time guns so if the guys over at machinegun boards can't help, he might be able to.
  4. Yugo m-49 VS romanian 8mm ?

    Mike; Is there any way to identify "good" 8mm barrels?