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    Basically this is the U.N.s plan so it will most likely go through unless we remain vigilant.
  2. 1957 Solothurn S18-1000 Advertisement

    I heard way back that around 300-400 were imported. A handful of S18-1100 select fire models were imported too.
  3. I am looking for small parts for the 20mm Lahti ATC, especially the "clock spring" for the hand crank. Also, the canvas cover. Let me know what you gots. Thanks! Mike inpa
  4. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    Back awhile ago there was 30 carbine ammo marked LC52, plain brown boxes with the LC52 in blue ink, that stuff was definitely corrosive Chinese ammo.
  5. I am sure that he will have first shot at the newly posted NFA items for sale. He might even configure the board so that he has to approve the post before it's posted.
  6. m2 carbine kits ?s

    Registered M2 carbine kits can have the serial number on just about any part, This depended on who did the original registration. I have seen the following parts that were serial numbered: trip lever (common), sear, hammer, selector, disconnector, trigger housing, slide. These kits should be complete, for the most part.
  7. They used to be great for buying mounts and stuff. A shell of their former self.