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  1. Medea M3A1 Grease gun .45 Cal. $16,000

    upgraded w/ neoprene recoil buffer,M3 Guide Rods & Plate
  2. M2 Trip lever used

    I have 1 used $50 shipped.
  3. WTB: Grease Gun barrels

    I have 1 barrel (no nut) never installed NOS,, $300 shipped
  4. WTB: Grease Gun barrels

  5. Medea M3A1 Grease gun .45 Cal. , 50/50 payment, P.P. , w/ 1 mag. , I pay 1st Stamp,upgraded w/ neoprene recoil buffer,M3 Guide Rods & Plate, approx. 600 rds fired , runs like greased lightning , NRA Endowment, M3A1’s are the scarcest of all M3 types. Only 67 transferable M3A1’s in .45 ACP made into the registry. YOUR PHONE # A MUST or No response from me, TOO many BS’ers).
  6. posting pics

    I;m a LT,,but now I cant post pics larger than 200 KB,, Do I need to upgrade to Capt. or?
  7. posting pics

    I'm a LT. from beginning, but now cant post larger than 200KB,, do I need to upgrade to Capt. or ?
  8. ,,, $25 exc. To Mint + low cost book postage to your zip. US Postal M.O. ONLY
  9. Like new. US Postal M.O. ONLY
  10. $80 + low rate Book Postage , US Postal M.O. ONLY, Your phone # a MUST or no response from me.
  11. Fixture Legal to own w/instructions for educational purposes or Info ONLY.,, All NFA RULES APPLY.,
  12. ,
  13. FREE, Canadian 1919links.

    Do u actually have a 1919 that uses these links?