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  1. M11/9 TASK slowfire need more reduction

    Agree with Dink. Heavier buffer is the way to go. My M11 is a true bastard. It has a tungsten buffer that weighs just under a full pound. My ROF is about 450-475. Almost a bit too slow. Uses double feed M-10/9mm magazine normally used in the fatter Mac 10's.
  2. Knob Creek April 2021 CANCELLED

    I remember the old days. And I seem to know all the same people. Yeah, it’s changed a lot, but I still go to see whoever is left. I no longer even think of the main firing line and just bring a couple gun to shoot on the lower range for $10. Good for an hour and a half. Mainly a get together event for me now. I’m not buying anything except in a really rare case.
  3. Had me fooled for a bit, I thought title said they actually were for a Walther MPL...
  4. I have an older Competition Electronics Pro Chrony for sale. The tripod is a 1950’s professional camera tripod, Heavy tubular aluminum, not cheap. Can separate. $125 for everything.
  5. 22 caliber Auto Ordnance Thompson for sale

    El bumpo...might be the last time. Due to the price and availability of ammo, I’m thinking about keeping it.
  6. 22 caliber Auto Ordnance Thompson for sale

    Le bump
  7. Valkyrie Armament Belt-fed AR-15 rifle

    The Valkyrie conversion is far superior to the original Colt and Ceiner guns. The belt lift ratio is much higher and will pull a LOT of belt compared to the originals. George did a good job with these.
  8. 22 caliber Auto Ordnance Thompson for sale

  9. 22 caliber Auto Ordnance Thompson for sale

    I’d imagine the height has to be set (the mounting point can be drifted up and down) and the loading ramp might need to be adjusted. And possibly the ejector tab adjusted. Dan Block converted the drum from a PPS-50 drum but I didn’t send the gun to him for fitting. I bought drums from him when the Dems were threatening to enact another mag ban. Rich
  10. Egyptian 9mm for sale

    Sold, pending funds
  11. 22 caliber Auto Ordnance Thompson for sale

    The body of the mag is the same, but it wasn’t made for a Thompson. Missing the front cut in the metal. The Thompson mags utilize an adapter which locate on the front of the mag. Look at the 3rd photo I posted above to see the front cut. I’ve been offered mags in great shape, excellent bluing for $50.
  12. These are great. I have an MPL as well and was fortunate enough to pick up an entire spare MPK upper as well as a couple spare bolt assemblies. Found two dozen original MPL mags and pouches and had C&S make me a 72 round drum . Fun gun indeed.
  13. I have an Auto Ordnance, West Hurley Thompson for sale. Chambered in 22lr. This one is figured in the 1928 style. Not many still survive as a lot were converted to 45 with new steel receivers before BATF put the kibosh on that procedure. So, it's a survivor in pretty good shape. Two steel keys were attached to the bolt carrier to add weight and slow down the rate of fire. No other alterations were done to the gun. a 30 round mag and one drum converted by Dan Block is included, although the drum has not been adjusted to the gun. Asking $10.5.
  14. Egyptian 9mm for sale

    Two intact cases of Egyptian 9mm ammo. Yeah, those lil' 36 round boxes. 4500 rounds per case, 9000 total. 115 grain, brass cased, Berdan primed and yeah, corrosive. But you clean your guns,right? No good for handguns... hard primers. Requires at least two trigger pulls to ignite with a handgun. $12 a box. Take'em all for $10 a box. Local pickup, please...cases are heavy!
  15. WTB: 7.63 Mauser ammo

    Looking to buy some .30 Mauser ammo for a Lil’ Bolo Broomhandle. What’cha got?