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  1. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Yep. Several people have expressed interest but nobody has sent $$ yet. I can send pics Monday morning. Rich
  2. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Yep...send an email address to
  3. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Still available
  4. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Back on the market
  5. WTK: 7.62x39,, 71- 89 corr or non corr

    They claim it's my experience nothing out of China was non-corrosive. Even the "good" stuff failed the nail test. Don't get me wrong, it's good ammo. Just clean it as if you bought it from Egypt. Hose it down good before leaving the range if you don't clean AT the range. THAT stuff will turn a gun orange in 4-5 hours.
  6. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    Well if the package gets ripped off, busted open by gorilla goon handlers, somebody gonna hafta do some 'splanin'... bottom line, something happens and you have not insured it, yer screwed. Use Fedex, ship overnight, insure it to it's full value. No worries. They DO ship MGs. Don't try to get cute. Tell'em what it is and they WILL help you. Oh...and make sure it's a real Fedex damn mom&pop UPS/Fedex store. Those guys blow.
  7. WTK: The "Merle" Thompson 22lr conversion kit.

    Yeah, ya snooze, ya lose. Great kit. I bought one from Merle years ago...fabulous. Nice, slow rof, and most bulk ammo works great. I've used Fed 550 copper and CCI unplanted Blazer. Both ran great. Even the Piney Mountain 22 tracer worked great and some of that had problems in a 10-22. Also sprang for a dozen Black Dog mags and one of their drums. Everything just works great. A word of caution. The kit puts up with a lot, but should be cleaned up a bit at about the 500 round mark. It likes to run but 22s are inherently dirty, give it a bit of help if you find one. I've got a can hanging off the end of mine and that doesn't help the cleanliness. 500 rounds really is about the limit, especially with a can. Why not contact Merle directly?
  8. WTS: MK-760 $6K

    Have a couple MK-760s, only "need" one. Excellent condition, low mileage, usually on Sundays by a late middle-aged couple. With 2 mags. Asking 6K delivered. Rich
  9. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    El bumpo..
  10. Sold my last machine gun....

    Good to hear this...going through some crap myself.
  11. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Price drop...
  12. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Once more...
  13. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

  14. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

  15. WTS: 22lr Thomson... price drop

    Gun is back up. Buyer never sent funds or bothered to contact me.