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  1. WTB: Less expensive machine gun

    The aluminum upper is original from West Hurley. The complete gun was made this way. These guns were originally left the factory in 22 LR. Not all that many were made (500?) and a LOT of them were converted into 45 cal guns, BY West Hurley by destroying the aluminum uppers and banging the serial number onto a steel upper. ATF came back with a stop and desist order to WH as well as a bunch of other guns being illegally renumbered. A bunch were done this way and if you ever see a steel upper with a TF serial number in 45 cal, be aware that ATF may go after it some day. The TF series denotes an original 22 LR gun. Some say less than 200 still exist...I have no actual idea.
  2. What do these springs fit?

    Could be Thompson, Browning A-4, HK 91-93…how long?
  3. Reising 50 questions

    The problem with the Marine Reisings was the USMC themselves. In true Marine fashion, they didn’t realize the guns were assembled and tuned per gun. When you strip down a bunch of guns and put all the bolts in a bucket for cleaning, just how many of the guns MIGHT get their original bolt back? Might be a problem, ya think?
  4. WTB: Less expensive machine gun

    I’ve got a West Hurley Thompson 1928 in 22 long rifle here for $10K. Original gun…aluminum upper, all original steel lower, 2 mags and a drum.
  5. Price Check - Turk 8mm

    If you shoot it, or your interested party shoots it in an MG, you will have to check each and every round for split necks. The Turk brass is brittle. Have no idea why, but if a round goes in say a 1919, the round will usually leave the bullet in the feed area and shove a bulletless cartridge up into a very hot chamber making for an “interesting” display. Some of the Turk is extremely volatile. Bent top covers have been reported after a chamber explosion. Most Turk ammo is being sold as component ammo only. I.E, you are buying the bullets only. Pull’em apart, toss the powder into the garden/lawn and scrap the brass. Last cases I bought were .07 cents a round, a year ago.
  6. M-16 w.45 acp upper

    I have one that I used on a 16. It’s presently sitting on a semi receiver. Always worked fine, but needs modified Grease Gun mags. I started to modify a dozen mags and have the sides milled back but really haven’t touched them since the 16 was sold.
  7. Doubt it… nothing is going to replace the Creek gun show.
  8. M60 cook off question

    Yeah…the round would have to be INSIDE the chamber of a hot barrel to cook off. Axe me how I know…
  9. H & R Reising Model 50 problem

    I had the exact same problem. Happened AFTER I installed a set of new Wolff springs. Turns out my action bar and the part that engages it was worn. Black River Militaria in Cavendish, VT fixed it up and it runs like a raped ape. Very happy with the job that Bubba did. He also installed new mag well pins.
  10. WTB: Browning Belt Filling Machine 308 slide

    Ummm, you might not be happy with one of the 308 pushers as they shove the round too far and twist the hell out of the belt. They made them too long. If you add an 1/8 inch of anything to your ‘06 pusher, you’ll be much happier… and the rounds won’t fall out.
  11. Anyone deal with the Silencer Shop?

    I did. It was pretty seamless and the whole deal only took about 20 minutes…start to finish. One stop dealio. However…Silencer Shop held my package for a while until they had enough submissions to bother sending in. Added a couple months to the wait. ATF didn’t get my payment until 2 months after I did the kiosk thing. Easy, but I won’t be doing it again.

    Wouldn’t miss it.
  13. MGN mags for sale,,need price help

    Dunno…those last year issues were massively produced. I’d still try to get $10 at least.
  14. With the end of Knob Creek...

    Not sure of the end date…wife has a shirt from the last shoot, but basically the guys that ran it just got tired.
  15. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    And you are a business owner…not so easy for the private owner.