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  1. Convert my MAC10 .45 can to Wipeless

    What was the cost.?
  2. e-mails me ( from Sturm) from 954 area code listed as SCAMS.
  3. MGN Magazines ,,Minty cond. $40 P.P. (8 total)oldest June 92,newest FEB 96)
  4. Suppressors coming off NFA Register ?

    just harder to spot where their coming from. Mike does have a point.!
  5. Whats the latest news.?
  6. Can I dip my Mac10 .45 can in water and shoot a ('Wet'can) ,which some say is quieter than dry type. (shake it out of course). remember i'm OLD and just fishing around for FUN. HA ha
  7. Convert my MAC10 .45 can to Wipeless

    TKS,,,, also
  8. Watch'em fly off the shelves now.!
  9. who can do this job 4 me.?
  10. Medea M3A1 Greasegun .45 Cal. $14,500

    ron thompson 34 Downer ave. Uniontown,pa.15401
  11. , 50/50 payment, + POST , w/ 1 mag. , updated w/ ‘M3’ Bolt guide rod assembly and neoprene recoil buffer, approx. 600 rds fired , runs like greased lightning , w/2 mag pouches, 2 mags, 1 barrel, mag loader. NRA Endowment, M3A1’s are the scarcest of all M3 types. Only 67 transferable M3A1’s in .45 ACP made into the registry. YOUR PHONE # A MUST,