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  1. Looking for Bingham PPS-50 Info

    I had one, tuned up by Stan Andrewski. Like most 22 sub guns, they ran too fast and were subject to some bolt bounce. If the sidewall of the 22 blew, it would cause a stoppage that was easily cleared. They needed to be slowed down and Charlie Logan had some that ran slower. No idea if he has any left, this conversation was perhaps a decade ago.
  2. Next mg

    Would a full auto Thompson in 22lr sound good? I had a buyer interested but haven't heard anything from in a couple months.
  3. 1919A 8mm conversion kit?

    I found all the pieces needed to put together one of the Gubbermint 22lr trainer kits about 10 years ago. Made up 2 belts, one cloth and one linked...100 rounds each. Needed some advice from Dolf to get it running smoothly. Apparently there are about dozen different springs for the 22 kits. I found 6 and 2 work really well with one being a bit faster. Very reliable...for about 500 rounds. Then there's a mandatory clean up that must be performed. My DLO gun has 308, 30-06, 7.65 Argentine, 7mm, 8mm, 7.62x54r, 7.62x39 and the 22 setups. Also have a bunch of spare barrel s that I'll never use and should probably put up an ad.
  4. anyone id this belt?

    Two of what belts?
  5. Sorry to hear of your situation, Kevin... But to watch Jim Cantore leaning into the wind staggering to remain upright while describing "the Horror" and then watching as the camera pans out to see two individuals casually walking by looking at the show to their left WAS truly bullshit. Likewise the reporter standing in (supposedly) waist deep water with mic in hand. Unfortunately someone took a phone pic of said reporter from a bit farther out and it turned out he was kneeling in a ditch by the side of the road while the vid crew was 8 feet away, high and dry... I think you missed the point. The media is now just a bunch of lying MF'ers trying to boost their ratings and nothing more. I'm originally from CT and no stranger to hurricanes. As I've never attempted to live in a flood prone area I truly love a good hurricane. We go to the shore to watch the pounding surf and marvel at the power of the sea and wind. While Chicken Noodle News was predicting an end of civilization event it all just fizzled out to a major rain (read that as destructive flooding) event.
  6. Gotta respect the man. I learned a bit from him mainly about NV and whatnot, but then again he did really piss in my Wheaties about my experiences in the NFA world. Don't know what I did to cheese him off, but he wasn't shy about hamming my biscuits in public. That made me just about stop posting on the "other" boards as well. Seems I was never right...about anything. But I believe everyone should have their say, right or wrong. Trying to ANTIFA someone because they disagree with you ain't right though... Shattered
  7. Got my Knob Creek flyer yesterday...

    Yeah, I can agree with some of the comments and will disagree with others. Personally, I'm sad that I had to miss the fall shoot, as the wife just had a total knee replacement. She loves it as much as I do, so there was no thought of going without her. Plus she willingly serves well as a gun bearer and ammo pack mule. I was on "the list" for a shooting position since 1995. Never made it. Seems they switched to a computer based list sometime in the early 2000s. After 2005 I figured I'd check to see where I was on the list. The original waiting list was a yellow legal pad and over 30 pages long, single sided. Found out I was no longer on the list. WTF? Yeah, they said they called everyone up to confirm they still wanted on the list. Well, I had bought a house in 2001. Notifying Knob Creek my number had changed was really not a high priority. But!!, they still had the yellow legal pad. If they could find my name they will put me where I should have been. So they did. I went from page 33 in the legal pad to number 13! OK... So maybe next year? Nahhh. 2 years later I was number 3. So I got ready...but again, no call. So I called them and found out I was no longer on the list (for whatever long rambling reason). Shall we put you back on? I looked at what had previously been a mountain of 8mm ammo for the past 20 plus years and said no. I still go every spring and fall to meet and shoot the bull with friends I've acquired during my last 30 years in the NFA world from around the country and world. As far as shooting, we bring a few toys and go down to the lower ranges for $15 an hour and a half. Nobody bitches you out for not shooting enough or leaving early and if you want to stay longer hand the guy another $15. Beats the hell outta $300 plus or whatever it is now on the main line. Much more relaxed on the lower ranges with no endless cease fires. The Bowers group used to do exactly that back in the day. It was called "The Bum's Rush". Took place every Saturday morning just about as soon as they opened the lower firing line. The Bowers Group generally took up all the available slots for the first two relays. Big fun. Nice meeting all the guys on all the boards face to face... and yeah, I pretty well know the who of the exploding port o potty. I've been doing the Creek since 95, spring and fall and will for as long as I can. Shattered
  8. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Yep. Several people have expressed interest but nobody has sent $$ yet. I can send pics Monday morning. Rich
  9. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Yep...send an email address to
  10. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Still available
  11. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Back on the market
  12. WTK: 7.62x39,, 71- 89 corr or non corr

    They claim it's my experience nothing out of China was non-corrosive. Even the "good" stuff failed the nail test. Don't get me wrong, it's good ammo. Just clean it as if you bought it from Egypt. Hose it down good before leaving the range if you don't clean AT the range. THAT stuff will turn a gun orange in 4-5 hours.
  13. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    Well if the package gets ripped off, busted open by gorilla goon handlers, somebody gonna hafta do some 'splanin'... bottom line, something happens and you have not insured it, yer screwed. Use Fedex, ship overnight, insure it to it's full value. No worries. They DO ship MGs. Don't try to get cute. Tell'em what it is and they WILL help you. Oh...and make sure it's a real Fedex damn mom&pop UPS/Fedex store. Those guys blow.
  14. WTK: The "Merle" Thompson 22lr conversion kit.

    Yeah, ya snooze, ya lose. Great kit. I bought one from Merle years ago...fabulous. Nice, slow rof, and most bulk ammo works great. I've used Fed 550 copper and CCI unplanted Blazer. Both ran great. Even the Piney Mountain 22 tracer worked great and some of that had problems in a 10-22. Also sprang for a dozen Black Dog mags and one of their drums. Everything just works great. A word of caution. The kit puts up with a lot, but should be cleaned up a bit at about the 500 round mark. It likes to run but 22s are inherently dirty, give it a bit of help if you find one. I've got a can hanging off the end of mine and that doesn't help the cleanliness. 500 rounds really is about the limit, especially with a can. Why not contact Merle directly?